If I am right, you must be a social media user and you might have used at least one of these social media apps: Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, etc. But have you ever thought about social media app development? Or, do you want to build a social media app? You will be surprised to know that more than 4.62 (Four-point Six Two)  billion people worldwide use social media today. Reference: New Global Social Media Research

Research says that nine out of 10 (Ten)  internet users use social media each month and it would not be possible if not for social media application development. Since the demand for social media apps has increased, the demand for social media app development has also expanded. And now, more than half of the total population on this planet are social media users!

The expansion of social media app development has changed the real and virtual world scenario. Now, life has become much easier with social media apps.

What is Social Media App Development?

If you are interested in social media application development and want to learn how to build a social media app, this guide is what you are looking for. These social media app development steps will provide you with all of the steps you need to follow to create a social media app and run it for your purpose.

To build up a social media application, you should go through the entire guideline and have to read them carefully so that you do not miss any steps or crucial information about it. So here, we will be describing all of the necessary terms and issues by which you will be benefited and learn how to make a social media application.

Social Media App Development Summary

You might be interested in learning the social media app development summary at a glance before going into the details. I am attaching all of the guidelines to build a social media application, including the social media development process, platform and how much it will cost you. So, please go through this guideline very carefully.

Types:B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B
Platforms:Android, Windows, iOS
Process:Planning, Development, Testing- Management and Deployment
Tech Stack:iOS/Android mobile app stack: Objective-C, Swift, Xcode IDE
Android Studio IDE, Java, Retrofit, Kotlin.
Back-end/API stack: Ruby, .NET, Postgre DB, Redis.
Admin panel: Material UI, React, Angular, jQuery.
Development cost:Pre-research: Minimum$5,000 to Maximum $25,000+
UI/UX Design: Minimum $5,000 to maximum $50,000+
Application development: Minimum$5,000 to Maximum $30,000+
Quality assurance: Minimum $5,000 to maximum $25,000+
Project management: Minimum $7,500 to maximum $35,000+
Developer cost: Minimum $5,000 to maximum $120,000+ 
Total cost: Minimum $35,000 to maximum $285,000+
Table 01: Social Media App Development Summary

What is App Development?

Before knowing the social media app development guidelines, you should know about app development. Application development is all about softwares that work for designing, implementing, building processes and gathering business requirements. It defines the social media application development process and how the application is made and connected with the software development life cycle (SDLC)

There are a lot of programs that work inside of an application and these programs have different functions. Applications can be developed by following some models:

  • Waterfall Application Development 
  • Rapid Application Development 
  • Spiral Model Application Development
  • Domain-Driven Application Development
  • Agile Application Development

What is Social Media?

At the very beginning of the steps of social media app development, you need to know about social media. People always like to be connected as social beings. Social media is a platform that helps people communicate and share things like thoughts, ideas, videos, and audio with internet-based technology. 

Social Media
Figure 01: Social Media

People are getting connected on social media with the help of computers, smartphones and tablets. The use of smartphones has increased the connections in social media. In addition, social media app development has increased the opportunity to be connected. 

Social media usually features the personal profile of its user and user-generated content. The Pew Research Center revealed that 90 (Ninety) percent of social media users are 18-29 (Eighteen to Twenty-nine). Reference: Social Media Use in 2021

It was considered just a platform to interact with friends and family at the very beginning. But now, with the development of social media applications, it has become the best tool for business. Social media application development is marked as an ever-changing and evolving platform. It is continuously transforming and now, there are various forms of social media like blogs, microblogs, social networking sites, instant messaging, wikis, photo sharing, video sharing, podcasts, widgets, virtual worlds, etc.  

What is Social Media App?

For using social media, people need some apps where they can share the things they want and be connected. Social media application is a platform that allows people to use social media. 

What is Social Media?
Figure 01: Social Media Apps

There are a lot of social media applications. They approve you to share your content with others. But all the application’s features are not the same. For instance, some allow you to post your ideas where many people can see them. But, on the other hand, some allow a secret conversation with a particular person.  

Most of the social media application development process works to keep the memories of your shared things, but some do the opposite. Most social media applications verify the identity of the users. To learn the social media application development process, you should know the top leading social media application.

Social Media Mobile App Development

There are 3 million mobile apps available in the market. The availability of android mobile phones has increased the demand for both social media app development and mobile app development. Due to their ease of operation, social media mobile apps have grown in popularity. 

Social media application development now allows people to interact with whoever they want by mobile phone. And most users of social media use it via mobile phone. 

Benefits of Social Media App Development

There are a lot of benefits of social media. So here, we are attaching all of them to the social media app development guideline. First, you should select your purpose for what you want to know how to make a social media app?

