The holy Eid-Al-Adha arrives every year with great enthusiasm. Many people return home to celebrate Eid with their relatives during the five-day holiday. And after that, Riseup Labs resumes again after the Eid vacation. All the members are happy to see their colleagues again and feeling more productive and focused.

On Wednesday, July 13, 2022, the Corporate and Branch offices ring again with the Production Team, Developer Team, Quality Assurance (QA) Team, Human Resource (HR) Team, Sales and Marketing Team and Operation Team members.

Members are happy to see their colleagues

Members Expression on Eid Vacation

Regarding Riseup Labs Product Manager Sheikh Robin Emon said, ‘The Eid vacation this year was a much-needed refreshment break that we have all been waiting for. Since returning to work today, I have been feeling more productive and focused. Lastly, I would like to show my gratitude to Riseup Labs for allowing me to spend quality time with my friends and family during the Eid Vacation.’

Engineers are working on their project

Adding to this, Product Manager Rakib Hasan Dipu said, ‘The vacation was pretty nice. Got the chance to meet up with all family members and boost the energy again to rejoin the daily life battle.’

Exclaiming that it is amazing to work again, Junior Software Engineer Rafid Hussain Khan told, ‘After a break, it feels amazing to get back to work again. I think all of us have gained some energy in this break, motivating us to focus on work better than ever!’

Digital Marketing Executive Md. Nasib Khan is also happy to join in work again. He said, ‘The first office after Eid, in one word, is amazing. Days spent gossiping with colleagues, setting up the remaining work and environments again.’

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