A new update of the Speed Tapping game! After 7 years of launching the most hyped Game, Speed Tapping is also available on Google Play Store. In addition, the Game’s user interface (UI) has also been updated by the Product Development Team.

On Tuesday, August 22, 2022 Product team of Riseup Labs brought the new addition to the google play store.

The “Speed Tapping” Game has been updated after a long time to ensure that visitors can always get them from our portfolio. And also to say that we are capable of giving support for any product for a long time! – said The Head of the Product Development Team.

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What is Speed Tapping Game?

Speed Tapping is a game where you can release stress or anger by tapping in 30 seconds. A blue button in the center of the game controls it. The player must keep tapping there with their fingertips. On the world leaderboard, they are also eligible to compete. Their ability to tap will improve as a result.

Available on Google Play Store

When the game first launched on July 14, 2015, Speed Tapping was available on iOS, Android, Windows, and Amazon app store. It has been downloaded over 1.75 million times on all platforms.

After getting the requests from the users, Riseup Labs has brought the update of Speed Tapping to the google play store.

UI Update of Speed Tapping Game

With the update on availability, team Riseup Labs also brought an update on the UI of the Speed tapping game. The main button of the Game was red before. Now it is blue, which is more convenient for a player’s eye.

Benefits of Playing Speed Tapping Game

According to research, video games are a very effective tool for managing mood. It is because it satisfies some of our most fundamental psychological requirements. A game may have practical advantages in the real world. The advantages of playing Speed Tapping are listed below.

  • Healthy brain stimulation
  • Development of problem-solving skills
  • Stress relief
  • Fits all ages

Features of the Speed Tapping game

The feature of a game is how a player can play the Game. The features engage the players and increase their skill in the Game. There are the features of the updated version of the Speed Tapping game:

  • Only tapping
  • Simple and colorful UI
  • Single mission game
  • Fastest-tapping Game in the app store
  • Global leaderboard of tapping game
  • Level of 30 seconds

How to Play Speed Tapping Game?

To play the Speed Tapping Game, you must press and click non-stop on the blue button. But beware, your fingers can go crazy by playing the Game too!

You have to keep on tapping. Once you start tapping, you have 30 seconds to get a high score and secure a position on the leaderboard. 

The Technology used in the Game

The gaming industry is highly competitive. Game development companies are continuously trying to offer a better user experience. Riseup Labs has also upgraded the UI design and gameplay scenarios for Speed Taping. Now the Game includes better graphics. Here is the TechnologyTechnology used for Speed Tapping:

  • Language C++
  • Engin Cocos2d-x

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