It’s an employee interview of SQA Engineer Md Rezwan-Ul-Haque Chowdhury (Ramon). Who joined Riseup Labs three years ago. He was enthusiastic and passionate about his job. And he is still working actively and diligently.

One morning in July 2019, Rezwan came to attend an interview at Riseup Labs. As the time passes, he becomes nervous. Because some more people also came to interview. Everyone wants to join. They don’t know what the other candidate possesses. But at last, he was successful in being selected.

On July 17, he joined as a Junior Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Engineer. After three years of testing much software for Riseup Labs, now he is one of the leading SQA Engineers of Riseup Labs.

The Projects He Worked on

SQA Engineer Rezwan worked on more than 20 projects in these three years. A few of them are:

How was SQA Engineer Rezwans journey?

As the question was asked, He answered, smirking. He said it’s still good. Everyone in the company and my team members are very friendly. We have a great bond within us. Everyone is like a big brother and younger brother. They help me in working on the projects. So whenever I get stuck on my work, they help me to overcome this.

Was there any Expectation?

SQA Engineer Rezwan replied everyone has some expectations when they start working for a company. I had too. I’ve always yearned for a better position where I could use my skills and ideas. I fantasized about having a lucrative IT career.

SQA Engineer Rezwan added in the employee interview, I wanted to work for a company where I could contribute to the team, be recognized for what I did, and have a stable career that would allow me to advance within the organization.

When I joined Riseup Labs, I was looking forward to receiving the assistance required as a software quality assurance engineer.

There were a few other expectations as well. Some dreams have come true, some are becoming realities, and some will work at Riseup Labs. However, I enjoy my job there.

Tips for Freshers from SQA Engineer Rezwan

As an SQA engineer, Mr. Rezwan has experienced many things on his job. He learned many things while working and facing problems. So he shared some tips for the fresher too. He said:

  • If you are new on the job or even at Riseup Labs, you have to have the tendency to learn
  • You have to know more so that you can do your job properly
  • Never think of your job as small; whatever it is, you need to take it as an opportunity to learn something new

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