Riseup Labs arranged a friendly Football Match for its family members. It was a part of the company culture to maintain a healthy work-life balance for its employees. Team Riseup Labs organized the event to come out of the busy corporate schedule and uplift the holiday mood with the football game.

The motive of the event was to uplift fitness and a sense of healthy living in a busy corporate life. Keeping aside the fitness concerns, the football match was arranged to strengthen the employees’ bonding.

On Saturday, 17th December 2022, at 3.30 PM, Riseup Labs employees played the match in two teams. Employees from several Production teams, Remote teams, HR, Marketing and Sales team participated in the friendly match. They split into the Orange team and the Green team.

It was an exciting football match between Team Orange and Team Green. The players tried their best to win the match. Tech geeks became Pro players for two hours while playing the football match. Finally, Team Orange won the match by 5-3 goals.

But as the game was a friendly match among the company employees, the winning team shared the joy with the other team. They all share the victory of their colleagues.

We really enjoyed the football match. We get a chance to work on our team building. These events help to strengthen our bonds with colleagues, understand the challenges and adapt accordingly and get rid of the stress from work. I am proud to be a family member of Riseup Labs.

Team Member, Riseup Labs

Why Riseup Labs Organized the Friendly Football Match?

Riseup Labs organized the football match for the healthy work-life balance of its employees. Employees often look for a perfect workplace that provides a supportive setting and encourages a healthy work-life balance. So, Riseup Labs incorporates sports for the benefit of its employees.

Riseup Labs always gives priority to employee wellness. Focusing on sports and wellness besides work is one of the ways to ensure good health and productivity. That’s why we arranged this friendly football match for a healthy work-life balance for employees.

Ershadul Hoque, Founder and CEO, Riseup Labs

The necessity of organizing this friendly event was:


Sports activities are very important part of any team-building event of Riseup Labs. Because it helps to increase the harmonization of each and every employee in the company. It was a very useful event for the company to meet the requirement to succeed.

Strong Bonding with Colleagues

A sports event strengthens the bonding with colleagues. This friendly football match also strengthened the bonding among the employees of Riseup Labs. Because often new employees felt shy to communicate with their colleagues. But now they are freely discussing their projects.

Challenges to adaptation

Sports help employees to face any challenges. They can judge a situation better. An employee needs to understand the challenges of clients’ demands and adapt accordingly. So playing a game develops employees’ ability to win a difficult situation.

Helps in De-stressing from Work

Playing football matches helps employees to de-stressing from their work. A game refreshes their mind. So, employees’ stamina increases after playing the game. They can work without any stress at Riseup labs.

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