Are you in charge of hiring QA engineers after software development, game development or web development? Searching for how to hire the right QA engineers, what are the qualities of a QA engineer and want to learn the step-by-step QA engineer hiring process?

You have come to the right place.

My hire QA engineers guide will help you by providing all solutions to your problems and questions.

This hire QA Engineers guide offers you tips on how to hire QA engineers, the QA engineers hiring process, the cost of hiring Quality Assurance engineers etc.

Don’t hesitate. To know more, read the hire QA engineers guide.

Who is a QA Engineer?

Who is a QAE?
Figure 02: QA Engineer

A QA engineer is the person who is liable for confirming the efficiency of the software product before reaching the target audience.

Let the hire QA engineers guide explain to you more frankly.

Quality assurance engineers must be a professional with complete technical expertise so that there remains no scope for any errors in the software.

The demand for hiring quality assurance engineers is increasing day by day. By the year 2029, it is expected that the demand for expert QA engineers will reach 308,390 (Three Lac, Eight Thousand Three Hundred and Ninety). That’s why finding and hiring a quality QA has become more challenging.

Future of QAE
Figure 03: Future of QA Engineers

In brief, quality assurance engineers must be a professional with complete technical expertise so that there remains no scope for any errors in the software.

Stick to the hire QA engineers guide for every detail forward.

Benefits of Hiring QA Engineers

Benefits of Hiring Quality Assurance Engineers Article
Figure 04: Benefits of Hiring QA Engineers

The benefits of hiring QA engineers are huge in e-commerce QA engineering, software QA engineering, game QA engineering or website QA engineering.

You may ask why you should hire Quality Assurance engineers.

What are the benefits of the QA engineer hiring process?

But the answer will surprise you. The hire QA engineers guide includes many benefits to hiring Quality Assurance experts.

Explore these benefits and enrich your knowledge from the below:

  • Identify weaknesses and inconsistencies
  • Follow up on the product at all project stages
  • Define project requirements
  • Provide comprehensive information about the quality level
  • Test the product during the software development lifecycle (SDLC)
  • Make the product user-friendly
  • Deliver the product only when it meets all the requirements
  • Test functionality
  • Closely communicate with all team members
  • Save costs
  • Maintain the quality of your app/ software
  • Reduce time
  • Secure business
  • Protect your reputation
  • Make consumers happy

What are the Qualifications for Hiring a Quality Assurance Engineer?

Qualifications of a Quality Assurance Engineer
Figure 05: Qualifications of a QA Engineer

Suppose you are up to hiring a software QA engineer. In that case, you need to know the qualifications for hiring a software quality assurance engineer.

The hire QA engineers guide explains that software quality assurance engineers are responsible for finding and fixing software or similar product bugs before release.

Sometimes developers need to collaborate with them on solutions. Additionally, they are required in various fields, including Medical Devices, Automotive, and Food And Beverage.

Certainly, he needs to be skilled in using testing tools and programming languages such as Java and C++.

I also include here their key responsibilities in this hire QA engineers guide.

Common QA Engineers Offered by a QA Company

Do you know the common QA engineering services that a QA company usually provides for businesses?

As mentioned above, QA engineers offer some common services like app QA engineering, website QA engineering etc.

Here are the hire QA engineers guide representing these QA engineers for hire:

  • Software QA Engineers
  • Mobile App QA Engineers
  • Ecommerce QA Engineers
  • Game QA Engineers
  • Unity QA Engineers
  • Web QA Engineers
  • Desktop QA Engineers
  • IoT QA Engineers
  • AR QA Engineers
  • VR QA Engineers
  • Functional QA Engineers
  • Performance QA Engineers
  • Accessibility QA Engineers
  • Regression QA Engineers
  • Security QA Engineers
  • Manual QA Engineers
  • QA Automation Engineers
  • Compatibility QA Engineers
  • Usability QA Engineers
  • CX QA Engineers

How to Hire the Right QA Engineers?

How to Hire the Right Quality Assurance Engineer Article
Figure 06: Hire the Right QA Engineers

Have you decided to hire a Quality Assurance Engineer now?

If yes, that’s great!

But how can you hire the right QA Engineers?

First, the hire QA engineers guide refers that the choice of hiring a QA engineer will depend on several factors, such as:

  • the complexity of the project under development;
  • company’s budget,
  • required needs of a QA engineer.

