The honeymoon has ended, but the test hasn’t. You can still smell all the fruits of the honeymoon that are still all around you while you travel and shop. Riseup Labs has therefore planned a colorful Summer Fruit Fest – 2022 with all of its department employees in order to share that taste.

Figure 01: Honeymoon Fruits of Summer Fruit Fest

On Monday, July 4, 2022, the company’s headquarters hosted the Fruit Fest. All workers were quite active, relished delectable fresh fruit, and took part in all indoor games.

The Production Team, Developer Team, Quality Assurance (QA) Team, Sales and Marketing Team and Operation Team members have joined the fest that the Human Resource (HR) Team arranged.

Figure 02: Human Resource (HR) Team of Riseup Labs at Summer Fruit Fest

The Fruit Fest featured a variety of berries and other fruits, including Mango, Rose Apple, Jackfruit, Guava, Papaya, Japanese Watermelon, Star Fruit, Dragon Fruit, Sweet Lemon, Lotkon, and Banana, among others.

Figure 03: Enjoying the honeymoon Fruits

All of the departments’ employees took pleasure in this festival. The HR staff organized a quiz tournament to make this festival more pleasurable. Portfolio Manager Kamrun Nahar Sunjida took home the contest’s top honor, followed by Graphics Designer Sohanur Rahman in second place and QA Engineer Md. Zabed in third. As prizes, they were each given a fruit basket.

Figure 04: Winners of the Contest of Summer Fruit Fest

Participants Expression on Summer Fruit Fest

Fuad Al Parvez, a Junior SQA Engineer, expressed his hope that this type of setup will soon return, saying, ‘I really enjoyed the fun type quiz game. It took me back to my school days. Thank you, Riseup labs. Hopefully, we will get more events like this in the near future.’

Figure 05: Production Team of Riseup Labs at Summer Fruit Fest

Digital Marketing Executive Khondaker Zahin Fuad was pleased with the festival also. He said, ‘I liked seeing the large platters full of various fruits. But I loved eating those mangoes the most.’

Figure 06: Sales and Digital Marketing Team of Riseup Labs at Summer Fruit Fest

Game developer Shamim Hossain concurred, stating, ‘That was an amazing day !! At the festival, I was in a real colorful environment with lots of colorful fruits and people!’

Figure 07: Quality Assurance (QA) Team of Riseup Labs at Summer Fruit Fest

Gratitude to Riseup Labs ‘We had an opportunity for some colorful and enjoyable moments that contributed to establishing our ties and respect towards each other,’ said Purno Ghosh, a Junior SQA Engineer. ‘Being a part of the Riseup Labs family makes us very delighted.’

He joked, ‘By the way, we should get a prize for eating most of the fruits in the fest.’

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