Islamic App Development is a blessing for Muslim Ummah. Right? Are you still confused, why I am saying this? Read this ultimate Islamic app development guidelines to know the importance, purpose, cost, and many more.

There was a time when a person spent a significant portion of their day praying and practicing their Religion. It used to be easier because job schedules were less stressful. As a result, life after work had fewer distractions.

But, what about now? People have 10-hour workdays, side jobs, after-work cafes, movie theaters, etc. So, naturally, fitting all of that and religious practices into a 24-hour day have become more difficult.

The challenge is more difficult for Muslims in general. Practicing Islam requires waking up before dawn to do the fajr, offering namaz five times a day, reading the Quran, and praying duas throughout the day, to mention a few activities. Furthermore, many of these activities must be completed at specific times, making it more difficult for professionals to manage a busy work schedule.

But, happily, the answer to this major problem isn’t difficult. Because it is easy to Develop an Islamic App that can help you to manage, organize and track your prayer activity. The Islamic community is growing, and everything is now present on the internet. So the market is huge for a developer or a business owner to start and grow a business and make a profit by serving a good thing.

Keeping all these in mind, I’ve created this ultimate guideline that provides a road map for Islamic App Development. This guide is for you if you’re creating a new Islamic App. When beginning your Islamic App Development, choose the most important developer requirements. Identify the suitable programming language as well as any other technical resources.

And this step-by-step Islamic App Development Guide that will teach you everything you need to know. This road map will help in creating the Islamic application you require. Let’s get started.

Islamic App Development Summary

I will discuss every aspect of Islamic App Development in this Guide. These include different phases, types, technologies, and everything else and the total price. It will make the guide much longer. So, in the beginning, you may see an overview of the whole process. And I have tried to present the summary of the Islamic Application Development Guide Or Guidelines through a table to make sure that you can easily understand it.

TypesQuran app, Finance App, Halal Detection App, Prayer Reminder App, GPS App, Hadith & eBooks App.
PlatformsiOS, Android, Windows, Web App.
ProcessIdentify the Niche → Target Audience Research → Competitors Analysis → Planning Important Features → Preparing Design Elements → Choosing Platform → Development → Testing → Deployment → Maintenance.
Tech StackHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Vue.js, Node.js, Angular, React.js, C#, Flutter, Ruby, Java, Python, Scala, PHP, Spring, Web Server, Databases, Storage.
Development CostThe average cost is around $50,000 (Depending on the country & Variety of Apps)
Islamic App Development Summary Table

What is App Development?

Creating application software to perform specific tasks is referred to as app development. Using this approach, developers create apps for PCs, smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

App development is required to perform personal assistants, enterprise assistants, and mobile functionality. Some applications can be pre-installed during manufacturing, while others are web-based. Apps may be developed on various platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, and others.

I will cover the Total app development process. So, wait till the conclusion of this roadmap to see what happens.

What is Islamic App Development?

Well, what is Islamic App Development? Islamic application development is the process of creating software for the Islamic Community as per their needs. These include iOS, Android, Windows, and Web App. Islamic App Developers Use Different programming languages And Technology to develop an Islamic Application. Then they deploy those applications in the Application Stores for users to download. On the other hand, They Develop and Provide Directly to the Consumer specifically for the developer creating the App.

Why Develop an Islamic App?

The Muslim community is growing rapidly all over the world. By The power of the Internet and Connectivity, Every Community wants to stay close to their community people. And Do Share their things with each other. As a result, the development of bespoke Islamic apps is growing quickly.

According to a recent survey, Islamic App Development Services sales are expected to increase by 32% by 2021. The rise of the Islamic app Development for Muslims is amazing. 

Islamic Apps are one of the key technologies responsible for improving Muslim people’s lives. For those reasons, you should think about it before Islamic app development.

Most Common Islamic Apps

It’s essential to understand the many types of Islamic applications before starting to create one. Knowing the types will help you develop Islamic apps. And this can help you achieve your business objectives.

You will be well prepared if you have a strong understanding of Islamic app development. It will be easy and more accessible to target audiences using your App. This will also aid in the increase of your revenue streams.

