This is how the gaming industry is bigger than Hollywood

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Before going to the main point, let me ask you a question, what’s your favorite video game?? I believe you’re already picturing it. Well, now think about your favorite Hollywood movies. Which one is more exciting? You can play your favorite video games again and again with same interest on the basis of scoring the highest score. However, watching a certain movie or film again and again will get you ultimate boredom. That’s one of the main reasons of how gaming industry is bigger than Hollywood.

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Statistics on why gaming industry is bigger than Hollywood

Now, we’ll get to some real statistics and data to grasp how gaming industry is bigger than Hollywood. First of all, it is and it has always been about business. No matter how much you enjoy a movie or game, the concerned authority always seeks for the highest revenue. So they try hard to create more excitement whether it’s a game or a film.

Nevertheless, I am fond of GTA series and guess what, I’ve been playing newly released GTA V from last few months and finished already two times. In a day, I play it for 4 to 5 hours and the rest of the time I have to work on my thesis project. I would love to play it for day and night, however, can’t do it though. You won’t believe, I am playing it right now also while giving you guys some ideas about how gaming industry is bigger than Hollywood.

Video games

Every boy and man love video games. Yes, if you ask any adult or middle aged man, you’d find them still associating most games with teenage boys. Our generation grew up with Legend of Zelda, Road Rush, whereas they grew up by going to theaters. And statistically, the video games still make them interested at this age. What’s the point of all these explanation?? Video games can give much more profit than any Hollywood film. I know you might be asking how about the latest Fast and Furious 7, Jupiter Ascending, Avengers 2 etc. However, their record breaking and earning streak will come to an end in a certain time. But not for video games. They will still be rocking in the Cyber World.

Read on consoles.

Why the gaming industry is bigger than Hollywood?? That’s fair question. Though it’s all about business for the gaming industry, but it’s an economical matter to us, the gamers. You think, when you go to watch a big budget 2 hours Hollywood movie, you’ve to spend at-least $10. That means $5 per hour, whereas you can buy an exciting video games for $40-$50 and play it for more than 80 hours. That’s for once and you can run the games again and again whenever you wish. So, which one is wining now??

These are the reasons gaming companies like to invest far more in any games than any Hollywood films and that’s why the industry is spreading day by day.

That’s all for today. Stay put and enjoy.

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Happy gaming.

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