World's Fastest Drummer

World's Fastest Drummer is a game to find out the fastest drummer in the world. It is also called the WFD Game. Riseup Labs developed the game with World's Fastest Drummer for professional and non-professional drummers to play the game and make a record.


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Words from the Partner

Game development can be a fast-paced and highly demanding task. It is even more so if the game's name is 'World's Fastest Drummer.' Riseup Labs not only met all these demands, milestones and timelines but exceeded my expectations in every way. I cherish our long-term relationship with Riseup Labs, and given a chance, I know you will too!

Riseup and Speed ON!

- Boo McAfee, CEO of McAfee Enterprises Inc, creator and IP owner of World's Fastest Drummer.

Explore World's Fastest Drummer Game

World's Fastest Drummer is an extreme Action Game for drum lovers. Not only professional drummers but also non-professional drummer who loves to play drum can also play the game. Let's quickly explore the portfolio here:

Summary of the World's Fastest Drummer Game

❏ Publisher Name:Riseup Labs
❏ Developer Name:Riseup Labs
❏ Application Type:Mobile App
❏ Published On:Google Play Store and iOS App Store
❏ Platform Type:Android
❏ Partner Name::McAfee Enterprises Inc.
❏ Release Date:30th November 2022
❏ Product Working Type
❏ Device Type
:Mobile and Tab
❏ OS Type:Android
❏ Product Type
:Video Game
❏ Category
❏ Initial Development Period 
:September 1, 2021 - November 30, 2022
❏ Service Type
:Game Development
❏ Experience you can trust:Meet The Core Team →
❏ Track Record (Portfolio):Beyond the Limits of visualization →

What is The World's Fastest Drummer Game?

World's Fastest Drummer is an extreme drumming sports game. It's an arcade game where the player will be able to play the drum along with the action-based story.

The main character of this game is Stanley. He is a decent, humble guy who often gets bullied by the boys around him. He prefers to stay reserved and quiet, always busy minding his own thing. Often seen, he doesn’t respond much to the bullies at school, who enjoy poking him most of the time.

On the other hand, SpeedE is a superhero. SpeedE is a character who always stands against negativity and injustice. He is often seen defending the helpless against bullies or negative people. We can say that SpeedE thinks about the mass people since we read in a comic about SpeedE spreading awareness about Flu and preferring remote jams over live concerts. Furthermore, he is an extroverted, fun-loving, cheerful person who loves parties and tries to celebrate even the smallest things.

Both Stanley and SpeedE are the same people with different personalities and traits. Simply described, The character SpeedE is an alter ego of Stanley.

The gamer will play the role of Stanley and SpeedE in this game. Throughout the whole game, a player can create the record of the World's Fastest Drummer.

Benefits of the World's Fastest Drummer Game

The World's Fastest Drummer game isn’t developed only for entertainment but also has many benefits. Drumming positively affects anxiety, fatigue, grief, behavioral issues and depression. While playing the WFD game, children will strengthen their ability to focus on impulse control and decision-making skills. Playing this game will help you express yourself and connect with your emotional state. So, the gamers will benefit by playing the WFD game are:

If you play the WFD game, it can relieve your frustration, stress and disappointment. Playing for just a few minutes, this game can boost your mood. A drummer's brain feel-good endorphins immediately after playing World's Fastest Drummer.

Playing the game can help people express themselves and connect with their emotional state. The World's Fastest Drummer game can help you connect to your core, enhance your sense of empowerment, and stimulate your creative expression.

While playing the World's Fastest Drummer game, you need to use both hands simultaneously at the same time. This type of brain activity can improve your IQ level.

The opportunities to meet new and interesting people grow when you play the World's Fastest Drummer game. You will find yourself some drummer friends to form your own band or join a percussion ensemble.

The World's Fastest Drummer game is a therapeutic tool for a drummer. Research shows that drumming accelerates physical healing, relieves emotional trauma, and boosts the immune system. It has a positive effect on your body as a therapeutic tool.