Besides, you may want to develop your Islamic App for mobile. In that case, it is essential to get familiar with its various types and the development of Islamic Apps. Whether it is a mobile app or a website, you can build both. Thus, you will make a sustainable business model in a more effective way for your business.

Let’s discuss the most common types of Islamic App Development. In other words, you can call it The development of Islamic applications or Islamic app development for different platforms. All the common Islamic App functions the same. Also, all Islamic development follows the same processes.

360 Islamic App

It comprises all Islamic services and an Islamic lifestyle that is completely functioning. This software provides one-stop solutions for all of a Muslim’s educational and lifestyle needs.

  • Quran Collection
  • Quran Learning
  • Hadith Collection
  • Ramadan Calendar
  • Tasbeeh
  • GPS Mosque finder
  • Community
  • Finance Advisor
  • Food Detection via AR

GPS Mosque Finder App

The Islamic GPS mosque finder app is the first and most progressed location-based application software for Muslims looking to find nearby mosques and information about the global Islamic community. It includes a built-in compass to assist Qibla’s direction and details about the global Islamic community.

  • Google Map Integration
  • Nearby Mosques
  • Add Masjid
  • Directory
  • Favorites

Hadith Collection App

Hadith collection Islamic app development service and design for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows Tablets. Get access to the most reliable and approved hadiths and authentic Islamic content collection.

  • Insertion of chapters
  • Bookmarking
  • Last Reminder Page
  • Daily Hadith Notification
  • Adjustable font size
  • Favorites

Islamic eBooks Collection App

Islamic eBooks Collection App is one of the most well-known and widely-searched apps on the web and online. Most of the Books Written by previous scholars are documented in the electric form on this App.

  • Offline Bookshelf
  • Day / Night Mode for Reading
  • Auto Orientation Change
  • Jump on Specific Page
  • Remember the last Read
  • Search By Author, Book Name, Publications Name

Many Versions of Quran Collection App

The Quran Collection App is available in several versions for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The design makes it possible for anyone to have the most extensive and personalized Quran collection accessible. More than 40 alternative translations and recitations from top credible sources are included in the applications.

  • Offline Quran
  • Day / Night Mode for Reading
  • Auto Orientation Change
  • Jump on Specific Page
  • Remember the last Read
  • Audio Feature

Islamic Prayer Time Reminder App

The purpose of the prayer time app is to help everyone in meeting their Islamic prayer time requirements. The Islamic Prayer Time Reminder App is an Android application that informs Muslims of the Azan, five daily prayers, and Qibla.

  • Alarms and Notifications for the five daily prayers
  • Auto Location System And Time Adjustment
  • Extra Sunnah Prayers Reminder
  • Travel time to Adjustment
  • Qibla Finder

Islamic Finance Advisor App

Islamic Finance Advisor App service is One to One Communication and Forums Answer and Question App in the field of Islamic Finance.

  • Direct Messages
  • Personal Notification
  • Consultant Appointment
  • Community Posting
  • Meeting and Seminars
  • Audio and Video Stream

Islamic Halal Trading App

Organizations dealing with Halal items might benefit from Islamic trading app solutions. This software offers a lot of features and a lot of people use it in the food and beverage sector, grocery retailers, and consumers.

  • New User Registration
  • Personalized Home Page
  • Identity Verification
  • Dynamic Database
  • Categories
  • Product Listing

Halal Food Detection AR App

Halal Food Detection Islamic App can detect halal Ingredients of products by using Augmented Reality Sensors. It also can assist a user with halal shops that are listed on the App.

  • New Product listing
  • Vast AR Database
  • Product Information
  • Halal And Haram Detection
  • Product Ingredients Detection
  • Search and Find Halal Product

Islamic Community App 

Islamic Community App helps anyone Attach to their community and Share their Opinions and posts with Other members. Also, this App can promote different features to all members.

  • Social Posting
  • Forums Discussion
  • Good Islamic Trends
  • AI Integration
  • Add Friends
  • Fund Rise

Quran Learning App

Quran Learning App provides word-by-word Visual Pronunciations of Tongue Movement with Audio Integration and Schedule learning reminders.

