Hiring QA testers is mandatory if you are in charge of software development, web development, game development or app development. How to hire QA testers or hire QA experts can be your pain point in this field.


You may think, I have a production team, so why should I hire QA experts?

Or, already felt the need to hire the right Quality Assurance testers? But, you do not know how to hire QA testers.

No worries.

To know this, please go through the whole QA testers hiring guide. You will find your answer.

Here are the resolutions to all your questions about the QA testers hiring process.

Furthermore, to know how to hire QA testers, you should know about the work, roles and responsibilities and skills of QA engineers and their services. Hiring expert people for Quality Assurance of products is a need for every business that uses the software. Let’s explore the QA testers hiring process in this quality assurance testers hiring guide for your business.

Who is a QA Tester?

Before hiring a QA tester or a QA testers team, you should know who is a Quality Assurance tester. That’s why in this section, I will draw the picture of a QA tester in this QA testers hiring guide.

Quality Assurance testers are the persons who assure you that your product is perfectly ready to beat the market and fulfill the audience’s demands.

Software quality assurance testers, or QA testers, work to embed and maintain quality in various professional fields.

The product can be a web development, mobile app development, software production, web platforms, communication networks or a game development.

In addition, a QA testers team confirms bug-free, user-friendly and all other qualities of your product. What kind of site you are operating doesn’t matter. It can be eCommerce QA testing.

Moreover, they are also responsible for tracing error sources, finding flaws, and problem-solving independently. But, remember, Quality Assurance testing differs from Quality Control testing.

To know more about how to hire the right quality assurance testers, stick with this QA testers hiring guide.

Benefits of Hiring QA Testers

Benefits of Hire Quality Assurance Testers Article
Figure 01: Benefits of Hire QA Testers Article

Quality Assurance testers hiring process benefits you in many ways. Here in this qa testers hiring guide I intend to represents the major benefits of hiring Quality Assurance experts and these are:

  • Trust
  • Dedicated QA
  • Trial Period
  • Trained Testing Experts
  • Test Lab Facility
  • Scalable Dynamic Teams
  • Time Zone Difference
  • Cost-Effective


Quality Assurance companies assure the quality and security of your product. So, the product will have no unusual or threatening issues, which will build your trust with the consumers.

Dedicated QA

As you are working with a Quality Assurance company, they will work as an extension of your QA team or collaborate with your product team. So, you will get dedicated Quality Assurance testers.

Trial Period

Moreover, many QA companies provide a trial period before they get hired. That allows you to get first-hand and 360-degree experience with software testing services before investing.

Trained Testing Experts

Quality Assurance testers will discover quality problems before your customers. Undoubtedly, it will increase your authenticity and quality to them. In addition, QA testers will notify you about potential bugs without any training expenditures.

Test Lab Facility

Quality assurance testers investigate your app on real devices instead of emulators. That facilitates you through test lab advantage and reduces your costs.

Scalable Dynamic Teams

QA testers guide you about the needs, requirements and skills you need to expand. You can gain a free direction to increase your contacts and create dynamic teams per demand.

Time Zone Difference

Difference time zone is not a problem in hiring QA specialists. In fact, Quality Assurance testers overlap time and priorities according to your working hours and time zone.


Hire Quality Assurance experts who have a diverse range of expertise. It is much more cost-effective than the in-house Quality Assurance testers team. You will get the best QA services comparatively at a lower price.

Why are Hiring the Right QA Testers Important?

It might surprise you that there are more than 1.8 billion websites, and more are created every day.

Quality checking before releaseing is important for this rapid growth of software, games, digital products, and web platforms.

So, to act as a king in this fastest-growing technological era with your software, you must ensure its quality.

Before presenting to your target audience, quality assurance is mandatory. That’s why you have to hire QA testers.

This makes QA testers integral in the software development life cycle.

You may find many QA testers in the market before hiring a quality assurance tester or a QA team. From all of them, you have to choose the right QA tester.

For instance, you have developed software. For quality assurance, you have to choose the right QA testers.

As mentioned above, software testers play different roles, depending on the project.

So, before hiring Quality Assurance experts, you must know some key points that affect a software’s performance.

