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A lot of us have seen 360-degree videos. Most of us might have heard of VR, right? Well, add AR, MR, and XR to the mix. Now, you have your full set of technologies.

In the name of technology, we have everything in our lives today. But, that is not the end. In fact, this is just the beginning.

Many inventions are taking place around the world, still today. However, we need to worry more on the existing ones. The reason is simple. That is, to increase the chances of success.

So, just sit back and think about some useful technologies. Or else, let’s proceed together here.

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Immersive Technology is shaping our dreams into reality

What immersive technology does is it offers the reality. It further decreases any communication gap we have. This brings everyone closer.

It’s basically everything we see in Science fiction movies. There, the characters use holographic computers. Those pop out of nowhere and put on headbands. This is to experience an immersive world around them.

Things may not have advanced so far, but we definitely are not falling behind. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Here is what it can do-

Active learning using Augmented Reality– Technology King

AR or augmented reality puts digital images on top of the actual world. Our snap chat filters and the game Pokemon Go are perfect examples of this.

AR can help students understand complex subjects like biology or chemistry. By overlaying digital images and highlighting different important parts.

During the current pandemic, AR can seriously change online education. It can make it easier for students to learn. A few selected companies are trying their best to develop Augmented Reality in Bangladesh.

Virtual Tourism

Imagine sitting at home and taking a museum tour. Or, enjoying the sunset on a white sandy beach.

With the current VR technology, you can do that. And be a part of that experience. This also allows you to virtually see hotels. After that, you can decide, if you actually want to stay in them.

Many tourism industries are using this virtual tourism. They are uploading short VR tour videos. This is to advertise those place. This attract tourists around the world.

Virtual Reality in Bangladesh has not reached that point. But, it can be just the thing. It can regenerate our tourism industry.

Virtual Experiential Advertising

The idea is to turn every advertisement into an experience. The idea of marketing and branding has always changed over time.

The use of immersive technology seems to be the next big thing. It will bring in the big change in international marketing.

Interactive ads will allow more customer engagement. Brands can display their products even better. People can try before actually buying. For instance, just like Snapchat filters, people can try out sunglasses, clothes, and makeup products using AR. After that, they can decide whether to buy or not.

E-commerce– Everyday Technology

Virtual stores can be a thing in the upcoming five to ten years. In other words, you can sit at home and visit a virtual shop, to buy a product.

Customers also like to see the products in advance. With immersive technology, they can virtually visualize products. Only after that, they can make purchases. Even in this pandemic, people can engage in buying and selling virtually.

In fact, that is happening more now. As a result, E-commerce business are growing. Specially websites selling groceries are increasing day by day.

Similarly, this is creating employment opportunities for more people. In conclusion, Engineers, businessmen, accountant, anyone can be a part of a business or startup of e-commerce.

Virtual Gaming

Virtual gaming is already a thing. Now, it’s becoming even popular. For instance, this is taking simulation gaming to a whole new level. Virtual Reality in Bangladesh is also aiming high. The aim is to enter the gaming industry soon, in the near future.

Actually, the whole dynamics of businesses and industries will change. They will revolve around this new technology.


Bangladesh is also catching up to join the change. So, there are a few companies working with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Bangladesh. This is a huge scope for the country.

The company “Riseup Labshas been working with immersive technology including MR (Mixed Reality) for a long time. After that, those meet global standards. In addition, they are providing all sorts of IT related services and even outsourcing those services around the world.

However, every industry is willing to invest in immersive technology. So, why not get a head start?

In other words, if you want to work with Riseup Labs regarding IT solutions or if you have queries you can contact right away

Things are changing quite rapidly today. Even after that, if someone doesn’t want to change, it will cost him. To be successful, people need to be street smart today. Without that, success is far. However, things are not that bad today. But, it has to be better day by day.

With the technology in the right direction, things will change for sure. This totally depends on the steps of a person. AR is the main thing here. If people believe in AR, they can change the game in the near future. As a result, it is essential to stay patient and use the tools and methods. Because with the right use, the right products will come. So, consistency is the key.

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