Tajbeeh Islamic App

Tajbeeh Islamic App offers Counting of Jikr and suggests different productive duas and reminders daily. Helps a Muslim be productive by daily jikr.

Common Features of All Islamic App Development

Though there is a high need for Islamic app development, each Islamic App must have certain qualities to be perfect. In the sections below, you’ll look at a few popular elements and how they contribute to efficient Islamic app development features.


Having the Library of Islamic App is so good for Muslims because it will provide them with a lot of knowledge about their religion. Discover your favorite Islamic books written by well-known Islamic Scholars. Documented By Authors Name, Categories, Book Name.


Islamic Videos of Islamic App try to explain the religious topics for Muslims. These videos help Muslims by encouraging them to embrace and spread Islam. Watch videos by your favorite sheik on a variety of Islamic themes.

Discover Fatwas

People face Various Complexity in their daily life. To solve those problems with the direction of Islam Muslims needs Fatwas of those problems from the Islamic Scholars. Fatwas may be searched or browsed, and Fatwas can be found by category.

Side menu

This is the Most Common thing in an Application. To navigate and browser the wanted topic helps the process faster. The side menu included a list of all pages with icons.

Landing Page

It features the Summary of All Pages and Contents. Current live radio and content from the following categories: lessons, Quran, clips, lectures, and sermons videos.

Audio Page

Podcasts and discussions are the New Trendy & Popular Feature. It also has full audio clips, lessons, lectures, Quran, and sermons.

Sheiks Page

People need quick consultants from Someone to solve their problems quickly. And need to boost their Iman by Discussing Religious Benefits and Harmfulness. Therefore there is a list of sheiks to select posts of the given sections for each sheik and consulting schedule.

Push Notifications

You may use push notifications to convey alerts and information to your congregation via your Islamic App. For example, you may send reminders, news, updates, and notifications for lectures and special services through the push notification Service.


With a dedicated app calendar, you can plan out your religious events. Outline dates and events to bring your communities closer together. Increase the size of your organization and celebrate major occasions with your members.


Contact provides your community with an easy way to communicate with the Mawlana from anywhere, at any time. By creating a community and sharing your connections so that everyone can communicate and collaborate.

Social Sharing

You and your community members may interact and share the prophet’s word across multiple social media platforms using the social sharing function. This tool allows members to share their lectures and messages online.

Polls, Surveys, RSVPs

You may collect feedback from users through polls, surveys, and RSVPs on your App, and it can help you enhance your Religion’s work. Via voting polls, scholars may make important decisions about the Religion within the community.

App Analytics

App Analytics is a fantastic tool to track user activity and effortlessly improve user experience. Analytics also allows you to track your App’s success and worldwide reach. It gives you the power to know your Audience More Clearly and effectively. 

Different Platforms for Islamic App Development

Islamic app development is very easy in the current application development environment. However, there are many technology stacks that may use to develop an app. Therefore, you must select the appropriate Stack for your intended Consumers.

iOS Islamic App Development

The process of producing software for Apple devices is known as iOS application development. These include the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. To create iOS apps, developers utilize the Swift or Objective-C programming languages. 

Android Islamic App Development

Android software development is creating apps for devices that run on the Android operating system. Android apps may be created in Kotlin, Java, and C++ languages using the Android software development kit; even others languages are also possible. Android Technology used in,

Android Apps

Tablet Apps

Android TV Apps

Gear Apps

Windows Islamic App Development

Microsoft Windows SDK, like its predecessors’ Platform SDK and.NET Framework SDK, is a software development kit from Microsoft that includes documentation, header files, libraries, examples, and tools for creating programs for Microsoft Windows and the.NET Framework. In addition, Windows Application Development is a definitive overview of C++ and various frameworks.

Web Application Islamic App Development

A Web App is an Application software that operates on a web browser, unlike software programs that run locally and natively on the device’s operating system. Web apps are delivered to users with an active network connection over the World Wide Web. Most of the Progressive Web Apps is developed using Php, Python, Javascript, and its frameworks.