Drumming is powerful. To play a loud beat takes guts and confidence. While learning to play drums, drummers develop a growth of mindset. You will believe you can learn challenging drumming parts by playing the World's Fastest Drummer game.

Playing the World's Fastest Drummer game requires that your brain's visual coding and your body's muscle coordination are in sync. Motor skill means your body functions. Which involves specific movements of the body's muscles to perform a task. Studies have shown that drummers have better motor control, higher levels of dexterity, are better at activities requiring steady hands, and are quicker to react.

Playing the World's Fastest Drummer game can boost academic performance also. Especially in math. Because drummers have to count! This can also help students to learn fractions, intervals and frequencies.

Problems faced by McAfee Enterprise Inc.

Yes, it's a problem that led to the development of the World's Fastest Drummer game. Boo McAfee, the CEO of McAfee Enterprise Inc., said, In the late 1970s when I was just 19 years old, I was inspired by a debate between two great drummers over who was the world's fastest drummer. The first drummer claimed to be the fastest, and the other asked, "What machine did you use that confirms this?"

This incident inspired Boo McAfee to develop a game that could tell how many strokes a player played while playing the drum. So he researches games that can count the strokes. In that way, he finds Riseup Labs, who has already developed a game named “Speed Tapping.”

McAfee contacts Riseup Labs and offers to develop and be the partner of the World's Fastest Drummer game. Then after constant communication and discussion, RUL decides to develop the game.

Riseup Labs and McAfee Enterprise Inc. agrees to solve the following problems to develop the game:

  • Game Design
  • iOS and Android Version
  • Developing WFD Games
  • Managing Games on the play store


The requirements that the developers of Riseup Labs worked on:

  • Pro Mode
  • Home Page
  • Arcade Mode
  • Settings Page
  • In-Game Case
  • Game End Case
  • Game Start Case
  • In-app Purchase Store
  • Revenue plan & channels
  • Character Background- Enemies
  • In-game Tap Area- Arcade & Pro
  • Character background- Stanley and SpeedE

Challenges faced by Riseup Labs' Developers

A game based on drumming is a unique theme for the game development industry. You can play on a platform and count the strokes while playing the drum also. Riseup Labs has developed a "Speed Tapping" game with the same features before. So it wasn't so hard for them.

But as the "World's Fastest Drummer" is an extreme action game with storytelling features, the development team of Riseup Labs faced some challenges while developing the game. The major challenge of developing the game was giving direction to the animators and artists. These are the details of the challenges that they faced:



It was hard to find background images, objects, and graphic ideas that fit the theme of the drumming platform.

Theme of World's Fastest Drummer game thumbnail


The World's Fastest Drummer Game is a musical instrumental game. So, finding the game's theme, background, and action music was challenging for the developer team.

Music of World's Fastest Drummer game thumbnail


The game has two characters. They are Stanly and SpeedE, the hero of the game. Some Bullie plays the role of villains in the game. But as the World's Fastest Drummer Game is a story-based action game, these characters needed to be fit for the game. The developer team faced challenges while developing the right visualization of these characters.

Main Character: The output of the two main characters- Stanly and SpeedE- was challenging for artists and Animators. Because both Stanley and SpeedE are the same people with different personalities and traits. If we simply describe, the character SpeedE is an alter ego of Stanley. So both characters need to be presented as the main character.

Bullie: Enemies might be considered as the villain characters in this game. But they should not be designed as street thugs or dangerous-looking criminals. They are also part of the school or community of Stanley. So, the Artists needed to develop the right visualization for the bullies.

Characters of World's Fastest Drummer game thumbnail

Solutions Provided by Riseup Labs

Riseup Labs designs and develops intelligent, innovative, sustainable technology solutions and services on multiple platforms. Game development is one of them. They have been developing Action Games, Arcade Games, Adventure Games, Royal Battle, Simulation Games, War Games, Puzzle Games, Educational games, etc., since its founding.