If you have not decided for what purpose you will build the app, these benefits will help you make the decision final.

What are the benefits of social media app development?
Figure 03: Benefits of Social Media App Development

Social Media App Development for Business

Nowadays, social media apps have become so popular for business. Therefore, people benefit from social media application development to use it to promote their businesses. 

There are a lot of buying and selling groups in social media apps. Almost all the brands or business groups, including clothes, cosmetics and tech hubs, now have Facebook or Instagram pages. Sometimes it helps them to increase their authenticity. 

Now online business is the most popular pair of words among netizens. As a result, many businesses have sprung up around social media.

  • Increasing branding awareness
  • Staying at the top of the mind
  • Increasing traffic

Social Media Application Development for Marketing

Do you feel bored watching unskippable ads while watching Facebook or YouTube videos? Probably your answer will be, ‘yes’. I know, sometimes it’s annoying. But, do you know how much these ads help promote the products? It works. Still didn’t get it? Let me explain.

Besides some of these, social media apps now help promote, advertise products, and create market demand. Alongside, social media influencers or content creators sometimes work for promotional videos. And naturally, the fans and followers of those influencers hope to buy the product. That’s how it works. Now, you got it?

  • Increasing audience reach
  • Direct engagement with the target audience
  • No additional cost

Social Media Application Development for Job Seekers or Developers

If you are interested in app development and want to know how to make a social media application, social media can help you to meet with the developer. You must have noticed that there are various kinds of pages on social media about various things. From there, you can find your desired page on social media app development or web development. This social media application development guidelines will help you to learn many things about app development. It can also help you to find the community. Where you can also connect with the people who will appreciate your art and work. 

  • Learn from social media
  • Find the community

And what next? Do you think that after learning, you are done? No, you are not. Now it is the most challenging part and that is finding the work. After learning everything about social media app development or web development, you are a developer now. Now you have to seek your job. Social media can help you in this part also. There are some pages for job seekers on social media. And also your community on social media can also help you to get the offer. 

  • Build the community
  • Grab the offer

Earning Money

Social media can help you to earn money. Of course, you must have seen funny videos or dramas and many other contents like these on social media. But do you know how these content creators earn money from social media apps?

Their content on social media is directly connected with money earning. I am sure that you have watched unskippable ads on social media while streaming videos. The monetized channels or pages can earn a percentage of the views of these ads. Now, I think you understand. 

You can also make your money by creating content. But remember that it will depend on your views. 

Online Shopping

Are you a busy person and do not have any time to go shopping? But you need some important household things to buy. No problem, there is online shopping for you and you can buy it with your social media app. 

Online shopping is one of the most outstanding social media application development inventions. It reduces your time. You can choose your products with more variety, compare the prices, have more control, no crowd, no sales pressure, privacy, etc. That’s why many people now prefer to get their needs from online shopping. 

Making Friends And Building Relationships

Social media connects people by diminishing the concept of distance. So, you can make friends from any country in the world through Social Media.

Not only make new friends but also connect with your old friends, family, parents and colleagues and build up an excellent understanding with them. 

There are a lot of real stories about social media that helped to find an old friend who was not seen after school life. I am sure you have also seen those kinds of stories. 

It can also help you to make good contacts with your customers. 


Today, viewers and celebrities can interact directly through social media. As a result, social media has replaced the previous idea of entertainment. Now, you can watch any kind of video or content to entertain yourself on social media. As a result, the traditional idea of celebrity has also changed.

Including drama, film, telefilm, funny videos, cartoons and games, every kind of entertainment are available in these apps. The research found that 18-34 (Eighteen to Thirty-Four) years old mentioned the internet as the best form of entertainment. Reference: Social Media Now A Leading Entertainment Source

  • Reach to the celebrities
  • Viral videos
  • All in one

Gain Knowledge

What kind of knowledge do you want to acquire? On social media, you can learn many things in various fields. You will find everything here from textbooks to cooking recipes, marketing to shopping, learning to teaching, Biology to chemistry. 

You can create a list of your interest that might be allowed, including people, pages, topics etc. Then, you can learn about all of the running issues worldwide and be updated. Also, you can share the things you know.

Sharing News

Almost all newspapers now have online news portals, Facebook pages, Whatsapp and other social media platforms. As a result, news sharing is easier now than before. 

It is so easy to get the weather message, traffic jams, exam results, or news due to social media. So it has been recognized as one of the best news-sharing platforms.

Share Your Expertise

You can share all of your certificates of completion of any degree, courses, recipes, artworks, etc. That can build up your image and connect with similar expertise. In addition, you can share your knowledge on social media. 

By sharing your expertise, you can connect with individuals and professionals. It gives you to share your knowledge and the opportunity to know the unknowns. Besides, you can promote your brands. Sharing your ideas directly or indirectly brands you to your connections. 

