Quality assurance testing for games has become one of the unavoidable processes nowadays. From the beginning stage of game development, quality assurance is mandatory. Today’s users are not like before. To meet the user’s expectations and make them feel the real experience, maintaining the highest quality for a game has become a great challenge and demanding task now.

In this game QA ultimate guide, I will share all related knowledge about game QA testing, such as benefits, types, tools, and skills.

What is Game QA Testing?

Quality assurance testing for games is a mandatory part of the game development process. Game QA testing helps to find out bugs, glitches, and errors or any other issues in a game application, document, solve and review them.

The game quality assurance process works in every stage of game development. First, QA testers ensure the quality of the game and check whether it is similar to the previously specified requirements.

Why is Game QA Testing Important?

At this stage of my game QA testing ultimate guide, I will add the importance of game and quality assurance testing.

Game QA testing was started to ensure that the final product is able to satisfy the users and meet the expectations of the developers. Quality assurance testers for games work to identify any issues, bugs, or glitches, solve them immediately with the report, and finally re-test them.

It ensures that any issues do not leave after launching it before to the target users. That’s why game QA testing is very important.

Benefits of Game QA Testing

There are a lot of benefits of quality assurance testing for games. I will reveal these advantages in this game QA testing ultimate guide.

So, the basic benefits of QA testing for games applications are:

  • Identifies glitches
  • Helps to navigate the interface
  • Saves money
  • Confirms superior game functionality
  • Complete test coverage assurance
  • Matches the final product with the expectations
  • Finds issues or bugs
  • Saves time
  • Quality assessment
  • Game ranking
  • Identify improvement areas

Types of Game QA Testing

There are various types of game quality assurance testing. So what are these types?

Read the game QA testing ultimate guide and know the different kinds of game and quality assurance testing. 

So, these types are:

  • Combinatorial testing
  • Clean room testing
  • Functionality testing
  • Performance testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Soak testing
  • Ad hoc testing
  • Load testing
  • Tree testing
  • Playtesting
  • Recovery testing
  • Regression testing

History of Game QA Testing

Previously, the developer was the last stoppage of a game. From the planning to the development and testing, developers were the only heroes in that sector. Sometimes, only programmers played the role of finding bugs or issues and solving them before launching the game.

Since, day by day, the game industry has evolved and grown with technological changes. Games have become complex. For that reason, quality assurance has become one of the unavoidable parts in game development.

After observing the quality assurance testing for games, game QA testing has undergone some massive changes.

In the early stage, game QA testing meant only manual testing. But, after that, QA testers added automation testing in quality assurance testing for games. Automation testing started a fresh trend which is the result of today’s game quality assurance testing.

The Future of Game QA Testing

The automation of game QA testing has come up with a rapid change in the game QA and testing sector. It helps the developing company or the client to save money and time.

According to the research, the game industry is about to reach $268.8 billion (Two Hundred and Sixty-Eight point Eight Billion USD) by 2025.

So you can guess the upcoming trends and evolvement of the game QA testing. That’s why the demand for game QA testers and experts is increasing day by day.

In this stage of my game QA testing ultimate guide, I will show you the emerging trends of game QA testing. So these trends are:

  • Perfect game functionality
  • Easy-to-navigate interface
  • Multiplayer performance
  • Automation of Quality Assurance
  • Cloud gaming

Game QA Testing Skills

A QA tester must have some common skills in quality assurance testing for games. What are these game QA testing skills?

No worries. Now I will include these skills in my game QA testing ultimate guide for your better understanding.

So these basic skills for game QA testing are:

  • Attention to detail
  • Understanding game design
  • Knowledge of the computer
  • Experience in the video game industry
  • Flexibility to adapt to different processes
  • Deep knowledge of technology
  • Knowledge of Programming and coding
  • Pressure to meet the deadline

Game QA Testing Tools

For ensuring quality in a game, QA testers usually use some tools. What are these tools?

There are some common tools used by game QA testers generally for quality assurance for games. These game and quality assurance testing tools are:

  • Bug Tracking System
  • Test Case
  • Test Suite
  • Skills and Experience
  • Automated Tools

How to Perform Game QA Testing

Do you know how game QA testers confirm the quality assurance for games? What is the process of game QA testing?

If the answer is no, you need not be worried. I will explain all of these in this game quality assurance ultimate guide.

For ensuring the quality and the previous expectations of a game, game quality assurance testers follow some steps. These steps are almost the same in all kinds of game QA testing. For example, unity, unreal, 2D, 3D, VR games, or any other types.

Game QA Testing Step-by-Step Process

Game QA testers usually go through the following step-by-step processes:

  • Step 1 – Gather the requirement
  • Step 2 -Prepare the strategy
  • Step 3 – Design test cases
  • Step 4 – Execute test cases
  • Step 5 – Record the results
  • Step 6 – Maintain the defect log
  • Step 7 – Solve the bugs and issues
  • Step 8 – Re-test


Ensuring quality for games is very important since the users are expecting much more than the previous. Game QA testing works to meet these users’ expectations without compromising quality. If you want to become a game QA tester or hire a game QA tester, read my game QA testers ultimate guide. Do not forget to provide your opinion in the comment section.

Game QA Testing FAQs

People’s frequently asked questions with answers about game and quality assurance testing are given below:

How do I write test cases for games?

If you are worried about writing test cases for game QA testing, just follow these factors:
1. UI
2. Usability
3. Graphics
4. Social media integrations
5. Multiplayer features
6. Security

What are the most popular game engines?

It is a most common question about game engines. So the most popular game engines in the world are:
1. Unreal Engine
2. Unity
3. Amazon Lumberyard
4. Godot

What is the role of audio effects in mobile game testing?

You might have known the effects of music and sound in the games. It directly connects to the users’ feelings and emotions. So, the audio effects in the game should be monitored carefully and checked for inconsistencies, glitches, or any other issues.

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