Suppose you need quality assurance testing for web, mobile, or desktop applications. In that case, you must hire web testers, mobile testers, or desktop app testers.

That means QA testers hiring process depends on the type of project and the services you need.

Another thing you have to consider is communication.

Since the QA process involves much communication with developers and other team members, such as the production team, freelance QA testers should possess excellent communication skills.

Without a doubt, that will help them receive instructions and report the evaluation results.

What Do QA Testers Do?

Before your products are released to the public, QA testers analyze the applications or software. They work through all parts of the product and find any potential issues in it.

In this stage of my QA testers hiring guide, you will understand QA testers’ jobs and functionalities.

After going through the required Quality Assurance processes, the QA testers provide software quality assurance.

Quality Assurance testers also work closely with developers to improve the functionality, effectiveness and productivity of the workplace as well as the quality of the product.

The quality assurance engineers deeply investigate your software or web app so that you can solve the issues before going to market. By confirming this, you will be able to provide a high-quality app or other software product for your consumers.

A study found that 22.5% of quality assurance testers included test scripts, 8.7% of resumes included business processes, and 3.9% included selenium. For performing their duty very well, the QA testers use test scripts to help you reach your goal.

The test scripts include the following things:

  • Review and analyze system specification
  • Check software for potential bugs
  • Monitor and test the user experience
  • Investigate for any potential inconsistencies
  • Assist in project management
  • Collaborate with QA engineers

QA Testers Review and Analyze System Specifications

A QA tester tests new software products to satisfy all specifications and requirements. The tests may include:

  • Basic operations testing
  • Probing the limits of a system
  • Validating the functionality

QA Testers Check Software for Potential Bugs

Before launching your software to the market and the target audience, the QA testers provide a deep check on your software. The QA experts investigate whether there are any potential bugs.

QA Testers Monitor And Test the User Experience

Another reason for hiring QA testers is that they monitor your software user experience. Test its effectiveness and confirm if it will satisfy your target audience.

QA Testers Check for Any Potential Inconsistencies

You need to hire game QA testers to check whether your game has any inconsistency. It will help you to find potential issues. That is one of the most important jobs of a game QA tester consultant.

QA Testers Assist in Project Management

Imagine you are running a project on web app development. And now, you will launch the app and are willing to attract your target audience.

So, in this stage, you need to hire web QA testers or hire app QA testers for the Quality Assurance of the app.

Besides, app Quality Assurance testers can assist you in your project management. They can give you guidelines so that you can reach the goal of the project.

QA Testers Collaborate with QA Engineers

Quality Assurance testers collaborate with cross-functional teams from the start of a project.

They work to develop effective strategies and testing plans and ensure quality throughout the software development life cycle.

Another duty of QA experts is to work with developers to assess risks. After identifying potential operational issues, they resolve them until the new software product is complete.

What are the Roles of Quality Assurance Testers?

To know how to hire the right QA testers, you must know the roles of QA testers. For better understanding, I explain the roles of quality assurance testers in the QA testers hiring guide.

The main role of QA testers is to communicate and build relationships with clients, stakeholders, database administrators, developers, and project managers. They play the role of a connector of everything. Besides, Quality Assurance testers ensure smooth product development.

Quality assurance testers perform tuning, testing, and debugging. To perform these, they use tools to find the flaws and errors. After that, they create a plan for manual testing. Also, QA testers can work independently or as a team. The quality assurance testers team can collaborate with your production team. For more details about the QA testers hiring process, you should know the responsibilities of QA testers.

Types of Hiring QA Testers

Hiring a QA consultant can be performed in various ways. You can hire quality assurance testers in 4 types. These are:

  • In-house team
  • Outsourced QA engineers
  • Full-time contractors
  • Freelancers

In-house Specialists

If the software product is complex and has a long lifecycle, you should hire a full-time Quality tester for in-house services. Since the in-house QA team keeps a thorough knowledge of the product, therefore, maintenance becomes easier.

However, full-time in-house specialists are expensive. You have to maintain them as a regular employee with employee benefits.

Also, full-time in-house QA engineers are one of the best solutions for a large software development company.