The Process of Islamic App Development

Are you thinking of building a Muslim app? For that reason, there are several Religious applications available on different platforms. Thanks to technological improvements that there is always scope for innovation and progress. App development has a wide variety of options.

In this section, I’ll walk you through the steps of creating an Islamic App. There are several phases from planning to completion. You must first choose the objectives you wanted to achieve:

  • Awareness
  • Productivity
  • Communication
  • Engagement

Make an App Idea

The first stage is to come up with an app concept. You might get ideas from an existing app or come up with something entirely new. You may also look into the applications that are currently available and the challenges that they are experiencing and come up with a solution. You may also merge several concepts from various applications into one app.

Conduct Competitive Market Research

After completing your brainstorming phase, it’s time to perform some comparative market research. First, look for an app that is comparable to your concept on app stores and understand what makes those apps successful. Now you must provide something better in your app than those apps in order to stand out.

Make a list of the essential information about the apps you’re looking for, such as:

  • Features
  • Pricing
  • App publisher
  • Last updated
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Number of downloads

List Down the App’s Features

After you’ve sorted your research, it’s time to develop your app and analyze its features. First, consider your app and all of the features it will require to be effective. Although the features may change over time as a result of testing or feedback, at this stage, you must think freely about what you really want the app to be. You must also consider how to generate revenue from it.

Gather ideas and facts on each component while researching the features. Consider including features like:

  • User profile
  • Online contact sync
  • Networking with social media
  • Username, profile information, etc

Create Mockups of Your App’s Design

Now comes the exciting part: how do you expect your app to look? One thing to keep in mind is to create a clean and simple interface that is easy to navigate. App developers frequently overload apps with style and content, making them hard to browse.

For this, do as much research as possible and determine which application forms you enjoy the most. What aspects contribute to the app’s smooth appearance and simplicity of use? Concentrate on the interface’s dos and don’ts.

You can draw the pages and how you want them to look with a pencil and paper, including the font color, button and picture placement, and a rough sketch of everything.

Create a Graphic Design for Your App

You’ll need a graphics designer to go from a conceptual drawing to a finished product. A graphic designer can assist you in visualizing your app and how it will appear on the screen.

These mockups will demonstrate how your app would look on a real phone screen. This design may be used to show potential funders or developers so they can recreate it for the final product.

If you’re familiar with graphic design, it shouldn’t be an issue; otherwise, I recommend seeking expert assistance from a user interface designer.

App Marketing Plan

After you’ve finished with the final design, it’s time for the most important part: marketing! Unfortunately, there are already millions of apps accessible on app stores, making it extremely difficult for your app to stand out.

How will people know you’ve created an app? What helps your app stand out from the hundreds of other Islamic apps? This is why, before introducing your product, you must effectively advertise it. Through marketing strategies, you must generate interest in the audience.

You may promote your app in a variety of methods, including:

  • Doing a press release for your app
  • Email your pre-launch email list
  • Consider paid marketing
  • Promote through events
  • Get the word out
  • Referral programs

Create the App

You must now consider developing your app. It shouldn’t be an issue if you’re familiar with app development; simply use your programming knowledge, and you’ll be OK. It will take time, but it will save you significant money. If you think you can learn app development, start by searching “how to develop a mobile app.”

Other alternatives include hiring a freelancer through websites. You can do so based on your budget and a reliable web resource. Hiring an app development company is another solution.

App Store Submission

Congratulations! Your application is now ready to be released. To make it available to the public, you must now submit it to the application store. You must first get it approved against the App Store’s criteria. After that, you’ll need to fill up your app’s metadata and upload it.

Make the Most Out of Your App’s Exposure

Marketing is the key before and after an app’s release, so don’t stop working on it. You may also attempt to get featured in the Application Stores, which would provide you with a lot of exposure and downloads.

Other possibilities include:

  • Run a paid-to-free campaign
  • Effectively Do your App Store Optimization
  • Influencer marketing

Improve App with User Feedback

Now come the comments and reviews from users. The higher your app’s rating and reviews are, the greater its reach. Get user reviews on application stores so that more people may learn about and download your application.

