Riseup Labs has conducted two User Acceptance Testing (UAT) of the IVA Validation & Monitoring System app at Panchagarh. They visited two different Bureau of Non-Formal Education (BNFE) centers with the Higher Officials of BNFE and UNICEF Bangladesh.

Figure 01: UAT at one of the Learning Centers of BNFE

On 5th January 2023, team Riseup Labs visited the Tular Danga Learning Centre and Goal Jhar Learning Centre 2 of BNFE at Panchagarh Sadar.

Team Riseup Labs started their first IVA Validation & Monitoring System app UAT at Tular Danga Learning Centre in Panchagarh in the morning. They visited the center with Mursida begum, the System Analyst of the BNFE, and Mohammad Rafiqul Islam, the Education Specialist of UNICEF Bangladesh.

Figure 02: Team Riseup Labs and the UAT team members with the children of Tular Danga Learning Center

The second UAT of the IVA Validation & Monitoring System app occurs in the afternoon at Goal Jhar Learning Centre 2. The Sub Director General of BNFE, Mohammad Rukunuddin Sorkar, and other senior members of BNFE were also present at this UAT.

Feedback from the BNFE and UNICEF Bangladesh

The officials from BNFE and UNICEF Bangladesh who attended the UAT gave their feedback on the app. They also discussed the features of the app with Team Riseup Labs. After visiting the Goal Jhar Learning Center 2, they completed the whole program successfully.

Figure 03: UAT at the Tular Danga Learning Centers of BNFE

What is IVA Validation & Monitoring System App?

IVA Validation & Monitoring System App is an intelligent, intuitive visual system that digitally evaluates products and services. It consists of a web application and a web and iOS app. It will allow BNFE to analyze the data more efficiently, react without delay, and track the learning center operation and learners’ participation in the OoSC education program to prevent problems before they happen.

UAT of IVA Validation System App

Riseup Labs was assigned to develop the IVA Validation app. They have already conducted several UAT of this project with BNFE and UNICEF Bangladesh. Let’s explore the other UATs of the IVA Validation System.

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