These conditions influence your business decision on hiring the right QA engineers.

Second, the QA engineers guide also defines what kinds of software quality assurance engineers you should hire, for what time and which model of hiring a QA engineer you should follow that help you hire the right QA engineers for your company, such as in-house specialists, outsourced QA engineers, full-time contractors, or freelancers.

Here are some tactics that may help you select the right Quality Assurance engineers:

  • Use the cost-per-hire metric
  • Make an outreach strategy
  • Interview like a tester
  • Make the candidate work with the team
  • Check skills

Types of Hiring QA Engineers

Generally, many businesses face problems to hire the right QA engineers for them. For example, you might have noticed the search on Google that how I can hire the right QA engineers for my website, software or application or the right QA engineers near me etc.

As I have said, to hire the right QA engineers, you must learn what kind of hire you will go for.

The hire QA engineers guide refers that particularly, there are four kinds of software Quality Assurance Engineers.

These are

  • In-house team
  • Outsourced specialists
  • Full-time contractors
  • Freelancers

In-House QA Engineers Team

Hiring full-time in-house QA engineers is wise when the software product is complex and has a long lifecycle.

However, the in-house team members have a thorough knowledge of the product, so maintenance becomes easier. You can follow this model to hire the right QA engineers.

But remember, the hiring model can be expensive as they are salary employees. Besides, the model includes other expenses like health insurance, paid vacations, and employee benefits.

Outsourced QA Engineer Specialists

In contrast, there is another way to hire the right QA engineers at a low cost. Let me explain to you through my hire QA engineers guide.

Suppose you have decided to outsource your development process or quality assurance.

In that case, you can look for a reliable software development company with a detailed description of what you want.

After that, the QA company will assign your task to a team that suits your needs, and the work commences. This option provides a quick way to get started.

However, most business process outsourcing (BPO) companies prefer to work with the entire project.

So, if you want to outsource the entire development process, you can hire them or make a contract with the employment agency.

Full-Time QA Engineers Contractors

Suppose you need specific specialists or a team of engineers for a certain period. In that case, hiring a full-time contractor is your best solution.

When searching for the required quality tech talent for your website, application, software or game, you can contract with a dedicated QA team from a renowned Quality Assurance company.

The main advantage of hiring QA engineers process from QA companies is using a staff augmentation model since this option is cost-effective as you avoid paying extra bonuses like the in-house team. Still, you get dedicated engineers for your project.

Freelancer QA Engineers

Freelancers are workers who work on a particular project for a fixed fee. Their services are cheaper than other hiring methods. However, there are more reliable ways of hiring a specialist.

You might already be familiar with freelancing.

Although hiring freelancers is easy, it can become stressful in the long run. Sometimes, freelance QA engineers can disappear in the middle of your project, especially if they receive a better offer from another client. 

To avoid these issues, you may hire the right QA Engineers from a renowned QA company to save costs. Besides, the employees will never turn their back in the middle of your project.

How to Evaluate QA Engineers’ Skills?

After selecting the best type of employment, you need to know how you evaluate the hires.

Suppose you have decided to hire remote QA Engineers from a QA company. They have provided some resumes of QA Engineers.

Now, how can you assess whether they are eligible to perform according to your requirements or not?

This hire QA engineers guide will help you identify the expert Quality Assurance Engineers and how to evaluate them correctly.

Definitely, when assessing a QA engineer’s skills, you should consider their hard and soft skills. Besides, you must check their capability to work on your exact project. For example, e-commerce website development and mobile app development require QA with different skill sets.

In that case, skill evaluation is very important before you hire a remote Quality Assurance Engineer.

With a doubt, you must evaluate the following:

  • How will they integrate and work with the team?
  • What are their organizational and self-management skills?
  • Are they able to team communication?

For testing the skills of your hired QA engineers, some questions may help you additionally.

These are:

  • How do you approach work on a new project?
  • What would your approach to your test case design be?
  • How would you approach the work without requirements?
  • Are you familiar with exploratory testing?
  • Which QA tools do you use and why?

Furthermore, the skills assessment can help you evaluate them. There are two basic skills of a software QA engineer, which are the following:

  • Soft skill
  • Hard skill

Finding these skills and assessing them can help you to hire the right QA engineers.

Soft Skills for Hiring a QA Engineer

A QA engineer’s soft skills assessment may help you the most. These skills are not related to technical skills but how you work. Soft skills assessment is a crucial point in the QA engineers’ hiring process.