Maintaining Office by Using Social Media App

Today, business authorities maintain and monitor their offices through social media apps. You might be known that there are a lot of offices that use WhatsApp for communicating with employees. Creating a WhatsApp group under that company’s name reduces the work of communicating with everyone individually. 

Choosing Life Partners Via Social Media App

Social media application development has also created an opening for finding your life partner. Social media applications like Tinder helps people to choose their life partner according to their requirements.

People can share their biodata with their connections and after matching all the criteria, this app helps male and female users date each other. 

Types of Social Media Apps

Social media applications depend on their types of it. Let’s see how many types of social media applications are available.

Types of Social Media Apps
Figure 04: Types of Social Media Apps

Social networking

  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Messaging app

  • Messenger
  • WhatsApp

Photo and video sharing

  • Youtube
  • Instagram

Interactive app

  • TikTok
  • Snapchat


  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Audio only

  • Clubhouse
  • Spotify


  • Whisper
  • HushUp

Top Leading Social Media Apps

Do you want to know what the most popular social media applications are?

There are 3 (Three) million social media apps available globally due to the development of social media apps. But not all of them are very popular. Here you will see the most popular social media applications.

Top Leading Social Media Apps
Figure 05: Top Leading Social Media Apps


Who doesn’t know about Facebook? You must be aware that Facebook is one of the most popular social media apps and is called the world’s largest social media platform in the 21st (Twenty-First) century. You must have shared or posted your ideas, thoughts, videos, or anything on your mind on Facebook. 

The most important thing about Facebook is due to the pandemic situation, Facebook has become one of the top business platforms, and now it’s inspiring the users to shop from Facebook Shops. So people are getting so much interested in Facebook app development.


There is no doubt that Twitter is one of the most popular social media applications. After launching in 2006, over 100 (Hundred) million people are actively using it daily now. 

The purpose of Twitter is to spread information fast. Like the other social media platforms, it also allows the users to share their ideas, thoughts and news. But, you can use Twitter to advertise the products, which is the most important thing about the app. It also lets your customers get directly connected with you. 


If I ask you which is your favorite social media app, you probably pronounce ‘Instagram’. It is another Facebook-owned social media app. 

Not only photo or video sharing, now this app is just like a virtual shopping mall. It helps the customers choose the best and most beautiful products they want to buy. 

Instagram has created its place among other social media apps through its glamorous and polishing newsfeed. It is also called one of the biggest platforms for sharing arts.


According to Statista, there are 756 (Seven Hundred and Fifty-Six) million users of LinkedIn all over the world. Microsoft owned the app in 2016. However, unlike other social media apps, LinkedIn has improved its quality as a platform for professionals. 

This app has built its place among users for job searching or helps in finding career-oriented courses, opportunities etc. Making connections over this app inspires its users and brings more career-oriented opportunities. The business groups are also eligible to reach the customers’ door and can hire employees if they need. 

But not only for jobs, but this social media app is also used for B2B marketing and allows sponsored messages directly. 


Nowadays, Snapchat has become a popular social media app because of its disappearing characteristic. This app is one of the most wonderful social media app development inventions. This social media application allows you to message your connection, but it will vanish after the other person in the chatbox views the message. Teenagers use the app mostly and now the number of users is 498 (Four Hundred and Ninety-Eight) million

This multimedia app is like the other instant messaging apps, but the difference is that the snaps and chats vanish after the receiver’s viewing. 

The platform helps to grow the business of its users and an analysis said that the users of Snapchat are 60% (Sixty percent) more likely to shop the products they’ve seen on that platform than the others. Reference: Shopify Taps into The Buying Power of Snapchatters  


Aren’t you familiar with Messenger? This is another chatting platform and one of the blessings of social media app development by the Facebook authority. 

This app helps people to chat with each other or in a group. For growing business now, some use auto-reply feature or chatbot which replies within a second to the customer. And in some cases, chatting with customers can help create a relationship with them, which helps get more customers. In addition, Messenger allows sponsored messages and chat ads. 


You will be amazed that almost 2 billion people worldwide use WhatsApp. Reference: Global Social Networks Ranked by Number of Users The app is a messaging app where you can communicate with a single person or a group. 

WhatsApp has made a great contribution to building today’s business culture. Statistics said around 175 (Hundred and Seventy-Five) million users from 180(Hundred and Eighty) countries deal with 50 (Fifty) million businesses on WhatsApp. And you will be happy to get to know that recently, the Facebook authority declared that users would be allowed to message in WhatsApp on Facebook or Instagram ads within a few days.


