A Goodfirms’ Interview Recap – How Ershadul Leads Riseup Labs to Offer High-Quality Game Development Solutions

A Goodfirms' Interview Recap on how Riseup Labs achieved success
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Riseup Labs, based in Bangladesh, is a prominent technological solution and service provider. Since 2009, the firm has been creating intelligent, inventive, and long-lasting online systems, mobile apps, games, and interactive entertainment experiences across numerous platforms. Web, Mobile, XR, and Simulator technologies are the company’s main emphasis areas.

The squad has been in operation for more than ten years. As a result, UNICEF, UNICEF HQ, Robi Axiata Limited, BBC Media Action, the Government of Bangladesh, and the Information and Communication Technology Division have all come to rely on it.

GoodFirms team approached the company’s CEO, Ershadul Hoque, to discuss his vision for the company’s future.

Ershadul mentions how in 2009, inspired by the launch of the iPhone and iPod, he decided to open a game development startup to take early advantage of the Apple app store. Starting with a small team, the company first built a game called ‘Tap Tap Ants .’ It was downloaded more than 15 million times, which was a huge success for the team.

After that, the company started producing apps in categories like productivity, utility, and entertainment categories. But with so many apps being flooded to both Apple Store and Google Play Store, it was hard to separate themselves from the crowd and become successful.

Therefore, the company started focusing more on providing B2B services. With their dedication, it was not long before they conquered this field and emerged as a trusted source for many companies.


The company operates on two different models- Project Basis and Resource Hiring. First, the team works on the whole project brought by the clients. On the other hand, in resource hiring, the client can hire experts monthly or weekly, depending on the nature of their project.

Riseup Labs is obsessed with providing its customers excellence in every project they work on. The team tries to own the project in the development phase. This helps them bring the best from everyone and provide clients with a product beyond their expectations but within their budget. In addition, they always strive to form long-term relationships with the clients.

Ershadul says that the team understands that game development is an art that requires a talented team to understand the concept of game theory. Then, they work with the latest tools and technologies to build bug-free games that top the market.

The company is based on values, flexibility, and commitment with years of experience to build games that solve challenges. The skilled developers and designers are always up for new challenges, improving game matrices and developing more advanced ones.

The team is always ready to undertake the responsibility to either build a new game or modify an existing one. And the group scales up the client’s business by reducing the game operation cost and improving the metrics. 

The team begins the development process with detailed research and analysis of the client’s idea. Based on that, the next stage of designing is started. Once the team is done with that process, they build scalable and robust solutions through various quality assessments. Not only 2D game development, but the company is also an expert in 3-dimensional gaming and virtual reality gaming that gives players an actual first-person gaming experience.

Their teamwork adds more creativity to the existing game and delivers high-quality solutions on a timely delivery schedule. Moreover, they are always ready to solve any small to big issues regarding development and thus take pride in their contribution to the game industry. Moreover, their transparent and premium support service during all the phases makes them the most desirable game development company for their clients. 

Thus, for their dedicated service to providing clients with excellent game development solutions, the company is ranked among Bangladesh’s top game development companies.

When asked about the company’s future, Ershadul explains that their goal is to establish SaaS-based own products for the market. So that they can establish themselves as a product company and serve more clientele with fewer efforts, the team likes to develop products that solve problems. With their product, they can resell it to many clients without or with required customization.

The company has already started working on its SaaS-based product development. They are focusing on developing plugins/apps/extensions for Bigcommerce, Shopify, WordPress, and Magento platforms to solve current problems that many business owners have.

Thus, having read the excerpt from Ershadul’s interview, one can also go through the detailed interview at GoodFirms. 

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Riseup Labs is an ISO certified leading technology solution and service provider company in Bangladesh focusing mostly on the Web, Mobile, XR and Simulator technologies.

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