Marketing in Facebook games: New strategy for digital marketing?

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Digital marketing has changed the advertising industry forever. As the importance of mobile phones and laptops grows in our everyday lives, so does the scope of advertising digitally. The potential is almost limitless here. Starting from Facebook and YouTube marketing to advertising in niche online magazines to target potential customers. The key is to be smart about it and to stand out from the competition.

A large percentage of companies with an online presence are advertising digitally. Be it for selling their products or just to broaden their exposure. The most popular ways of advertising these days are marketing in Facebook feed or with Google Ads. Advertising in Facebook Games is on the rise. But, is not as mainstream as advertising in feed for stories yet. And, that’s a good thing because it gives you a chance to get a first-mover advantage. Because not everyone is doing it now. If you do it, it’ll certainly catch people’s attention, besides online gaming, and that’s what advertising is all about.

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The Lock-down Scenario and Marketing

The current scenario in the world stirs up an unexpected opportunity regarding marketing and advertising in games. Many people are stuck at home now and because of this, Facebook saw a surge of new ‘non-gamers’. Who are now invested in gaming. As a cherry on top, these new ‘non-gamers’ don’t seem to mind the different types of marketing advertisement placement. That happens in a game, and mobile games, in the form of a mobile application.

In addition to this, games on Facebook have a truly diverse audience. Based on research in 30 countries, 46% of all gamers are female. Facebook now reaches an unrivaled 84% of 16 to 34 year old people who don’t watch TV. All these factors ensure a wide range of potential customers to which a company can advertise to.

Marketing- The Ways

There are a few interesting ways through which companies can advertise here. The first is the native ads and banner ads which are the typical ads you see in free games these days. And then there are reward videos which allow a player to play with time rather than money.

It gives players an option to watch the video and once they do, they get some sort of perk in the game. When implemented correctly, this method increases player retention, engagement and also gets the message of the advertisement across so it’s a win-win for all parties; companies get their message delivered, game developer retains players and players receive perks in-game.

Everyone seems to be doing the old-fashioned Facebook marketing these days. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but for a company to stand out it needs to think and act outside the box, and the Facebook gaming platform is the perfect place for it. There are over 600 million gamers on Facebook so clearly, numbers are in the favor.

As for the companies of Bangladesh, this is the time to get the first-movers advantage. There’s a lot of players playing games here but not a lot of companies marketing to them. It’s truly an opportunity in plain sight now with mobile phone sales soaring year on year and a large percentage of the population staying home and playing more games to pass time.

Game Development

And when you’ve finally decided to make a game for your company. Then, there’s no better choice than Riseup Labs. They already have massive game development experiences with their mobile games even going viral. They also made a name for themselves at making high quality but affordable games. So go ahead and contact Riseup Labs for Facebook Game Development Services now and stay ahead of the curve.

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