How to interact with clients, the QA team and the production team, his attitude regarding a new problem, and how to solve the issues determine soft skills.

You must confirm the major soft skills before hiring quality assurance experts.

Where these soft skills are: 

  • Communication skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Quick learner
  • Attentive and focused
  • Collaboration and teamwork skills
  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Open-mindedness

Hard Skills for Hiring a QA Engineer

Does the hard skill sound hard to you?

Do not worry.

The hard skills vary depending on the software product under development. In contrast, soft skills are the same for every product.

Let me clear you up with an example.

Imagine an android app QA tester who should have a thorough knowledge of user experience (UX), Java, and other related technical skills of app development.


Besides this, a QA expert must be suitable for a particular task. Furthermore, Quality Assurance experts should have extensive knowledge of the field and experience in creating and, for automation QAs designing similar software, manual testing etc.

However, here are universal must-have hard skills for any quality checker:

  • A thorough acquaintance and knowledge of different testing techniques.
  • Up to date with industry-standard methods and tools for product testing.
  • Business-oriented to ensure that the test strategy will align with the project requirements.
  • Comprehend the business objectives to carry out the testing approach effectively.
  • Understand the project management tools to ensure the testing plan, coordination, and processes.
  • Effective performance within the required time frame.

Also, a QA engineer must have these skills:

  • Well-Versed In Software Development
  • Basic Knowledge Of Database And SQL
  • Basic Information About Linux Commands
  • Test Administration And Defect Tracking

Extra Skills of a QA Engineer

Then again, extra skills?

Sounds confusing?

Keep patience.

There are some extra skills that make a quality assurance checker an expert.

Where these additional skills are:

  • Proficient in programming languages for coding script writing.
  • Well-versed in agile and DevOps methodologies.
  • Expertise in the use of current testing tools.
  • Effectively use automated tests to confirm a high-quality product.

Step-by-Step Process of Hiring QA Engineers

No matter what kind of QA engineers you are hiring. You may hire QA automation engineers, hire QA manual engineers, hire ecommerce QA engineers etc.

However, if you have decided to hire the right QA engineers for your website and grow your business further. In that case, you must go through some processes.

According to the hire QA engineers guide, you may go through seven steps while hiring the right Quality Assurance engineers for your business.

These step-by-step hiring processes are:

  • Do your research
  • Write a job description
  • Find candidates
  • Conduct interviews
  • Choose your perfect candidate
  • Onboard the new employee

Step-1: Do Your Research

For what post are you searching QA engineers?

What responsibilities do you want him to perform for your business?

You can do this task by following these works:

  • Looking at similar job descriptions
  • Understanding the required skills and experience
  • Monitor job trends in the same area and industry
  • The groundwork for writing a competitive job posting

Step- 2: Write a Job Description (JD)

In the second step, your task is very clear. If you have decided to consult or contract with a QA company or not, you must prepare a job description in a short JD for the role.

JD is crucial for finding the right QA engineers, as you mentioned all your demands.

You can call a job description a primary filter.

Do not forget to attach a statement at the bottom of the post about your business.

Offer employees a gender, ethnicity, and race-free environment in the job description.

Step- 3: Find Candidates

You can find the best candidates for your required QA engineer post with various processes; for example, you can ask your current best employees to suggest someone for the post.

This way can help you to find a potential and dedicated Quality Assurance engineer hiring process for the job post. Besides, it will increase bonding among your QA team and other teams.

However, always doing the same thing will not be wise. Research says diverse employees can increase your business diversely. So, you can hire diverse employees in your QA team.

Further, you can also contact a QA company that may relieve you of these steps. According to your job description, the QA company will find the candidates.

Step- 4: Conduct Interviews

After finding the candidates, the QA engineer providers will present the best resumes to you, or they will select the best CVs.

And then, they are responsible for conducting interviews with the best potential QA engineer candidates for the post.

Obviously, you can participate in these interviews to monitor the sessions and ask questions or give directions to them. After all, they will work for you.

Moreover, it will help you find multiple candidates with diverse knowledge, which can overcome the limitations of your thinking.

Step- 5: Assign a Task

There may be some whom you would like after the interview session. But the interview is not the only thing to decide whether the candidate will be the perfect match for the role or not.

Hence, before finalizing a QA engineer for your company, assign them a task matching the role, which will help you short down the group of candidates.

