The wind of Eid joy is blowing around now. That wave has come to Riseup Labs too. All the members of this software company got Eid Selami just before the vacation started.

All of the members of The HR Team, Production Team, Developer Team, Quality Assurance (QA) Team, Sales and Marketing Team, and Operation Team personnel received their Eid Selami on Monday, July 7, 2022, in the Corporate office and the Branch office.

Riseup Labs Family with their Eid Selami

Those who weren’t at the office received selami through their Bkash payment service thanks to their home office. The staff members were all overjoyed and thankful to the company for this.

Thanking Riseup Labs, Junior SQA Engineer, Mehedi Hasan Abir, said, ‘We really appreciate your generosity. The support and care you show for us are truly commendable. We are very lucky to work for Riseup labs. Thanks from the QA Team.’

Mehedi Hasan Abir shared this photo to gratitude Riseup Labs

Expressing surprise, Product Manager Masud Ahmed told, ‘It was absolutely surprising for me. I didn’t anticipate it. I appreciate management.’

Graphic designer Mohin Uddin expressed the same sentiment when he remarked, ‘I was quite surprised and happy to get selami from my company.’

Taslima Akter Erin, Junior Digital Marketing Executive, said, ‘It was a pleasant surprise from Riseup Labs. Getting Eid Selami from the company you work for must motivate you and make you feel your priority. Besides, it has added extra happiness to my Eid. Thanks, Riseup Labs!’

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