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The whole world is leaping towards a digitalized future. Bangladesh is no exception. The vision 2021 aims to take Bangladesh to a whole new level. And, turn it into Digital Bangladesh. The countries’ chances of achieving that greatness have increased. Over the past years.

Many companies have played crucial roles. In the digital movement. Similarly, one company named Riseup Labs has been one of the flag bearers for digital Bangladesh.

Riseup Labs has been working for over 10 years. As a certified leading technology solution and service provider. That has provided its services to many giant brands. Such as Unicef, BBC Media Action, Robi axiata ltd, and ICT division of Bangladesh. The company is also the first Bangladeshi company to exclusively work with immersive technology.

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Among its many contributions to a Digital Bangladesh here are a few-

The Rise of Immersive Technology in Digital Bangladesh

Virtual reality has taken the world by storm. The business industry is going through a steady revolution. The focus is on virtual reality. Because, the probabilities of VR is huge. With correct move, it can bring wonders to any organization.

The Digital Bangladesh vision 2021 will remain just a vision if we do not participate in this revolution. Riseup Labs saw this opportunity and went straight to work. The company is still continuing its work. Specially in virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality.

With the help of these immersive technologies, we can improve our education system. And, business industries. Above all, stay connected with other countries. This can be a bridge of success in the future.

Patience is the key here. If we are patient, we are growing.

But, to create that future,one needs to learn more about VR today. Moreover, only learning won’t help. Because success comes to those who act!

Outsourcing & Employment [Part of Digital Bangladesh]

Bangladesh is well-known across the globe. Because of its outsourcing capabilities. Throughout the years, outsourcing has brought in a lot of revenue. In 2017 outsourcing alone brought in $500 million. That is, in export revenue.

Outsourcing can create a huge base for employment. Specially the ones that are related to technology. Nobody will be jobless if they know how to use technology. Not only does it create employment. But, it also makes the people more aware of the opportunities. That lie in the digital sector. Which is one of the aims of Digital Bangladesh. Above all, to have more people in the field of technology.

In fact, many people are earning even today in Bangladesh. The scope and chances are getting more bigger.

Riseup Labs throughout its 10 years has offered outsourcing and consultancy services. Across the globe. So, they have seen technology closely. Above all, still working for it. The team there is even working from home! In this pandemic, they have set an example. The productivity remains the same. Because, they are working for a mission.

A Better Online PresenceDigital Marketing

The company specializes in IT services. These include web and app development. Engineers work time to time. However, most of the big companies around the world have a great online presence. And even do most of their operations online. In order to connect with them, we too have to dive into the online world. The competition in any field is huge. Therefore, The preparation should be the same.

Digital Marketing is getting famous now. But, that is just a small part of the whole Virtual Reality. Digital Marketing itself is trying to promote VR. So, the chances of VR is getting big day by day.

Learning through Gaming

The purpose of edutainment games is to teach kids. Specially about social problems. Also, social skills in a fun and interactive way. Riseup Labs has created some amazing edutainment games. For UNICEF and BBC. Those will allow the children to effectively learn more. About social norms.

This also helps our younger generation. To be more advanced in technology.

From normal website development to GIS services. Or even E-commerce, and enterprise solutions, the team in Riseup Labs has done it all for Digital Bangladesh. While maintaining global standards. Because, quality comes first.

There are many parts of our vision 2021. Like infrastructural development and change in the economy. These are the musts. But, the one thing that needs to be focused with utmost importance is the countries’ involvement with digital activity. Digital Marketing is already on its way. But, our education system, business dynamics, and communication, all need to be digitalized even more.

However, this is not an easy task and definitely will require some more time. As there are so many grounds to cover. In other words, the stakes will be getting more higher in the future. Therefore, Riseup Labs is working effortlessly to revolutionize Bangladesh. And, bring it one step closer to its dream. And, if you too want to be a part of this digitalization, then contact them right now.

Only change is permanent in this world. In other words, whoever is ready to change, can be a part of the future world. Because, a lot is at stake.

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Riseup Labs
Riseup Labs is an ISO certified leading technology solution and service provider company in Bangladesh focusing mostly on the Web, Mobile, XR and Simulator technologies.

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