Meena Game 2 Gets Teacher Approved Badge

Teacher approved badge for Meena Game 2
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Meena Game 2, a 3D game developed by Riseup Labs, received a “Teacher Approved” Badge on Google Play Store as the most enriching and entertaining app for children.

In Google Play Store, Parents look for enriching, entertaining, and safe apps for their kids. Teacher Approved program in this platform is a new addition where teachers and children’s education and media specialists recommend high-quality and safest apps for kids.

Riseup Labs appreciates UNICEF Bangladesh’s efforts to improve technology and children’s gaming preferences.

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What is Teacher Approved Badge on Google Play Store?

After consultation with specialists, Google created a framework for grading kids’ apps. Teachers and specialists can grade Designed for Families apps in this section based on the following:

  • Design
  • Appeal and enrichment
  • Age appropriateness
  • Advertisement
  • Cross-promotion suitability.
What is Teacher Approved Badge on Google Play Store?
Figure 2: Teacher Approved Badge on Google Play Store

Teacher Approved Apps on Google Play Store get the following benefits:

  • They are eligible to appear and be promoted on Google Play’s Kids tab
  • They contain the badge that says “Teacher Approved.”
  • They have a section on the Google Play details page that highlights why they are unique.

All of the apps in this category have been reviewed by a team of specialists and 200+ teachers across the United States. They ensured that these apps fit Google’s “Designed for Families” program guidelines.

The apps in the “Teacher Approved” sector, on the other hand, have not only met the program’s basic standards but have also been evaluated and rated highly by teachers. As a result, teachers can recommend apps for extra learning, while some are used just for entertainment.

About Meena Game 2

Meena is a nine-year-old girl and cartoon character by Unicef from South Asia in this game. She loves to brave all the odds. For the first time, Riseup Labs made the game 3D, and children can play it in a full 3D environment.

Meena Game 2 in 3D
Figure 1: Meena Game 2 in 3D

The first version of the Meena game was a big shot for any adventure game in Bangladesh with 3 Million+ downloads! But Meena Game 2 is an entirely new story of caring for a mother and newborn!

Riseup Labs Builds Teacher Approved Apps for Children

Riseup Labs develops highly enriching and entertaining educational games for children. Meena and Meena Game 2 are the best example of Teacher Approved Apps developed by Riseup Labs. 

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  1. As the need for online privacy continues to grow and the kids safety concerns, the Teacher approved badge is playing a vital role for finding the saafest platforms in the world.

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