Isn’t it the world’s second-largest search engine? You can be a music lover, student, artist, photographer, videographer, actor/ actress, teacher, businessman, graphic designer etc. Still, you can reach all of your questions, interesting areas, profession or anything in this video platform. 

While using YouTube may sometimes annoy you that one or two ads appear before starting the video. But do you know if you want to do your brand marketing, this platform can help you gain your desired credibility and market? 

According to Statista, there are 2.29 (Two point Two Nine) billion monthly active users of YouTube.


Do you know that American social media apps are not allowed in China? So then, how do the Chinese get connected? Is this what you are thinking? Let me answer you then.

To be connected on social media, China developed the WeChat app. The app offers messaging benefits and WeChat Shop for shopping, calling for a ride, video gaming, govt. services etc. WeChat also offers  WeChat Marketing for branding your business by advertising or creating a mini-app within WeChat. 


The news will surprise you that in 2020, TikTok was the most downloaded social media app. 

The popularity of this app is more among teenagers than the others. TikTok is a video-sharing platform, but the length of these videos is short. 

But if you think that TikTok is all about comedy, mimicry, funny videos or just dancing, you are wrong. This app is also used in brand marketing. By creating a business account and exploring the advertising tool of TikTok, you can become an entrepreneur and be able to promote and sell your products. 


Do you know how many people can be involved in a chat group on Telegram? Unfortunately, the answer is up to 200,000 (Two Lacs). And the app allows one too many channels. Isn’t it interesting? 

This social media app is considered the safest and the Russian authority of Telegram claimed they made Telegram as an alternative to Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp.

Though the app does not allow any business promotion or marketing, it has been declared about the new addition. However, before that, the users can make better relationships and find customers for the products.  


Pinterest- the fastest growing social media application- is a platform where people share their ideas, innovations, recipes and lifestyles and can pin them on their interests. You can easily save the Pins you like most to a board on Pinterest

The users are shown the pins based on their recent activities, including people and business. Most younger women are very fond of using Pinterest. Reference: What Is Pinterest And Why Should I Care

Pinterest- a social media platform marked as unique for its exclusive quality of an image. It offers a great opportunity for eCommerce, including business accounts. 


Another Chinese-made social media app is QQ. But the popularity of WeChat reduced the demand for QQ, although it had 760 (Seven Hundred and Sixty) million users in 2019

This app carries a lot of features, including text messages, voice, video calls, audio calls, games, music, shopping etc. It is called an instant messaging app. The full name of this app is Tencent QQ. The first Chinese software developer Tencent invented QQ.

This app also has an auto-translation feature that can translate your messages. 

By using its QZone feature, marketers can easily be successful in growing their businesses. 

Nowadays, many people from muslim countries are leaning towards developing custom social apps to protect their culture and tradition. One of the most trending app that is emerging today is Islamic App. So, are you interested to know more about Islamic Apps? Here, read the ultimate Islamic App Development Guide!

Are you thinking of social media app development? To build a social media app, it will be best if you are up to date with the latest trends of social media app development in the market to stay in the competition.

Learn the top 9 social media trends for 2022 that you should know about if you want to build a social media app.

What Are the Current Social Media Trends?
Figure 06: Current Social Media Trends

Live Videos

Statistics said, 82% (Eighty Two Percent) of social media users prefer live videos on social media. It seems that live video is a great way to attract attention, engage and connect. Many brands are utilizing live videos to improve their marketing and to make necessary announcements.

Chatbots and AI

You might chat with a chatbot on social media in any business group’s chatbox. As a measure to improve customer service, now AI-powered chatbots are widely being used. To eliminate the need for 24*7 human assistance and empowers businesses to be able to answer customer’s queries at any time of the day, chatbots are getting so much appreciation.

Ephemeral Content

Do you know what ephemeral content is? Ephemeral content refers to the short duration content that disappears after staying for 24 hours on the air. For example, Instagram and Facebook stories. Business brands use this to engage with the customers through polls, workplace tours, behind the scenes, etc. 

AR Technology

You are familiar with Instagram filters, right? AR technology is a booming trend, which is used by networks such as Snapchat and Instagram to let users apply face filters. Several e-commerce companies enable virtual-try-on for users and provide AR-powered shopping. 

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has been a very dominant trend since 2019 and this trend is supposed to be dominating for a long time. It seems that in the future, more prominent brands will collaborate with niche bloggers and micro-influencers to advocate their products.

Promotion of User Generated Content (UGC)

UGC is a form of authentic feedback that is gaining momentum. So now, several brands are promoting UGC to market their products and to produce recognition for their loyal customers. 

Growth of Communities

There was a time when the customers and the sellers were unknown to each other. But now, social media communities are acting as a forum for customers and they try to address grievances, carry out discussions, resolve problems and get suggestions and feedback.