Outsourced Specialists

Suppose you decide to outsource your development process or just the quality assurance. In that case, you can look for a reliable software development company and provide them with a detailed description of what you want.

Afterward, select a team that suits your needs, and the work commences. Outsourcing quality assurance specialists are the best choice for those who do not want to keep employees in-house. If you want to outsource the entire development process, it’s the most relevant solution.

Full-time Contractors

Hiring a full-time contractor is the best solution when you need specific specialists or a team of engineers for a certain period.

This process is also cost-effective; you do not have to pay extra bonuses like the in-house team. You can get full-time QA contractors from a renowned Quality Assurance company and get dedicated engineers for your project.


Freelance resources work for a fixed fee on a particular project. Compared to other methods of hiring QA testers, freelancers’ services are cheaper.

But, hiring freelancers is sometimes the most unreliable way of hiring. Though freelancers are available and easy to hire, it can become stressful in the long run. It can be an easy resolution when you need additional power to complete your projects. Still, it will not be the best for the longest.

Common Types of QA Testing Performed by QA Testers

If you know the common type of QA testing, it will benefit you to hire quality assurance testers. The process involves two basic types of QA testing:

  • Manual testing
  • Automated testing

Manual Testing

In this software QA testing, manual QA testers check the software manually. Manual Testing is the type of quality assurance where no automated tools are being used rather manually.

Automated Testing

Automation Testing is exactly the opposite side of manual Testing. QA Automation testers use automated software tools to find potential bugs or other problems that might hinder the user experience. This job performs using special automated testing software tools.

There are four more types of common Quality Assurance testing:

  • Functional testing
  • Performance testing
  • Security testing
  • Localization testing

Functional Testing

Functional Testing refers to different features of the product’s work. It ensures how well the product meets the needed requirements of the target audience. In short, functional QA testers examine the functionality of software or apps.

Software Performance Testing

This testing examines how fast the product performs. Performance QA testers also check potential slowdowns that might hamper customer usage. Web testers also confirm whether the site takes more time to load and resolve. For performance testing, you can hire performance QA testers, usability QA testers, and Load Test QA Engineers.

App Security Testing

Software Security testing confirms that the desktop or mobile application does not leave user information vulnerable. Security QA testers ensure the data security of your and the users of your product.

Localization Testing

Localization testing ensures that the product works in all the targeted locations, including with different languages. These QA testers resolve problems related to localization.

What to Do Before Hiring QA Testers?

Before hiring QA testers for your project, you need to determine what Testing you need.

Whereas your testing project will entail and define your testing project.

Moreover, this necessity will differ depending on the depth of your project.

For instance, the size of your project will decide what kind of tester or testers you need for quality assurance.

Smaller projects might need a QA tester to run through already developed software and test each screen to ensure it zeroes bugs and UI and UX tests. But it will not be the same for the larger projects.

For larger projects, you may need quality assurance testers to work alongside the developer or the product team, so each module is tested as it is developed.

Hiring QA testers will help discover potential problems before the project is completed.

Apart from these, you must consider other things before hiring QA consultants.

These are given below:

  • Provide QA testers with information about the project size to determine their billing rate better.
  • Create a QA test plan outlining which aspects need to be tested and the methodologies you expect.
  • Consider the different types of testing tools you want to accomplish.
  • Know the common types of QA testing to decide what kind of QA experts you need.

QA Testers Hiring Process

QA Testers Hiring Process Article
Figure 02: Quality Assurance Testers Hiring Process

To know how to hire QA testers, you must follow the hire quality assurance testers process. Hiring a QA tester helps you create the software according to your customer’s expectations.

However, you want to ensure you proceed carefully through the hiring process to help you find the best candidates for your organization.

The hire QA testers process includes some steps. These steps are:

Step 1: Write a Job Description

Firstly, you need to write a perfect job description. A thorough job description will provide you with the outline for the QA tester you expect the professional to do.

Your job description should focus on what you have decided to be your course of action. The job description will help you hire the right quality assurance testers from the earlier steps of defining and outlining your software test.

Your job description should provide key information, including:

What is the Type of Application, Software, or Program?

