What are the different types of Staff Augmentation?

Different types of Staff Augmentation and Resource Augmentation
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Staff augmentation is considered an HR outsourcing strategy that helps a company add Staff to the team based on the skills required for a project. Many companies provide different staff augmentation services. Which one you’ll choose depends on the specific requirements of your business.

There are two main types of Staff Augmentation: Short-term and Long term:

  1. Short-term staff augmentation services are applied when there is a short-term need for employees or when in-house employees are unavailable.
  2. Long-term staff augmentation services are applied when the project is longer, and there is a need to fulfill a skill gap or cut operational costs or when hiring an in-house staff member is difficult.

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Staff augmentation can be divided into three categories also:

  1. Commodity: when you need a trustable workforce, they need not have a specific skill set.
  2. Skilled: when you need a specialist with a specific skill set, but the level of those skills is not that critical.
  3. Highly Skilled: when you need professionals with very advanced skills that can be achieved only through effective training and experience.

Staff augmentation can be divided into the following categories also:

  1. Traditional Staff Providers: traditional staff providers provide temporary laborers.
  2. Master Vendor Staff Provider: a single vendor runs the whole staffing program.  
  3. Specialized/Boutique Agencies: small companies that focus on highly-specialized talents. 
  4. Gig Platforms: online platforms that provide instant access to independent workers.
  5. On-demand Talent Platforms: online platforms that provide access to highly-skilled specialists
  6. Independent Contractors: Independent contractors are engaged directly by organizations. 
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