These kinds of close interaction groups help to create a sense of belonging and loyalty to their brands. 

Local Targeting

Now, sellers are not satisfied with just brand promotion. They also want to connect with their target customers through geo-tagging social media posts and stories, which is a recent social media app trend.

It is proven that this local targeting is very beneficial for local brands and small businesses which allows them to reach out to local customers so that they can raise their brand awareness, especially it is more helpful during the initial stage of the business. 

Video Content

Before, Content marketing and promotion would be done by written content or through images. But, the age of written content and images is long past. Now, video content is here and the competition is high, though people are enjoying it most.

It is very useful to boost attention and increase engagement. For example, the latest introduction of Reels by Instagram and Shorts by YouTube.

Why Go for Customized Social Media App Development?

Do you know what the benefits of a custom social media app are? Here, we represent 5 benefits of customized social media app development; that might be a wonder for you.

Customized Social Media App Making
Figure 07: Customized Social Media App Development

Complete Access to Data:

You must have known that mainstream platforms don’t give access to complete customer data.

They preserve some data to go back to them for more information to run the businesses.

But, when you build a social media app of your own, you have complete freedom in terms of data, giving you all the authorship to improve your social media marketing.

Direct Interactions:

Due to social media, now sellers can interact with their customers directly. Just imagine, when you have your own digital platform to interact with your buyers, communication becomes straightforward.

The limitations between customers and your interactions will be reduced and there will be no rules to maintain, as you can connect with them whenever you want. 

No Worries About Reach:

Today, the competition is higher than ever, with so many businesses on traditional networks and networks using algorithms to filter content. So, the reach of your content might not always be in your hand. But, the customization helps you to reach your audience at all times. 

No Distractions:

If you have your customized social media app, then it will be only you who will choose what your audience will see.

So you will be able to identify irrelevant content or unnecessary ads and show your customers only what markets your business.

Creative Freedom:

The existing social media platforms often strict some regulations, which means organizations have to compromise on their creative vision.

If you have your own app, you have full control over the app design, like its look and feel, and what will be its functionalities and interaction approaches.

What are the MVP Features of a Social Media App?

An MPV is to recognize your audiences with your products at a small core set of functionality. For example, minimum viable products explain your social media app to the users with a minimum but major functions, which reduce the users’ time. 

It is a more understandable process than an elaborate explanation of your product. As a result, MVP can gather more users for your social media application. An MVP is so important in the social media app development process.

MVP Features of a Social Media App
Figure 08: MVP Features of a Social Media App

Here, I am adding the basic MVP features for a social media application:


The allowance of the users to get into the app. A social media app user must have a user account and password on that app to register in or sign up. 

User profile

Your user profile is your recognition of the app that you are a user of that application. If you imagine a social media app as earth, then your user id is your home on that earth. 

The app should allow its users to search other user IDs or contents uploaded on that platform. It can help you find more connections and increase your interaction with others.


Newsfeed is like the drawing room of your home. Others sharing, including pictures, ideas, thoughts, videos and everything will appear in your newsfeed. Generally, the social media algorithm does this by noticing your recent searches and interest area. 


Messaging is one of the major functions of a social media application. It allows the users to have private messages and group messages and some social media allows to send one-time messages that will be vanished after it’s been viewed by the receiver. 

Add post

Social media apps allow the users to share their ideas, knowledge, and thoughts and by adding posts or clicking on the ‘add post’ button, they are able to do it. 

Add Reaction

What post did you see this morning? And what was your reaction? 

Netizens are not satisfied with adding a post on their feeds only. They want to react to the post shared by others. So, the social media app development process has added the reaction feature so that the users can show their impressions of what they are viewing on social media.

Push Notifications

Without notifications, a social media app is just a ship without a rudder. If you do not get the notification of what’s happening, what others are sharing, or which new products are launching, it is useless to connect with social media. 

Types of Social Media App Development

If you are willing to build a social media app, you have to know the types of social media and select what kind of these you want to develop?

Types of Social Media App Development
Figure 09: Types of Social Media App Development

Here we will describe four types of social media application development.

Business to Business

Business-to-business social media application is a common social media app development process. B2B social media apps are so popular to ensure a profit. 

You must have visited some wholesale group or pages of clothes, jewelry, home decor etc. This type of page sells its products to other business organizations and it is called a B2B social media app. 

Business to Consumer

This type of social media is called B2C or business-to-consumer social media app development. The Business to Consumer social media app development helps the customers to get directly involved with the seller. 

The pages that sell their products directly to the customer and interact with them are the best example of this social media application development

Consumer to Consumer

In this new world, customers can interact with each other via social media. Social media app development has increased the opportunities to be connected. And sometimes, the consumer can play the role of a businessman.

