New Year’s Day 2023 was an extra special day for the Riseup Labs team. Because each team member got a New Year’s gift on their first working day of 2023. As a friendly work-environment company, it was a surprise gift for the family from its Founder and CEO, Ershadul Hoque.

Figure 01: CEO Ershadul Hoque giving New Year’s Day gifts to the team members

The Human Resources department delivered the gifts on behalf of the CEO in the new year. They handed over the New Year gifts to the Production teams, Quality Assurance (QA) teams, Remote teams, Sales and Marketing teams, Admin teams, and others on the 1st of January 2023 at Headquarters and other branches of Riseup Labs.

Figure 02: Production Team with New Year gifts

Each team member gets a chocolate and a ‘Happy New Year 2023’ card from the CEO of Riseup Labs. He also conveyed a message to all his team members. The message was:

To my dear colleagues, you have been such a blessing to the company!
A big thank you for doing your best to contribute to our success in 2022.
As this year concludes, may our teamwork continue to grow, and for our hard work brings a brighter future, glory and happiness in 2023.
Wishing you and your family a wonderful, beautiful year. Happy New Year!

– Ershadul Hoque, Founder and CEO of Riseup Labs
Figure 03: Production Team with New Year gifts
Figure 04: Admin Team with New Year gifts
Figure 05: Team members are happy to get New Year gifts
Figure 06: Team members with New Year gifts
Figure 07: Team members take photos with their New Year gifts

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