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The Internet can be a wonderful tool for kids. It enables their mind to turn their thoughts into actions. They can use it to research school reports, communicate with teachers and other kids. And, play games for entertainment. We just need to know more about the “internet for children.”

However, there are some safety protocols to follow. when you’re online. In this day and age, it’s more important to make sure that kids stay safe on the internet. Threats to children’s internet safety include breach of privacy, cyberbullying, harassment, and many others.

Nothing more is necessary than safety. And, the safety of children needs special care. Because children are less technology-friendly.

They need proper care. Taking them away from the internet is not the solution. Because the internet is the future. So, the smart choice would be to create a safe space for them. Because they are the future leaders! Thus, their security is uncompromising.

The step is simple. We need to identify the threats and problems. And after that, solve them.

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Internet for children Risks!

But the most effective way to keep kids safe in the online space is to talk to them. Mostly, about potential online risks. Above all, how to avoid them. Or, how to seek help when they experience something alarming.

Adolescents with all their innocence make an easy target for anyone. With a bad intention. In other words, it’s crucial for them to be aware of the dangers. That may lie online.

Riseup Labs understands the double-edged nature to providing children with internet access very well. That is why, they developed an Educational web quiz game. To ensure safer internet for children along with UNICEF. This educational web quiz game aims to teach children about internet safety in a fun way.

There are 5 levels of educational gameplay with speech instructions. The whole user interface consist of animated background elements. To appeal to children of all ages. Children can create multiple profiles as well, for multiple players. User progress is all synchronized.

The Quiz

The quiz teaches about the importance of not sharing private details online. Setting up strong passwords, how to speak and react to different scenarios online, and other important online etiquettes. In addition, after completing the quiz, children receive a certificate from UNICEF. That is a great incentive for children to complete the quiz.

Riseup Labs and UNICEF undoubtedly have created something here. Something which is invaluable at times like these. Where the internet is available everywhere at very affordable rates. Steps like these are crucial to educating the entire young generation about online safety and should certainly be applauded. There is hardly any cause nobler to fight for. Than making sure the younger ones are safe. Both in the real world and the virtual world.

Check out more on the Meena Game.

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