UNICEF released Meena Game 2 final version, the most popular edutainment 3D kids video game with 10 levels. As the final task, Meena Game 2 development company Riseup Labs added Mac and Windows PC versions of this game. They also completed all the 10 levels now available for the gamers of Meena Game 2.

On Thursday, July 14, 2022, Riseup Labs completed the full project of Meena Game 2 after two years of release on the google play store and iOS app store. Now kids can download and play new game versions for Windows PC and Mac from Riseup Labs’ website.

Meena Game 2 Download Link

Quotes of Riseup Labs Founder

Mr. Ershadul Hoque, founder and CEO of Riseup Labs, said that Meena is a popular animated series in South Asia. And the Meena Game also became very popular among entertaining kids as it is the most enriching and enticing game. Inspired by this, we’ve created Meena Game 2 in full 3D, featuring a new story of caring for a mother and a newborn! Children will learn how to take responsibility by playing this game, which will help build future generations as more responsible people. Besides, Meena Game 2 is the only game in Bangladesh to have received the Teacher Approved Badge on Google Play Store.

Benefits for The Children Playing Meena Game 2

Meena Game 2 is designed for children but can be played by people of any age. Anyone over the age of six can participate in this game. Riseup Labs has been developing the game carefully so that people of every age understand the entire journey in the game.

Here are the benefits for the children playing Meena Game 2:

  • Meena Game 2 is an offline game that can be played without any internet connection.
  • Each level has been developed following referral Meena Cartoon episodes. So, the gamers of Meena Game 2 can relate this game to cartoons.
  • Each level gives a detailed and same educational message that UNICEF tried to deliver through their Meena Cartoon episodes.
  • The gamers of Meena Game 2 can learn those messages through this 3D game.
  • Each level has diversified game-play with a different environment, artworks, and other contents as required to fulfill that level. 
  • Game-play of all levels is mostly fantasy-based but delivers the main educational message of the game.
  • Each level implies reward-based achievements.

Latest Updates of the Meena Game 2

The most popular kids-friendly Meena Game 2 Final Version for All Platform is now available for all devices as UNICEF released the final version with all the 10 levels.

Now the gamer can play all the 10 levels of this most enriching and enticing edutainment game on Mac, Windows, Android and iOS.

Read the latest update on Meena Game 2.

Now Children Can Play Meena Game 2 on Windows PC and Mac 

The final addition for the Mac and Windows PC is the latest updates of UNICEF’s Meena Game 2 for gamers who want to play on a bigger, clearer screen. 

New versions were made, prioritizing the user interface and user experience so that the users are not bothered by the aesthetics of their devices. However, the gamers will need an updated OS version if they want to play it on Mac or Windows PC.

Meena Game 2 for Windows PC

Meena Game 2 is finally released for Windows PC. Download the game of PC version and play it on your windows devices.

Download Meena Game 2 for PC Now

Meena Game 2 for Windows PC

Meena Game 2 is finally released for Mac. Download the game of Mac version and play it on your Mac.

Download Meena Game 2 for Mac Now

Download Meena Game 2 for Mac

Now Children can Play All the 10 Levels

All the 10 levels of UNICEF’s Meena Game 2 are available for playing. The game’s last six levels are accessible to anyone unable to continue playing after level 4.

Enamul Haque Ratul, the Product Manager of Meena Game 2 at Riseup Labs, said there were several challenges in making the game. Designing the levels of Meena Game 2, getting it approved, asset list, creating environments in 3D, environment sound, and overcoming these challenges increased the development time. So we prepared the levels one by one and released them. During this time, we collaborated with UNICEF to prepare the game. According to their feedback, we have completed all the game levels.

Meena Game 2 Costs Totally Free for the Gamers

Meena Game 2 took more than three and a half years to develop, but it is free for gamers of all ages. Anyone can download this game from the iOS app and Google Play Store. Even the versions for Mac and Windows are cost-free. Gamers can download these versions from Riseup Labs’ website.

Meena Game 2 was Downloaded 3 Million+ Times

Even before the game was completed, the gaming world had a huge response. Meena game 2 has been downloaded more than 3 million times, and reviews have been received by about 4,500. This 3D Meena game also gained Google’s Teacher’s approved badge as the most enriching and enticing edutainment 3D kids game developed in Bangladesh.

The Development Story of Meena Game 2

22 developers from Riseup Labs worked to create the entire game. Md Mohaimin Talha and Enamul Hoque Ratul were the game designers. In addition, lead developer Md. Rafiquzzaman and lead artist Iqbal Hossain, multiple artists and QA engineers and game designers worked on the Meena Game 2 project.

Mr. Ratul, the production manager and designer of the game, said that the game has 18 3D characters. Eight different environments were also created for the game.

The development of the game first started on December 16, 2018. However, the game planning between UNICEF and Riseup Labs started at least four to five months before that. The development period of the game ended, and the first release was on December 17, 2020.

The Story Behind Meena Game 2

This is the story behind Meena Game 2. Meena is South Asia’s most popular cartoon character. She is a nine-year-old girl who braves all challenges, whether attending school or combating child discrimination. The Meena character has become incredibly well-known as she addresses the important concerns impacting kids. The stories feature Meena, her brother Raju, her pet parrot Mithu, and other members of her family and neighborhood.

Meena was initially introduced to the world in Bangladesh, where ‘Count Your Chickens,’ a 1993 national television documentary about her battle to attend school, was first aired on Bangladesh Television. Meena has since appeared in radio shows, comic books, and 26 television movies.

New Meena stories are published by UNICEF every year, and in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bhutan, both children and adults read and watch them. Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam also aired Meena episodes in local languages.

UNICEF continues to speak with children to discover what stories people want to hear. This game is another step toward reaching their expectations.

About Riseup Labs 

Riseup Labs is a top ICT company in Bangladesh, as a pioneer in mobile apps, games, and web systems with a focus on developing interactive entertainment experiences across several platforms. Through the delivery of specialized IT training, workshops, and seminars across the nation, high-level professionals from this organization are also heavily involved in the capacity development and enhancement of the new generation.

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