Modern World eCommerce Solutions

Polished Website Take your eCommerce marketplace to customers instantly
Get an Effective App Customer-friendly Mobile App to serve the business purpose
Secured Admin Panel Safe and simple admin panel to manage your products, customers, and much more.
Easy Navigation of Product Lines Include product attributes such as size, color, or style
Present Product Information easily Edit the product pages with your comfort to display your product
Manage Thousands of Stores In One Admin Manage everything in one single admin user interface

Why should you choose eCommerce Solution for your business?


Instant and Long Run Gains
  1. Re-brand this solution as your own
  2. Save your time and money
  3. Got more time to focus on the key competency of your business
  4. Control your profit margins 
  5. Develop the new revenue opportunities
  6. Sales and technical support helps you sell more
  7. Access to all information required for selling product
  8. The profitable margins
The Technical Support Focuses

  1. This system has laravel website solutions
  2. React native customer mobile app for Android and IOS
  3. React Native delivery boy mobile application
  4. Advanced CMS to manage everything 
Single Vendor Store

Single Vendor Store

Modern Open Source Online Store

Single vendor store solution for your marketplace. Present your business uniquely now

- Easy to Use
- The best UI with website and application solutions
- Create custom designs with zero effort for your product pages



Multi-Vendor Store

Ready to use, out-of-the-box development

With this integrated eCommerce solution, maintain sales and inventory smoothly by automatic stock adjustments and reporting.

A dedicated customer portal keeps the customer data organized by tracking the order and claims. This allows the customer to download invoices and delivery orders. And also video pending shipments from a location.

Make your large eCommerce marketplace more organized, UI friendly, and compatible with CMS systems.





Multi Vendor Store

 You get multiple features in one solution

Best UI Experience

Vendors get the best UI experience with all functionalities. Interactive design, Usability, Visual design all of these components make your store look amazing.


The Perfect Quality for your Online Store

We maintain and ensure the quality of your
eCommerce solution. This eCommerce solution leads to smooth compatibility across devices and platforms and satisfies your customers. The easy drag-and-drop interface helps you to concentrate on what matters most, your brand and your content.


Multiple Payment Gateways

Multiple payment gateways can be your choice to grow your business because that's the fastest way to reach billions of consumers.


Multiple Languages

We offer you multiple language-supported web solutions.

That extends your customer experience among more people worldwide.


Easy Delivery System

Your customers can trust you easily by your delivery system.

We offer you an easy delivery system that makes your eCommerce solution handier.



Customer Support

With our eCommerce solution, you can be sure that you are in the hands of capable support engineers.


Complete freedom over your Creative Process

You can easily configure your marketplace without any coding and any limit.


Manage your products from one place

Organize all your products from one place. You can manage your products for single or multi-vendor stores and applications to easily handle products. You get tools and options that save you time to focus on something more substantial, your legacy.


Suitable with any woo-commerce theme

We offer you woo-commerce themes with lots of functionalities which makes your multi-vendor eCommerce solution worthy.



Clear-cut, Scalable and Developed to Boost Conversions

Secure Payment System

We offer your shoppers the secure, most straightforward way to complete the payment system, making your marketplace convenient.


Developed as both Android & iOS App

If you want to customize it yourself, you are more than welcome to contact us. After a discussion, we can add your features to this already developed app.

Easy Checkout System

We offer you detailed information about the address and billing options in every checkout, making your eCommerce solution handier.



Reduce the extra cost

We offer you android and iOS, both apps at a time that saves your time and saves your extra money.

Build You Brand, Not only a Software


Get what you need directly

Awesome custom product pages in seconds.
Mobile friendly. Easy


No Technical Knowledge Required

You don’t need any technical knowledge or details about this eCommerce solution to resell it successfully. You can focus on sales.


It’s Quick 

After the discussion with you, the work starts immediately. So after you join, you could technically start selling your new white-label eCommerce solution within a very few days. Because the system is ready-made, waiting for your customization (if any). 

More than 83% of our partners successfully launched their service within the first month of signing up.





Make the Complex Simple

Perfect for Your Store.

Focus on your Work directly.


Reasonable Price

You get your own brand of eCommerce. Something that includes a white label store management tool, with platform updates and maintenance, and priority technical support.


It's profitable

You don't need to spend money and time developing your own eCommerce solution — just join our white label program and start selling right away.

78% of our white label partners make their first sale in their first month after launch. And the rest, before a month.





