The entire Riseup Labs family celebrated the winning of the Digital Bangladesh Award 2022. After receiving the Award from the ICT Division of Bangladesh, Riseup Labs employees jump for joy at this achievement of the Award. They arrange a party for the Digital Bangladesh Award 2022 winning celebration.

The ICT Division of Bangladesh awarded Riseup Labs the Digital Bangladesh Award 2022 on Monday, 12th December 2022. Ershadul Hoque, Founder and CEO of Riseup Labs, receives the Award on behalf of the company.

When the CEO returned to the office with the Award, a surprise party was waiting for him. Because while CEO Ershadul Hoque was receiving the Award, in the meantime, the Human Resource Team of Riseup Labs arranged a party for the celebration. And all employees were also waiting for the Award with great excitement.

Arrangement of the Party

The HR team made all the arrangements for the party of the Digital Bangladesh Award 2022 winning celebration. They made some amusing Props and ‘Thank You cards to appreciate the hard-working employees.

The Game Developers, Software engineers, Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Engineers, Graphic Designers, Game Artists and other developers and Executives also come to the venue to help the HR Team to make arrangements for the celebration party.

Tech Nerds Celebrate the Achievements

Riseup Labs receives the Digital Bangladesh Award 2022 for the best technology company in the private sector. So, it was an achievement of the tech nerds of Riseup Labs also. All Developers, Designers, Artists, and Executives participate in the Award-winning celebration to enjoy.

The Credit Goes to All Employees

When all the employees gather for the Digital Bangladesh Award 2022 winning celebration, The CEO of Riseup Labs gives all employees credit for their achievements. He congratulates each and every employee of Riseup Labs.

We have been working hard to deliver projects successfully. Researching, studying, discussing and doing everything to make the products perfect. That’s why we got the Award as the best technology company. So, the credit goes to all of you. You all are super-talented tech geeks. Congratulations to all. Riseup Labs will grow together with all of its employees.

Ershadul Hoque, Founder and CEO of Riseup Labs

Celebration of Digital Bangladesh Award Winning

The celebration of the Digital Bangladesh Award-winning was full of joy and excitement. Employees were happy to win an Award which was the result of their hard work. Everyone was excited to capture the moment with the Award Crest. Each team took a photo with the Award to share their achievements.

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