The best example of this kind of social media app development is exchange groups available on social media. 

Consumer to Business

Once, the seller was invisible. So, we were not able to reach them. But social media app development has turned it easy to reach your product seller.

Now, due to social media, you can see from whom you are buying the products, the material of that product and being able to talk with the authority. So that is called C2B social media app development

What Tech Stack Do You Need to Develop a Social Media App?

The technology stack is an aggregation of your comprehensive framework, programming language, tools, and platforms. An effective technology can help develop a premium quality of social media app development

Tech Stack to Develop a Social Media App
Figure 10: Tech Stack to Develop a Social Media App

The technology stack can be divided into two categories:

Front-end technology

Different types of front-end technologies are used in the front-in development of social media applications. Some of these are:

  • Programing language: Javascript
  • Framework: Angular 2 
  • Unit tests: Jasmine framework
  • CSS
  • HTML

Back-end technology

Back-end technology is the server of your application. It helps you develop the server part of your application using technical tools and frameworks. Some back-end technologies used in the social media app development process are:

  • Programing language: Ruby
  • Framework: Ruby on rails
  • Application server: Puma
  • Database
  • Storage

How to Make a Social Media App – Step-by-Step Process

To build a social media app You should think about your needs before going through the social media application development process. The world is full of competition. There are over three million social media applications available in this world. So, you should compete with them by using unique ideas and targeting your audiences. 

Step-by-step process of developing a social media app
Figure 11: Social Media App Development Process

So, here we will explain the steps of social media app development so that you can build up your application. 

If you follow the social media app development guidelines that we are explaining, then there is no doubt that your app will appear in the top ten social media application list.

To build a social media application, you should go through the three steps of social media app development: pre-development, development and post-development steps.  

Step 1: Planning

 This is your first step in building a social media application process. So, follow these guidelines carefully and ensure that you do not miss them. It is the time to make your dream come true. So, what are you waiting for? 

Brainstorm the Idea:

What do you want, and what kind of social media application do you want to develop? 

At first, you have to find your niche by brainstorming. Then, it will help you to find out your demand and fix the type of social media app development

Suppose you want to learn how to make a social media application like Facebook. Now you have to research the audiences on how much time people spend using social media, the age of the users, what kind of social media apps are used more by the netizen, the main features of that app, etc. 

Not necessarily you have to choose the product that has already established market demand. However, suppose you have the right idea about the audiences and build a social media app according to their preferences and interests. In that case, you can be ensured that you are building one of the best products that will create its market. 

Target Your Audience:

Who will be your audience? For whom are you developing the social media app?

Now you know the characteristics of the audiences and you have already selected your niche. In this step, you have to target your audiences. 

You have to decide how this app will help your audience and, what will be the core benefits for the users, how they will be benefited and feel interested in using the app. You have to know their basic priorities, ages, areas of interest etc. 

Investigate Social Products:

What kinds of products are available in the market and how do they engage people to buy them? 

At this stage, you have to research available social products. The characteristics of the product satisfaction of the users of those products will help you analyze the market and help to find out your competitors. 

Who are Your Competitors?

Before you keep your feet in social media application development, you have to find out the competitors. Therefore, competitor analysis is one of the most important tasks you have to analyze before building a social media app.

You should know who you have to beat and the gaps in their work that can help you benefit. Investigate how much time they took to reach today’s position and what kind of promotional tools they’ve used. In this case, Google’s tools can help you the most. 

Identify Your Uniqueness:

What will be your uniqueness?

Now you know the idea of available market products, have selected your audiences and know your competitors. So, it’s time to fix your uniqueness. Again, the previous research about your competitors will help you in this step.

As you have already known the features and flaws of your competitors, you have to use them to build social media app.

It will bring the audience better quality and uniqueness. 

Describe Your Features:

What will be your feature?

In this step, you must organize all of the features you want to add to your social media app. Then, you have to find out the minimum viable products (MVP), key features, benefits, and uses. 

Here, you can follow the basic features of the social media application development:

  • Login
  • Two-step verification
  • Interaction includes access to react and comment
  • Push notification
  • Customer services

And then, you should step up for the next segment to build up a social media application.

Step 2: Development

 Have you already decided about your app? Analyzed the audience, market and products? Then, go with the second step. You can follow these steps of social media app development in two different ways. If you are a web developer, you can make it on your own. But if you are not a social media app developer, then follow the steps.

Hire a Software Developer:

The most important step in the social media application development process is hiring a developer. But if you are an expert in software building, you need not hire anybody. Instead, you can do it on your own.

