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One of the most effective ways of teaching kids nowadays is through games and graphics. Specially adventure game.  An edutainment game is a game to teach kids different lessons.

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BBC has done a lot of projects over the years in terms of raising awareness and increasing education among the young generation about social norms. Above all, one of their recent projects was to introduce such an edutainment game that can enhance real-life decision-making skills and teach social responsibilities to kids in a fun way.

So, the team in Riseup Labs came to their aid and developed the idea to create the best adventure game. In other words, that was a combination of fun to play microgames and decision-making scenarios. Therefore, that idea turned into what we now know as “Fun Basket” adventure game.

With over seven locations to explore and five micro games to play, you will have a fun time beating the levels and earning stars as you continue the game

Fun Basket

The decision making part is what makes Fun Basket the best adventure game related to edutainment. In some of the macro-games if you want to retry them you will have to complete another mini-game. That will put you into scenarios where you have to choose the right options.

The options are related to making certain decisions. Choosing these options will make the kids aware of certain life skills. That is the trick. This adventure game has a total of 35 real-life unique scenario-based games.

Also, this does a great job and teaches the kids what is right and what is wrong. The game is currently available on PC. Also, offline playing is also available. All you have to do is download it.

Game Development-Adventure game

Riseup Labs has created many different edutainment, adventure and other type of games for many different clients over the years. Such as Treasure wars, Rooftop frenzy, Tap tap ants, Brain boss, Highway chase and so many more. All these games cater to different genres and different audiences.

They have even developed a game for UNICEF. Above all, with such a vast portfolio it certainly makes them capable of working on global standards.

In other words, these types of educational games are gaining immense popularity. Also, these are some of the proven ways of teaching kids in a much better way. Moreover, the idea is to mix the best adventure game with the best educational material and create something unique.

Riseup Labs has 10 years’ worth of experience in web development and game development. In addition, it is continuing to develop edutainment games. So, if you want to be a part of this amazing industry, Riseup Labs can surely help you get there. For any queries, you can contact them right away.

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