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Tapping games are something which are very famous today. If you are playing some game on a mobile, be sure that it includes tapping to some extent. But, have you ever imagined a game that includes just tapping and nothing else? If you haven’t then you are at the right place

What is Speed Tapping game?

Speed Tapping is the game with a red button in the middle of the screen, where you have to tap with your fingers like a machine to become the king in global leader-board. In addition, it’s the game that will reveal your tapping skill and let you know how fast your can go off! Above all, it’s just a part of Digital Bangladesh.

How is Speed Tapping fun?

What do you think of yourself? Are you fast enough? If you really think of yourself fast enough, then you should try out Speed Tapping as the game might be the answer for you and obviously let you know your speed level!

Sounds weird? Above all, how a simple 1 red button tapping will identify your speed? It’s very simple for the red button to calculate but not for the player as they need to continue tapping on that button for 30 sec and have to score more than anyone!

Hand Tapping on the Speed Tapping Game

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Why is the Speed Tapping game special?

You might have already played our other tapping games – Tap Tap Ants and Tap Tap Ants : Battlefield, where some specific missions are settled down by us and you have to complete those. But here, in Speed Tapping games there is no-customization, no-cheating or other game-play features. The game is just to find out your finger skill and strength on how far it can go.

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Tapping contest at ICT Expo 2015.

History of Speed Tapping Game

The history of the game is as simple as the theme. For instance, the development team at Riseup Labs thought of gamers like you. Gamers who need one single mission at a time quickly and without any hassle. 

So, in 2015, they developed a game where in just 30 seconds, you can tap as much as you want. However, There are no more rules. With your taps, your score gets added.

Speed Tapping Game Mockups in Devices

Features of Speed Tapping Game

The features of the game circle around tapping only. The tricky part is, you need to get a simple strategy for this simple game. Well, there is indeed a good strategy for how you tap.

The buttons of this game are user-friendly and fit for tapping. The best part is, people of all ages can play it anytime, anywhere.

This game targets gamers who love simplicity. Since I’ve already mentioned that tapping is a basic need of almost every mobile game, you need to sit back, enjoy, relax and get a high score for you in the game.

Benefits of playing this game

Playing the speed tapping game is simple enough but scoring a good score is not that easy. Though there are some tricks on tapping, it needs to be revealed by you. It can help you tap much longer, but I assure you that it won’t help you score more. As I already said – real power is inside your finger; you got to unfold it throughout the game.

Are you in an angry mood? Angry enough to break your neck? Then again, you need to try out the game as your fingers will take revenge on your anger by tapping on that red button. Just press and click on it, and see your finger reaction Speed until they go crazy.

However, this competition is for all to find out the insane tapping skill inside you! Challenge your friends & family and see how fast they went into fury.

In other words, experience the fastest speed tapping game in the store. For instance, be the king of tapping in the global leader-board!

Here’s a guy who is playing a Speed Tapping game and uploaded it to his YouTube channel. When you see it, you’ll feel how to tap fast, although he couldn’t score much. However, you will feel the toughness if you target to tap 800+ times in half of a minute.


This game is available in all Android, iOS, and Windows versions. The android version, however, is available on Amazon.

This game is definitely going to help you in case you want to test your finger tapping speed.

P.S – Before playing the game, make sure – you are a crazy man, you have the finger power and you have a bit strength to move your hand to here to there! If you find, any of these are missing from you(!), then do not download the game – it will be a complete waste of time!

In conclusion, this is a development of an IT firm called Riseup Labs. You can contact them for more details and collaborations.

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