You will estimate how much it will cost to build a social media application, how much time it will consume and what necessary tools you need to build up a social media application

If you hire a freelance software developer, you must know his expertise and should not risk your idea, time and money. So, be careful to choosing a developer for your social media app development

Prepare Design Elements:

Why design elements? The success of a social media app development depends on its proper design. The design of your social media application should be interactive and user-friendly. If the design is complicated and the users hardly understand the process and design, all your efforts will fall into nothing. 

It is said that a well-designed menu reduces half of the work and the remaining depends on the recipes. 

The design elements included the color palette and the ability to solve the problems. Here are some important guidelines for preparing design elements:

  • Don’t use the color that lets your users not click it.
  • Choose some color for the recognition of your brand.
  • Don’t waste your time on being artistic. Just solve the problems.

Develop Your App:

Now it’s time to make your dream come true. You are just a couple of feet away from social media application development. 

Today, front-end coding and back-end coding help developers build social media applications. 

Front-end development:
  •  Programing language: Javascript
  • Framework: Angular 2
  • Unit tests: Jasmine framework
Back-end development:
  • Programing language: Ruby
  • Framework: Ruby on rails
  • Application server: Puma

Step 3: App Testing, Maintenance and Deployment

So, did you complete steps one and step two? Now, we can assure you that you are just a step behind in building your most awaited social media application. So, follow this last step and build a successful social media application. 

Test It:

If you think that after developing the app, you are done, then you are wrong. After building the app, you cannot keep it on rest. You have to test the function, design and features before launching it. Therefore, you can consider it the most complex part of social media app development. 

You can test your app by following these:

  • System integration
  • Test your device and
  • Fix the bugs

Promote Your App:

The suitable time to launch your most desired social media app. You have to prepare all of your marketing and promotional activities in this launching stage. This stage is like the new dress that you bought yesterday and very excited to show it to everybody. Google ads, video ads, and YouTube ads can help you promote your app. 

Besides these, you can promote the product through some other activities:

  • Emailing
  • Promote on social media
  • Promoting by celebrities
  • Engage with people
  • Active paid ads
  • Blogging

Check the Performance:

It is said that maintaining is more difficult than achieving. 

Promotion of your app is not the last thing of social media app development. You have to maintain the new features and support the existing product so that the users can get an effortless service from your app. 

The smoothing features and functionality can bring your app to the top. To check the performance, you can follow these:

  • Continuous checking of what haves and what not.
  • Users experience
  • Ratings
  • Analytics
  • Stability control
  • Product update
  • Scaling the app

Social Media App Development Cost

You must feel so much excitement to know the cost of social media app development. Here we will explain three types of social media app development. And they are:

  • Basic version (single feature)
  • Medium project (with additional features)
  • Large project (with the complex feature)

Social media app development costs can vary on what kind of application you want to build. In addition, the cost depends on the features you have selected for your social media app development

Cost to develop a social media application
Figure 12: Social Media App Development Cost

The development cost for a basic version of a social media app will be $16,000 (Sixty Thousand USD) to $32,000 (Thirty-Two Thousand USD), whereas it will take $32,000 (Thirty-Two Thousand USD) to $48,000+ (Forty- Eight Thousand USD plus) for additional features. For a large project with complex features, you have to spend $72,000+ (Seventy- Two Thousand USD plus), whereas a US developer will cost $105,000 (One Lac and Five Thousand USD) for hiring per year. Reference: Social Media App Development Cost


Before launching and after developing the social media app, you have to analyze your business. Then, you have to test the app and deploy it. And for that reason, you have to consider the test and deployment cost of social media app development.

For a basic range with a single feature of social media app development, the cost will be a minimum of $5,000 (Five Thousand USD). However, if you choose a medium project to build a social media application, it will cost $15,000+ (Fifteen Thousand USD plus) and for a large project, it will cost at least $25,000+ (Twenty-Five Thousand USD plus)

UI/UX Design:

UI is about user experience. So for a better review from the users, you have to provide your users with the best experience.

The platform and the type of social media fix the user experience cost. 

For a basic version of social media, you need to spend $5,000 (Five Thousand USD) and the medium version will cost $25,000+ (Twenty-Five Thousand USD plus) , but if you want to add complex features to your social media app, it will cost $50,000+ (Fifty Thousand USD plus).

Quality Assurance:

The most important thing to consider in social media app development is Quality assurance. You must not want to launch a product without any quality. So, be very careful about quality assurance. 

Single feature social media applications will cost a minimum of $5,000 (Five Thousand USD), whereas the additional features and complex features will take much more. For example, the additional social media app development will take $15,000+(Fifteen Thousand USD plus) and the complex features will cost $25,000+ (Twenty-Five Thousand USD plus) to build a social media app.

Project Management:

To manage your project to build a social media app, you have to calculate project management expenditure. 