So the game developers of Riseup Labs have experience in solving any issues related to game development. They have even solved the challenges that they faced during the development period of the World's Fastest Drummer game. The development team gave the following solutions for the challenges:


Game Design

The development team designed the World's Fastest Drummer game first. They designed the game according to the drumming theme and story of Stanley and SpeedE.

UI/UX Design

The developers designed the UI/UX of the World's Fastest Drummer game based on the theme, features and story of the game (UI stands for “user interface design and user experience design”). A drumming game has to play as the live drumming experience. So the developers used that for UI and UX design.

UI of World's Fastest Drummer game thumbnail

Background Design

The homepage is visualized as a gaming platform, including a theme representing WFD and its brand logo. But the game has two background designs. They are:

  • Pro Mode Background: The developers designed the Pro mode as the front end of the drummer.
  • Arcade Mode Background: The arcade mode background is designed as a drumming platform for drummers.
Background of World's Fastest Drummer game thumbnail

Character Enhancement

The whole game has three characters. Though SpeedE is the alter ego of Stanley, still the developers had to design both characters.
They redesigned the bullies' characters also. Because a villain's character design is also an important part of a game. Developers designed them as school students and community members instead of street thugs or dangerous-looking criminals.

Stanley and Speede thumbnail

Sound Engineering

Developers have designed the game as its a fast-tapping musical instrumental game. They used drumming sound, action, and background music themes for the World's Fastest Drummer game.

Sound engineering for WFD game thumbnail

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Features of the World's Fastest Drummer Game

The World's Fastest Drummer game is a specially made game with many features according to the drumming features. When a professional or non-professional drummer plays the game, he will be amazed by the features of this WFD game. Here are the features of the World's Fastest Drummer game:

  • Pro Mode
  • Arcade Mode
  • Leaderboard
  • Nunchaku Skins
  • Pro Mode Actions
  • Additional Time Bar
  • Arcade Mode Actions
  • Nunchaku far hit Effect
  • In-app store and Purchase
  • Stanley/SpeedE Transition Bar

Update of the World's Fastest Drummer Game

Riseup Labs will make any updates and enhancements for the World's Fastest Drummer game. Because, like any other app, a game app also needs updates when necessary. So, it's good news for the drummer who plays the WFD game. They will have more features when the developer updates the game.

Client Testimonials

Client's feedback. No one says it like Riseup Labs clients. Please read some text reviews and watch the videos to know what our clients say about working with us.

Game development can be a fast paced and highly demanding task. It is even more so if the name of the game is ‘World’s Fastest Drummer’. Riseup Labs not only met all these demands milestones and timelines, but exceeded my expectations in every way. I cherish our long term relationship with Riseup Labs and given the chance I know you will too! Riseup and Speed ON!

Boo McAfee Client Logo
Boo McAfee CEO, McAfee Enterprises Inc.

From the initial stages of requirement gathering to the final delivery, Riseup Labs has shown great dedication and responsiveness. Their ability to understand our vision and handle the project by ensuring those needs and concerns is outstanding.

Raihan Ahmed Dip
Raihan Ahmed Dip Data Coordinator, ATEC Australia-International Limited

Offering thorough technical support and engaged collaboration in different activities, Riseup Labs worked as a committed partner.

Ariful Hasan-Opu Client Thumbnail
Ariful Hasan-Opu CEO, E-Soft

Riseup Labs simplified a complex process and delivered a product worth the investment.

Sabbir Azam Client Thumbnail
Sabbir Azam Curator, Habson Communication Ltd

Have really appreciated working with Riseup Labs. They make gorgeous products, provide dependable service, and fast to answer questions.

Habib Rahman Client Thumbnail
Habib Rahman Curator, Habson Communication Ltd

Riseup is great for entrepreneurs, even for medium or smaller budgets. Their follow ups during the process are magnificent and you always know where your project stands and what issues are being faced. They are very good advisors.

