Mobile gaming booms in China- This is how

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China became the number one economic power in 2014. One of their biggest arena of developing is the mobile gaming sector. In research it’s been found the investment in this sector now is three times bigger than 2012. Let’s see how mobile gaming booms in china.

The researching group iResearch estimated that RMB5.2bn was the total worth of paid mobile gaming market in 2012. Whereas it has reached RMB14bn by 2015. Mobile gaming booms in China is a reality now. Another study from Analysis International claimed that the mobile gaming market grew more than 30% during in last phase of 2012.

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Mobile gaming booms in China

Mobile gaming market in China has certainly become a gold mine for mobile game and app or application development companies. And the main reason of such rumble is the prompt growth of cheaper mobiles. No need to mention that mobile games are so much popular especially in China. And you’d found most of the heavy gamers and developers belong to this amazing country. Enthusiasm to mobile gaming in China is really over growing. In the first quarter of 2013, the mobile gaming industry made over 270 million in China and it increased over 30% in same time last year.


Most importantly, the experts are in no way slowing down this rate. So far in China, smartphones have taken over 50% of the mobile phone market. China is currently a country of 1.357 billion population. You can imagine the number of smartphone user, right?

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Therefore, let’s consider Yodo1, one of the finest mobile gaming company in China and it’s working with Western Developers with a view to bringing titles in native market. They are working at full heart and Henry Fong, the CEO of Yodo1 mentioned it specifically in a recent conference. He said that there were so much to do to reach every sphere of this gigantic market and they have to think a lot about the terms of shipments and revenue growth. He added that Chinese developers shouldn’t ignore the opportunities given by Chinese mobile (smartphone) market.

For the Western developers, companies like Yodo1 are very crucial to understand the mobile gaming value in China. They can earn experience that is needed to comply with the local market complexities, intricate mechanisms of distribution and sales of mobile games.

Famous France based game developing company Gameloft entered Beijing in 2003. They did it without any experience at all. At first the company faced a lot of difficulties, but eventually they did settle down. Since then they are chasing golden opportunities in China.

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Entertainment Industries

If you compare with the current entertainment industries in China, you’d realize how fast and exponentially the mobile gaming industry is getting bigger day by day. Right now the revenue obtainable from online and mobile games is far way solid than media and TV’s.

If you go through the biography of greater programmers, you’d find Chinese developers more than any other countries. China is not filled with only users, they are more splendored with game engineers. Chinese developers can make the best use of time, if you are in hurry of developing any mobile games.

These are some definite reasons of mobile gaming booms in China. Hope you guys have got my point. This is my research and if you have anything more to add, feel free to comment.

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In conclusion, game development is special in every country. Above all, even in Bangladesh, there are some IT firms, where game development is at the highest priority. You can contact Riseup Labs for more details.

However, today, gaming is a big name. Many gamers around the world are earning money by playing games. So, the development of a game is also a sensitive issue. If handled properly, a particular game can bring in a huge profit. Above all, efficiency is the key.

In conclusion, that’s all for today. Stay cool and enjoy.

Happy gaming.

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