Ask for assignments from only those who are seriously considering hiring.

After they submit the tasks, you can evaluate them easily.

Then you can choose your perfect QA engineers.

Step- 6: Choose Your Perfect Candidate

Hiring the right QA engineer from multiple candidates you think would be a great fit can take time and effort.

Before hiring, the Quality Assurance company reflects on the candidate’s personality, skills, and experience from their resumes, references and interviews.

And finally, when they think they have found the right engineer for the Quality Assurance of your website or software, they will offer to join.

Step- 7: Onboard the New Employee

This is the time to onboard your new employee. After selecting the best employee, offer them to join your company.

Before onboarding, run a background test and legal statements on them. But if you have already selected a QA company, they will help you with these steps. You have to provide them with your requirements and tasks.

Why is Hiring QA Engineers Important?

Importance of Hiring Quality Assurance Engineers Article
Figure 10: Importance of Hiring QA Engineers

Do you know why hiring the right quality assurance engineer is crucial to a company?

You might know that recruitment requires time, cost, and energy from any organization’s Talent Acquisition Team or HR team.

However, the hire QA engineers guide suggests consulting with a BPO vendor so that you can save time and cost in this process. Since your business goal succession depends on the quality of your web products, it mostly depends on the quality and expertise of your QA engineers.

That’s why hiring the right quality assurance engineers is most important for your business.

You can clear up the importance of hiring the right QA engineer once in a while from the followings:

  • Saves Time
  • Reduces Risk
  • Decreases Hiring Cost
  • Increase Productivity
  • Promotes Company Growth
  • Reach Business Goal
  • Provides Flawless Products
Hire the Right QA Engineers for Your Business

Salary of QA Engineers in the USA

The most common question in the QA engineer hiring process is their payments.

However, the payment grade for your new QA engineer hire will depend on several factors, such as their experience level, recruitment location and working hours. This hire QA engineers guide helps you with the average salary of a Quality Assurance engineer in the USA

Above all, here is the table representing the monthly average salary scales for different QA engineer roles in the USA:

QA Engineers RolesEntry Level/Month Average Salary/Month Senior Level/Month
QA Engineer$7,163$8,360$10,833
DevOps QA Engineer$7,963$9,063$12,463
Software QA$6,618$8,125$10,833
Automation QA$7,500$8,753$10,971
QA Lead$7,559$9,105$11,781
QA Manager$7,134$8,758$12,167
Table 01: QA Engineers’ Salary in the USA | Source:


In conclusion, QA is an important part of software development, web development and game development process. Many companies are now hiring experienced QA professionals who can design systematic procedures and layouts for their QA processes. Undeniably the hire QA engineers guide has attempted to represent all the necessary things that you need to know in the Quality Assurance engineers hiring process. If you want to deliver quality products to your client and invest in QA services and tools, contact a QA company. So, get steps ahead in reaching your business goal.

Hire QA Engineers Guide FAQs

Read frequently asked questions about the QA engineers hiring process included with the answers in this hire QA engineers guide:

Who is a QA Engineer?

Quality assurance engineers must be a professional with complete technical expertise so that there remains no scope for any errors in the software.

What does a QA Engineer Do?

The basic responsibilities of a QA engineer are to
1. Examine the client’s requirements
2. Test the specifications
3. Create technical design documents
4. Identify system requirements
5. Collaboration with internal teams
6. Error-free lifecycle testing

How to Hire QA Engineers?

Some tactics may help you select the right Quality Assurance engineers:
1. Use the cost-per-hire metric
2. Make an outreach strategy
3. Interview like a tester
4. Make the candidate work with the team
5. Check skills

What’s the Difference Between a QA Engineer, QA Analyst, and QA Tester?

QA testers will be assigned to the work after the development of the product.
A QA Analyst is required to design test cases and test plans.
Quality Assurance Engineers are also responsible for manual testing.

How Much Will You Cost to Hire a QA Engineer?

The cost of hiring QA engineers depends on their role. Please go through the guide for the average salary of a QA engineer.

What if I Need More Than the Hired QA Engineer?

Contracting with a QA company can be the best solution in these cases. They can provide you with as much as the expert QA team you need.

Can I Hire QA Engineers for Hourly or Project-Based Tasks?

You can hire Quality Assurance engineers for both tasks. The QA engineers hiring process works both hourly and project-based. So, you need not be worried.

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