You should also take constructive criticism constructively and utilize it to improve the customer experience.

What are the Challenges for Islamic Apps Development?

Technology Stacks of Islamic App Development are never hard. It follows the Normal Application development procedure. But the most common challenges are the lack of expert resources, logistics, and the amount of time it takes to develop muslim app that meets all the criteria set forth by Islamic law. In addition, creating and Add Content Very Carefully for a Religious App is very difficult and needs more attention.

The Technology Stack You will Need to Develop an Islamic Application

In this Muslim App Development Tutorial You will see, Combining tools, frameworks, platforms, and programming languages is the technological Stack for designing an Islamic App. You may design high-quality mobile or web applications with the support of an integrated and efficient technological stack.

Two primary technologies are required to create a complete working system for your Islamic application. They’re as follows:

  • Front-End Technologies
  • And Back-End Technologies

Front-End Technologies for Islamic App Development

Front-end technologies are often a set of client-facing web app development tools. In the construction of an Islamic application, many front-end technologies are employed. I’ve created a list of the most often used front-end technologies here.

Back-End Technologies for Islamic App Development

Your program is kept safe by a server. The server-side element was built using a collection of tech tools and frameworks. Back-end technology stacks are what they’re called. Some of the most common back-end Islamic App Development technologies. Having a fundamental understanding of all of these will assist you in the creation of your Muslim App Development.

  • C# Programming Language
  • Ruby [Framework- Ruby on Rails]
  • Java [Framework- Spring]
  • Python [Framework- Django, Pylons, Flask]
  • Scala [Framework- Play]
  • PHP [Framework- Laravel]
  • Spring
  • Groovy on Grails
  • Web Server
  • Databases
  • Storage

Islamic App Development Cost

Many Islamic App developers and clients are unsure about the cost of developing an Islamic app. Furthermore, many people are unsure why one app charges more than another. But I’ll try to explain these points in more detail below.

How much does It Cost to Make an Islamic App? The typical cost of developing an Islamic app is determined by its complexity and usefulness.

A typical location-based social app takes years to build and costs roughly $250,000. Like Facebook, you’ll need this much money for back-end infrastructure and specialized engineering.

However, developing an Islamic app will cost more than developing a utility app. Therefore, people frequently choose developers from the United States, United Kingdom, India, Bangladesh, and Ukraine when hiring an app development team.


I think this article covered practically every element of designing an Islamic app Development. Every stage of Islamic app development should now be simple for you if you follow these rules appropriately.

However, nothing is more beneficial than practice. At least one hour every day should be spent coding. Then coding will never appear difficult to you. It takes more than just having an app concept to design an Islamic app. However, the whole process of developing an Islamic app involves proper planning, techniques, and resources.

Another habit that will help you produce a great Islamic app is to follow best practices in Islamic app development. Reading app store standards before planning an app is one of these helpful practices. Creating an Islamic app from the ground up takes much patience and a lot of knowledge and talent. To improve the skill, a lot of practice is required. To prevent failure initially, you should conduct more studies and build abilities in Islamic app development.

You are welcome to ask me any programming-related questions. Please leave a comment below if you have any queries after reading the entire instructions. I’ll do my hardest to explain it all.

Islamic App Development FAQs

FAQ means answers to frequent questions. Many of us have the same confusion and questions about Islamic App Development. I have just made the answers ready for your frequent questions in this section. The most common questions people ask about Islamic app development are below.

Creating Islamic App is Hard?

No. Not Really. If you have an Idea and Proper Planning, It will take less effort and time.

Are there any Apps for Muslim Community?

Yes. There are a few Apps on the Market. Some are in beta mode.

Is it the best time to Create an Islamic App?

Yes. This is the best time to make an Islamic App and get paid. Because the Muslim Community is now moving Digitally World-Wide.

What are the revenue skims to building a Muslim App?

You Can get paid by Application Stores, By Promoting halal products, Sponsorships, and Donations. There are a lot of Options Available Right there.

Can Any Freelancer Or Company help Me to Build My Islamic App?

Yes. I have a Suggestion for a Top-Rated Islamic App Development Company that will help you build your dream project.

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