Application Screenshots

e-Commerce Application Product Details
e-Commerce Application Start Your day with Snacks
e-Commerce Application Dairy Products
e-Commerce Application Flash Sale
e-Commerce Application Cart Page
e-Commerce Application Product List
Diving Into Technology

Get Delivery Application for Your
eCommerce Solution

Create the eCommerce You Want


Secure Login

You get a pin code option to log in to the delivery application, making the application secured.


GPS Tracking

GPS tracking option is available in the eCommerce application which makes your delivery system process more accurate and fast.



Without payout options delivery system is incomplete. Get a total payout procedure by the delivery application.



Secure Floating Cash

This floating cash option gives your application automatic update, accurate data, safe and confident plan for your marketplace.


Secure Data systems

The eCommerce application saves all users' data, delivery system information, product information, and so on. Still, the application system maintains security strictly.


Marketing Optimized

Here’s the bonus- Increase your average cart revenue

Boost your sales with cross-selling and upselling opportunities on the product pages. That can be in the cart or at checkout.

In other words, automatically recommend product accessories or suggested products and alternatives to show customers more of the items they might like. Also, provide increased exposure to all of your items in stock.

Live Demo




Delivery Application Screenshots

Welcome to Delivery Boy Application
Start your Day with Snacks e-Commerce Android Store
Dashboard of e-Commerce Solutions
Fruits and Vegetables e-Commerce Android Store
Settings of e-Commerce Solutions
Delivery Application Account e-Commerce
Delivery Application order-ID e-Commerce Solutions
Delivery Application Validate Otp e-Commerce Solutions
Diving Into Technology
Technology We Used
React Native Icon React Native
WordPress Icon WordPress
WordPress Icon WordPress
React Native Icon React Native
Stripe Icon Stripe
Razorpay Icon Razorpay

Manage a Reliable Admin Panel easily

Multiple Admin Roles and Admin

You get the opportunity to add multiple admin roles and multiple admins by eCommerce admin panel solutions.


Customer Management 

Enjoy specific customer management options that offer you to see, update, and delete any customer's information.


Manage Payment Gateway

You can manage the payment gateway system from the admin panel when it’s needed. So it’s easy to handle any issues by your admin by the admin panel solutions.



Delivery Management

The delivery management is user-friendly. Any admin can manage the delivery management section if they need it.


Security Management

You can secure your e-commerce solutions by admin panel through some options like IP whitelist, email OTP, and mobile OTP options. You can turn it on or off with one click and secure the system very quickly.


Multiple Features of e-Commerce in one Solution

The bonus- Some Advanced Features


  • Product Comparison 
  • Top Selling of The Week
  • Product Rating and Reviews
  • Multi Language
  • User Address Management


  • Site Cookie Permission
  • Cancel Order
  • User Profile Manager
  • User Order Management
  • Stock and Inventory Management



Key Features of Laravel Website Solutions



  • Multiple Home Pages
  • Multiple Shop Pages
  • Multiple Checkout
  • Payment Methods
  • Multi Language
  • Multiple Product Pages
  • Multiple Headers


  • Multiple Sliders
  • Shipping Methods
  • Multi Currency
  • Sticky Header
  • Multiple Footers
  • Multiple Banners
  • RTL Supported



Key Features of React Native Customer Mobile App for Android and IOS



  • Multiple Home Screens
  • 20+ Card Style
  • Deals Section
  • Payment Methods
  • Multi Language
  • Multiple Category Screens
  • Slider Styles


  • Product Wishlist
  • Shipping Methods
  • Multi Currency
  • Top Sales Section
  • User Profile Manager
  • Product Share


Key Features of React native Delivery Boy Mobile Application



  • Login With Pin Code
  • Map Navigation
  • Floating Cash
  • Payouts


  • OTP Firebase Authentication
  • Online/ Offline Features
  • Work History
  • GPS Tracking



Key Features of Advanced CMS To Manage Everything



  • Order Management
  • Products Management
  • Media Management
  • Coupons Management
  • General Setting


  • Shipping Management
  • Currency Management
  • Tax Management
  • Payment Management
  • App Setting


Didn't Find A Feature? How about we Build it for you!

To get your desired feature, give our developers a chance to customize the platform to fit your needs. Contact us for a free quote!

  • Custom Features
  • Specialized Developers
  • Fast Turnaround Times
  • Detailed Scopes of Work

eCommerce Solution Pricing

Basic Plan

Website Front-end
Website Back-end

Advance Plan

Website Front-end
Website Back-end
Mobile Application

Gold Plan

Customised Front-end Website
Customised Back-end Website
Customised Mobile Application
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