For a basic version of social media application development, you have to spend $7,500 (Seven Thousand and Five Hundred USD). After that, it will take $15,000+ (Fifteen Thousand USD plus) for additional features and will cost at least $35,000+ (Thirty-Five Thousand USD plus) for a large project.

Developer Cost:

The cost for a developer to build a social media application may differ from country to country. For example, a US-based mobile app developer demands $120,000 (One Lac and Twenty Thousand USD plus) / year, while in Australia, the developer costs $94,000 (Ninety-Four Thousand USD plus) and in Germany, it is $65,000 (Sixty-Five Thousand USD plus).

But in countries like India, it is way cheaper to hire a social media app developer. You have to pay only $5000 (Five Thousand USD plus) a year. But, you have to remember that the price tag of the services cannot define the quality. It will be beneficial if you calculate the previous feedback from the clients, their expertise in specific technical areas of them, how well a particular team meets the deadlines and other things like these.

So, for a social media app development, the developer costs will be a minimum of $5,000 (Five Thousand USD plus) to a maximum of $120,000+ (One Lac and Twenty Thousand USD plus).

What is the Total Cost And Time?

So, with the calculation of the total cost, we can tell you that if you want to build a social media application or are interested in social media app development, you need to outgive at least $35,000 (Thirty-Five Thousand USD), and it will take a total of two to four months to prepare.  

The medium project of social media app development costs a minimum of $150,000 (One Lac and Fifty Thousand USD plus)  and the time to build a social media application will be four to six months. But the large project will cost $280,000+ (Two Lac and Eighty Thousand USD plus)  and be at least nine months consuming. 


The number of social media applications and their demand are increasing simultaneously. And now, life has become more meaningful due to these social media apps. 

By planning, designing, developing, testing and maintaining it, you can achieve the title of one of the best app developers. Moreover, you can design and feature it on your ideas and senses. And these steps can help you to build other apps.

If you have decided to build a social media app and need a social media app developer’s help, you can communicate with expert app developers

Social Media App Development FAQs

There are some questions always asked to build a social media application, like how much it costs or how to build a successful social media application. You can get the answers to your questions here and these are:

How much will it cost to build a social media app for mobile?

The social media app development cost varies on the type of it. But, it will cost you a minimum of $60,000 (Sixty thousand USD) to $230,000 (Two lacs thirty thousand USD) on average.

How much will it cost to build a social media app like Instagram?

The cost to build a social media app like Instagram will start from $5,400 (Five Thousand and Four Hundred USD). For iOS, it will take $58,000 (Fifty-eight thousand USD) and for android, the charge will start from $58,300 (Fifty-Eight Thousand and Three Hundred USD).

How much time does it take for social media app development?

The time of building a social media app can differ from the type of features. However, for a basic single-feature app, you need to spend 3 to 6 months, whereas the additional and complex features will take 6 to 9 months and over nine months, respectively. 

How can I create my social media app?

If you are a social media app developer, you can develop your own social media application. But if you do not know that, you can hire a social media app expert from any service provider. 

How To Develop A Successful Social Media app?

If you want to make a successful social media app, you have to decide its type first. Usually, successful social media apps contain three main features. They are user profiles, newsfeeds and connections.

How Do You Make A Social Media

For building a social media app like TikTok, you have to target your audience first. Then, select a monetization model, hire a developer and finally build an app with TikTok alternative MVPs.

I’ve Got An Idea; Where Do I Start?

If you have come up with a new idea to build a social media application, then plan for it first. Then contact a developer, build the app, check the performance, maintain it and make your idea visible.

What Programming Language Do I need For Building a Social Media App?

To build a social media app, you can use several programming languages. Such as: 
JavaScript, C++, C#, Kotlin, Python, Rust, PHP, HTML 5, Ruby, Objective C, Swift, SQL, JAVA, Action Script, Lua, Dart.

What Are Social Media App Bugs?

Most social media applications failed to gain popularity just because of not fix their bugs. Asking too many personal questions to the user can be marked as a bug. Lack of originality and user unfriendliness are also social media app bugs.

How Do I Promote A Social Media App?

You can promote your social media app by advertising. Emailing can be one of the best options for promoting your app. Besides, You can promote it on social media with celebrities, engage with people, using active paid ads and blogging.

Where Do I Start In Building A Social Media Application?

If you want to build a social media application, first, you should plan for it. Select what kinds of social media you want to build, what your goal will be and what features you want to add to it. After that, hire a developer, build your app, and promote and maintain it. 

What Are The Must-Have Features In Every Social Media App?

There are some MVP features in every social media app. They are signup, Profile, Newsfeed, Add post, Add reaction and Push Notifications. If you are building your own social media app, you must add these features to your app.

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