In your job description for hiring the right quality assurance testers, you need to explain what type of software, app or program you want to be tested. For example, you must indicate whether you want web app testing or compatibility QA testing.

What Do You Want to Learn with Your Test?

It would be best if you cleared whether this is your first program version. Do you want to focus on finding bugs? Or if you are updating an existing program and want to see how workflows have improved.

What Do You Want the Tester to Look for in Your Project?

Then please describe your needs and where you expect the QA testers to work. Since there are so many sectors in your project, you must fix the QA testers where to focus and provide quality assurance skills.

What Types of Qualifications Do You Want in the Tester?

For hiring the right quality assurance experts, provide qualifications descriptions. Whether you need your QA tester to have a certain background, such as experience with eCommerce QA testing, mention that. For code checking, you must mention what languages they should have experienced.

Which Team Members Should the Tester Expect to Work With?

As mentioned above, the QA testers usually collaborate with the product team, programmers, or development team. In the job description, please mention which team you want the QA testers to collaborate with. That will help reduce miscommunication or other problems and create a smoother process.

What Price are You Offering?

Write a description of the type of business, whether it is in-house and the requirements you have to meet. Provide information about the price you are offering in case of freelance hiring.

Step 2: Find & Analyze QA Companies

Now you know what kind of services you need or which part of the project you want to assure quality. Right?

So, now go searching for the right QA company that can solve your problem. Find which companies are providing QA services.

Match the services with your problems.

For instance, search a company that provides VR testing services if you need to hire VR Testers.

Step 3: Contact the Right QA Company

Now, you have found the Quality Assurance company that provides your required services.

So, what are you waiting for?

Contact your right QA company right now!

You will find the CTA button on the services page you analyzed.

Instead of hesitation, click the button, and share your problem.

Step 4: Job Advertisement

Utilizing the data or problem you have provided, the Quality Assurance company will create a detailed job description.

Then the software quality assurance company experts start publicizing the requirements and managing applications.

For doing that, they advertise on professional social media platforms or various career platforms, where the candidates can find the circular and are willing to apply.

Step 5: Candidates Apply

After finding the advertisement and the circular, the interested applicants will apply to offer the QA services they have expertise in.

Applicants can locate job postings and openings in various sources, including freelancing platforms, job search or career websites, social media, and regional magazines.

Usually, applicants keep their eye on the social media pages of the QA companies, where they can easily find out that the company is hiring quality assurance testers.

If both sides’ expertise and requirements match, the applicants apply for the job.

Step 6: Screening Interviews

Now the quality assurance company receives many applications. The QA company now arranges screening interviews for these many interviewees.

Before the screening test, they look at the applications to get a feel for the professional’s range of experience and the number of projects they have worked on.

After that, they match if those qualifications align with your specific business needs.

The screening test helps the recruitment process to be smoother. QA companies can hand over the screening test conducting responsibility to their HR department.

Step 7: Managing the Paperwork

The QA company selects the qualified employee for the hire services through the test.

In the last step, they collect legal, educational and other necessary documents from the selected employees.

After that, they will process the contract and payroll forms. Then, the QA company will provide the documents and contracts to your HR team.

Finally, you will get the qualified and right quality assurance testers for quality assurance services.

How to Meet Your Goals for Hiring QA Testers?

You can fulfill your goal of hiring the right quality assurance testers. Definitely, to reach the goals, you may follow the smart model. The SMART model contains guidelines allowing you to reach your product’s objectives, where the elaboration of the model is:

  • S for Specific
  • M for Measurable
  • A for Achievable
  • R for Relevant
  • T for Time-bound

According to this model, you should do the following tasks:

  • Define the stage of development you are in with your project.
  • Define the specific type of testing you need to meet and your expected outcomes
  • Measure how you will conduct the test and which criteria you will use.
  • Outline achievable platforms and mechanisms you will use to conduct the test.
  • Describe how the test is relevant to outcomes with insight into the targeted stage of development and what you wanted to deliver.
  • Define the time frame in which you want the QA testing completed.

When is the Appropriate Time to Hire a QA Tester?