Faisal Ahmed Client Thumbnail
Faisal Ahmed Founder & CEO, AppointMe

Riseup Labs helped us to develop Crick Live app and they also provided us with necessary details that were required for us to successfully execute our project. The developer team was very helpful and they provided us the professional backup.

Rafayel Khan Client
Rafayel Khan Grantor, Crick Live

Overall, I am very satisfied with the company and intent to grow my relationship with it. The things I like about the company are their reliability, flexibility, and consistent, prompt and reliable communication. Besides, the team is very good.

Common Client Thumbnaill
Oliver Reed CEO

Impact on Users

As you already know, the World's Fastest Drummer game is a game for drummers; the non-professional drummer also got excited by this game along with the professional drummers. It created a lot of impact on them. The following impacts are some of those:

  • Non-professionals are also playing the game
  • The game helps to make hand and eye coordination
  • The beginner drummer are improving their drumming skills
  • Non-professional drummers are also making a world record in drumming

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Which Industries will be Benefited?

Nowadays, the world is a global village. Every sector is related to other sectors. In that way, some industries will be benefited from the World's Fastest Drummer game. Let’s see which industries are related to this WFD Game.

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Meet The Experts at Riseup Labs

The "World’s Fastest Drummer" was developed by a group of Riseup Labs' eight creative talents. They worked day and night to develop this project. The Product Manager, Technical Lead, Game Artist and Game developer of Riseup Labs developed this Action game using their experience and knowledge. Even the Partner's experience and the drummers who played the demo game also helped a lot in developing it.

Meet the Experts of Riseup Labs


Meet the Experts

Point of View

Riseup Labs' CEO Ershadul Hoque

Riseup Labs has been developing games since its founding. We have developed different types of games, including AR/VR, 3D, Action, Casino, Adventure, Puzzle, Educational, Arcade, Entertainment etc. “Speed Tapping” was one of them.
Our Partner McAfee Enterprises Inc. was hoping to develop an arcade game. They found our “Speed Tapping” and said, oh! There is one. Then, we developed the "World’s Fastest Drummer" together. It has many features and benefits which will attract drummers to play.

-Ershadul Hoque
CEO, Riseup Labs

Technology Used
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator

Why Should You Play this Game?

You are in the right place if you think about why you should play the World's Fastest Drummer game and how it will benefit you.

Players have to play the role of Stanley and SpeedE in the game. They display admirable characteristics of how to riseup above challenging situations. Let’s see why you should play the World's Fastest Drummer game:

  • Make world record
  • Rhythm enhancement
  • Increase concentration
  • Improve drumming skills
  • Hand and eye coordination
  • Non-professionals can also play
  • Learning how to deal with challenges
  • Learning self-dependency through the roles

About McAfee Enterprises Inc.

McAfee Enterprises Inc. Company Logo

McAfee Enterprises Inc. is the World’s Fastest Drummer game partner. McAfee Enterprises Inc., under the guidance of Boo McAfee, has built an internationally recognized entertainment company that includes the speed-detecting technology Drumometer, World's Fastest Drummer and action hero SpeedE. In the Nashville, Tn area of the USA, McAfee continues to do live WFD sporting events, WFD gaming, and Drumometer retail sales.

World's Fastest Drummer Game FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the World's Fastest Drummer game. We have noticed that most buyers seeking professional game development solutions have similar questions. To answer their questions, we have provided a list of frequently asked questions answered by our most experienced specialists. It will help you to get an instant answer. Contact us for more information.

How to play the World's Fastest Drummer game?

It’s very simple to play the World's Fastest Drummer game. Just use your two hands and tap fast on your screen of gameplay.

The World's Fastest Drummer game was officially released on 30th November 2022. Before the official release, the developer released a demo version of the game on the play store and iOS app store.

You can download the game from the Google Play Store and iOS app store. You can also download it from here. At the beginning of this portfolio, you will find the Google Play Store and iOS app store icons, from which you can simply download the game.

Information Technology Company Riseup Labs is the developer of the World's Fastest Drummer game.

Who is the Partner of the World's Fastest Drummer game?