The quiz day of Riseup Labs became a battle of tech geeks! Product Managers, Software Developers, Game Developers, Game Artists, Designers, SQA Engineers, HR, Marketing Executives, Admins, and others had a brilliant battle of knowledge on the quiz day of Riseup Labs.

Figure 01: No One else can Answer Quizzes on QA

RUL arranged a quiz day on Tuesday, 25th October 2022 to refresh the mood and strengthen the bond of colleagues.

Our developers are always busy with clients’ work. To meet the deadline, they always have a tough day. But a fresh mind can bring out the best work. So, Riseup Labs tries to refresh their mind. Following that, we arranged this for them.

– HR Generalist, Riseup Labs
Figure 02: Challenging Other Geeks to Win

Quiz Day – an Occasion to meet the Colleagues

Riseup Labs has many teams for their Products, Clients’ projects, and Quality Assurance (QA). All developers work passionately for them. So, whenever RUL arranges something like this, game day, or fruit fest, they all become happy to meet each other.

Figure 03: Raising Hands for Every Question!

Winners got Prizes

After a battle of knowledge, the winners got prizes on the quiz day. It was a surprise that even some shy developers, who don’t talk at all, also won a prize!

Quiz day winners 01
Figure 04: Look! Who Won the Prizes?

I am very happy to win a prize. It’s a unique idea to have a quiz day for our company. I enjoyed it so much. Hope that we’ll have more programs again.

A Prize Winner: Game Developer of Riseup Labs
Quiz day winners 02
Figure 05: Snatched the Prizes of Quiz Day!

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