A quality assurance tester ensures your software or web product is bug-free whether it is 100% customer-satisfied and market demand meets.

A QA tester’s role is like an investigative reporter. Also, they solve the issues or potential issues found.

But how do you know when the right time to hire quality assurance consultants?

There is a formula for hiring QA testers. That is: “hire one software tester for every five developers.”

But here is describing the situation when you are really in need of hiring Quality Assurance consultants:

  • When software is buggy
  • QA team is backlogged
  • Quality Assurance staff is overworked
  • Expanding your application platforms
  • QA testers ask you to
  • The necessity of keeping customer’s data secure
  • Need someone in a leadership position
  • Business is growing

When Your Software is Buggy

Suppose you find any bugs in your software for software quality assurance. In that case, you must hire a Software QA Team from a QA company to resolve the bug and check for any other potential bugs.

When Your QA Team is Backlogged

If your developers produce more codes than you can comprehensively test in a reasonable amount of time, it will increase ping. So, before your QA team messes it up fully, hire quality assurance testers to check each case carefully.

When Your QA Staff is Overworked

Suppose you already have a QA department in your company working overtime, including on weekends. In that case, they are under heavy work pressure. This workload can cause you a big loss in your product’s quality.

So, in that situation, you should hire software quality assurance testers as soon as possible.

When You Expand Your Application Platforms

Suppose you have an app for mobile. But now you want to expand it for desktop use. You have to hire app testers. For usability and performance checking, you need to hire Performance QA Testers, Desktop App Testers, and Usability Testers.

When Your QA Team Asks You to

Sometimes, your in-house quality assurance team can suggest you hire the right QA testers. Share your planning phase with the production and in-house QA teams whenever you plan for a game or software development.

Looking at the project, they might suggest you hire Game Testers, hire Game QA Testers, hire VR Testers or Hire AR Testers.

They can directly let you know that they need more quality assurance testers.

When You Need to Keep Your Customer’s Data Secure

Not only for bugs, but you also have to ensure the data security of your users. Suppose you are launching a finance or banking app. This app must collect customers’ sensitive data. So, to keep the data secure, you must hire testers with relevant experience.

When You Need Someone in a Leadership Position

Suppose you have a quality assurance team already. Sometimes, you may discover that your Quality Assurance team is working well and collaborating. But there is no new strategy being developed. So, you should hire the right quality assurance experts for the leadership position to create new strategies and make the processes spice.

When Your Business is Growing

Imagine you are going to add new functionalities to your old app or build a new app. That indicates your business is growing. In these situations, you have to hire several new developers. So, ensure you add a new QA professional to this list, or you may experience that deadline-slaying backlog as mentioned above.

How to Choose the Right QA Tester?

however, hiring a software tester team depends on several factors, such as:

Moreover, you will benefit from the following description and can find the right quality assurance consultant for your app/ software.

  • The complexity of the project
  • Company’s budget
  • Required needs of QA consultants

The Complexity of the Project

To hire QA experts, you have to measure the complexity of your project. In which area do you want to ensure the quality, and what quality assurance do you need?

Find these answers to guide the right quality assurance testers for the project. You do not need to hire desktop QA testers to develop a mobile app. So, firstly find your complexity and check the Quality Assurance companies who provide the same services.

Company’s Budget

Now fix your company’s budget or the budget you have fixed for the project’s quality assurance. Measure the budget and mention the budget to your quality assurance provider.

Required Needs of QA Consultants

Obviously, the QA company has some requirements. Both of you will fix the requirements. Match your necessity and the QA consultant’s requirements.

When both of you are satisfied, make an open environment for the QA expert team so that they can work freely and solve all of your problems.

The other things depend on the type of QA team hiring.

What Kind of QA Experts Does a QA Company Provide?

For hiring the right quality assurance experts from a Quality Assurance company, you have to know what types of QA consultants they provide.

Here is the List of QA Experts that a QA Company Provides:

Average Salaries of QA Engineers Worldwide

However, the salary of a Quality Assurance tester is not fixed. Usually, it varies on several factors, such as education and experience. Furthermore, the pay rate also depends on the business’s location and the specific industry you’re in.

