Riseup Labs Organized the Annual Retreat 2022 to celebrate its yearly achievements. All the team members of RUL enjoyed the day. Riseup Labs arranged this trip to bring the teams closer and build a strong, cohesive culture within the company.

The ‘Annual Retreat 2022’ lasted the whole day on Saturday, 24th December 2022, at Rupsha Resort in Gazipur, Dhaka of Bangladesh. Members of team Riseup Labs played a Cricket tournament, Pillow Passing, Can Target and many more games.

The Remote teams, Production teams, Quality Assurance teams, Sales and Marketing team, Human Resource team and their members, Game Developers, Product Designers, Artists, QA Engineers, Digital Marketing Executives, Business Development Managers and Executives participated in the games. The core team members of Riseup Labs, including the Founder and CEO, Ershadul Hoque, also attended the Annual Retreat.

We have arranged the Annual Retreat 2022 to motivate our team members. It brought together the different departments, reducing the need for several meetings across our branches. And they liked this Retreat. We feel it just by looking at their happy faces.

– Ershadul Hoque, Founder and CEO of Riseup Labs

Journey to the Destination

The journey begins to the destination at 8 AM on 24th December. The entire Dhaka city was covered in fog on the morning of the winter season. In the early foggy morning, team members of Riseup Labs came to the Headquarter office one by one and waited for the others to begin the journey. All of them were excited to go to the Riseup Labs Annual Retreat 2022.

After everyone arrives at the Headquarters, the journey begins to the Resort. The day tour of Riseup Labs gets interesting from there. Two Buses and a car were carrying the Team Riseup Labs.

Though they were going separately, each transport got amusing when team members started singing and dancing. They were enjoying every bit of moment while the transports were taking them to the destination. Finally, team Riseup Labs arrives at the Resort at 9 AM.

Annual Retreat 2022 Photo Session

After arriving at the destination, the HR team distributes the company t-shirt to everyone. For some team members, it was their first company t-shirt from Riseup Labs. So, that made them happier. The t-shirt distribution became a festival for the team members. Even the CEO and the core team members also wear the same t-shirt.

Everyone became busy with photo sessions after wearing the Riseup Labs t-shirt. Each team took a group photo along with their members.

Cricket Tournament

A Cricket tournament was organized at the Annual Retreat 2022. Four teams competed in the tournament. The most exciting game in the Retreat was this event. All of the teams played their best to win the tournament. The final was a high-voltage match between the Sales and Marketing and Software Quality Assurance teams. And finally, the Sales and Marketing team becomes the Champion of the Cricket tournament.


The team members were very enthusiastic while playing the Cricket match. So, they dived into the swimming pool right after the tournament ended. But it wasn’t less attractive to them. All of them enjoyed swimming very much; some of them swam for two hours straight.

Pillow Passing Game

Generally, people think that Pillow Passing is a game for females. But the Pillow Passing game of Riseup Labs Annual Retreat 2022 was worth watching. 15 male members played the game along with 6 female members of Riseup Labs. And a male became the First Runner-up of the game. A female member of the Sales and Marketing team won the Champion prize for the Pillow Passing game.

Raffle Draw

There were 28 gifts for the Raffle Draw of the Annual Retreat. Many interesting gifts were given, along with the five biggest gifts. All of the team members bought tickets to win exciting gifts. So, the organizers made the list of winners bigger so that they could get a chance to win.

Prize Giving Ceremony

The Prize giving ceremony was the most exciting event for Team Riseup Labs. The Champion of the Cricket tournament, the Pillow Passing game and the other winner were announced in the Prize giving ceremony. The winners received their prizes with their team members.

End of the Annual Retreat 2022

Every event gets ends. So is the Riseup Labs Annual Retreat 2022. The Retreat program ended at 7 PM. But the team members of Riseup Labs took the memory with them. This Annual Retreat wasn’t just a day event for them. It was a memorable event for the entire Team Riseup Labs.

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