Download Meena Game 2 on Mac and PC and Play all the 10 levels now. Meena Game 2, developed by Riseup Labs, is now available for download on Mac and Windows PC. So, everyone can download the game on their Mac and Windows devices to Play all the 10 levels. 

Meena Game 2 is a 3D game developed especially for children associated with UNICEF Bangladesh. Before the game has released for mobile phones in the Google Play Store and The App Store. 

After successfully achieving 3 million+ downloads, Meena Game 2 also received a “Teacher Approved” Badge on Google Play Store as the most enriching and entertaining app for children.

Riseup Labs appreciates UNICEF Bangladesh’s efforts to continue development to make the Game Playable for Mac and Windows PC.

About Meena Game 2

meena on her village home with full family in meena game 2 poster
Meena Game 2 3d

Meena Game 2 is a Story of a nine-year-old girl and cartoon character by Unicef from South Asia. She loves to brave all the odds. First, Riseup Labs made the game in the 3D version for smartphones. Now it is available for all children who love playing games on Desktop computers.

Download now Meena Game 2 for Mac and play:

Download meena game 2 for Mac
Meena Game 2 for Mac

Download now Meena Game 2 for Windows PC and Play:

Download Meena Game 2 for Windows PC

Gamers’ Expression on Meena Game 2

After playing Meena Game 2 on Mac and Windows PC, many gamers expressed their experiences with Riseup Labs. Read what they are saying below:

It’s awesome!! Especially when I have played level 6 with Meena as a Mermaid, a great adventure in the underwater world!!

Head of Product Development, Riseup Labs

I love to play Meena Game 3D because it’s an educational game. This game fits everyone above 6 years old because this game has no violence at all. The game was based on an entirely new story.’

Digital Marketing Executive, Riseup Labs

Meena Game 2 took me back to my childhood when I watched Meena Cartoons with my sister. The Meena theme song evoked strong childhood memories when I started the game. I feel that Meena Game 2 provides a fun, educational experience to children of all ages.

Digital Marketing Executive, Riseup Labs

Meena Game 2 is a very accessible game that everyone can play. It is a game for all ages above 6, as it does not require prior knowledge. Everyone can learn the rules of the game easily and play it easily. The game is easy to learn and can be played by anyone.

Game Developer, Riseup Labs

After playing this game, I remember my childhood memories. Meena and Raju are the emotions of our 90’s kids. There is no other word to describe this game. Had the best experience in this game. I finished up to level 6. Although I genuinely enjoyed playing this.

SQA Engineer, Riseup Labs

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