For instance, video game quality assurance testers make less than security software QA testers.

But, in the United States, the national average salary for quality assurance testers is $53,688 (Fifty-three thousand, Six hundred and Eighty-eight).

Besides, there are also some common benefits for a QA tester in the USA. With health insurance coverage, paid time off, remote work options, visa sponsorships, and referral programs, QA experts get a 401(k) retirement package.


Hiring Quality Assurance testers is not a great challenge for web, app, software, or game development. But choosing the right and best Quality Assurance testers is really tough. If you know every inch of how to hire the right QA testers for your company or product, it will be quite easy for you. So, reduce your tension, and solve all of the quality issues by hiring the best QA experts from the best QA company.

Hire QA Testers FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about how to hire QA testers. We noticed that most of our readers looking for answers have the same questions. Therefore, we have provided a list of frequently asked questions answered by our most experienced specialists to answer their questions. We hope this helps you get an immediate answer.

What Should You Look for in a QA Tester?

While hiring quality assurance testers, you must check their skills. There are two kinds of skills, such as soft skills and hard skills.
The soft skills are critical thinking, effective communication, collaboration and teamwork, adaptability, flexibility and open-mindedness. And the hard skills are technical skills relevant to your project.

How Do I Get Hired As a QA?

If you want to get hired as a QA expert, please fix a niche, and gain expertise in that area. Acquire the must-have skills for being a QA tester, and submit your CV to the best QA companies.

What is a QA Tester Job?

A quality assurance tester’s job is to find the bugs or potential issues before launching a web/ app/ game/ software that may cause various problems.

Can I be a QA Tester Without Experience?

To become a Quality Assurance tester, you must be an expert in your area. First, fix a niche where you want to provide services, then acquire the must-have skills. Practice your expertise area more and more.

Do I Need to Hire QA Testers for My Project?

You need to hire QA experts for your project before launching it. Quality Assurance is a process that ensures your software product’s quality standard. It removes potential bottlenecks that comprise performance issues and security vulnerabilities. For Functional Testing, Performance testing, Security testing and Localization testing, the Quality of the product can be ensured.

Why Should You Hire the Right QA Experts from the Project Start?

Quality Assurance testers are involved in every software development life cycle stage. They verify that each step of software is performed correctly and fulfills customer needs analysis, work planning, design, programming, Testing, and deployment.

How Does QA Allow for Saving Costs And Maintaining Reputation?

Hiring freelance Quality Assurance experts or hiring a full-time contractor help you reduce your cost and increase the quality and effectiveness since you do not need to provide the facilities to them as a regular or in-house employee.

How Will You Enforce Security by Hiring a QA Team?

Hiring a Quality Assurance testers team offers data security to you and your customers or the product users. But there will be some other security issues held after publishing the product. So, to reduce security issues, ensure continuous system monitoring to identify potential issues and automatically restart failed components instantly.

How Does QA Help Ensure Compliance with Project Requirements?

For fulfilling the project requirements, the business outlines the requirement for solution design, functionality, use cases, performance, and other aspects to the Quality Assurance testers team. In the development process, the QA consultants verify that the app or website aligns with the customer requirements listed in the document.

What is the Difference Between QA Services and Software Testing?

Software testing is a part of software QA services. Software testers find the bugs and defects of a software product and then describe them to software engineers for further debugging.
QA testers deliver performance solutions that comply with client specifications, look and behave as intended, and meet the necessary standards.

Do I Need to Conduct Manual or Automated Testing?

When you are developing a small or medium project, use manual Testing. Automated Testing offers a great service you need to implement a large-scale project when improved productivity is crucial. In a word, automated QA testing is required in cases that are difficult to check manually.

What Types of Application Testing are Used by a QA Team?

The Quality Assurance testers team usually performs four application testing types. These are:
1. Functional Testing
2. Performance testing
3. Security testing
4. Localization testing.

Are QA Testers in Demand?

Yes, QA Testers are in high demand now. Since development companies need to release reliable software, meet users’ needs, and recover from failed releases in the ever-changing IT world. Organizations realize the power of software, so they have started to hire QA testers.

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