Out of School Children in BD

"Out of School Children in BD" is a Real-Time Monitoring (RTM) application. Riseup Labs is developing it to track individual child’s learning and progress for the Let Us Learn Project of the Education Section at Sunamganj of Bangladesh.


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What is Out of School Children in BD?

You may be curious to know what is the ‘Out of School Children in BD’ App. This portfolio informed you already it’s a Real-Time Monitoring (RTM) system application that can track a child’s learning and progress.

The RTM app will allow the Let Us Learn Project to analyze the data more efficiently. It can react without delay and track individual children to prevent problems before they happen. Riseup Labs will create a detailed database of learners and a dashboard in this app for tracking regular progression even after mainstreaming to the formal school.

Problems faced by UNICEF Bangladesh

Riseup Labs will develop the app to solve the problems of UNICEF B Bangladesh. The Instructors of the Let us Learn Project can access the system to input data from mobile, tab and laptop.

The system will keep the provision of offline-online data synchronization mechanism so that no data is lost in any given situation and data is well secured and recovered. This system will focus on the following areas:

  • Top-quality data privacy
  • Individual child’s learning track
  • Supervision and monitoring compliance and findings
  • Live and dynamic real-time dashboard of the information
  • Detail database of the children focusing on an individual child
  • Offline-online synchronization, data archiving and data security
  • Analysis of the data and information and generate dynamic report
  • Real-time data collection from both mobile and web will give RTM data

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