Bangladesh: Technology for Social Awareness

Bangladesh: Technology for Social Awareness
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Let’s dive deep into the necessity of technology for the spread of social awareness. But before that, let’s dissect what social awareness exactly is. Social awareness is the ability to understand and appropriately react to both broad problems. Of society and interpersonal struggles. It’s multiple theories working at the same time.

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The theory of social sensitivity. Which means, feeling empathy for others in a social setting. The theory of social insight. Which means moral judgment and the ability to understand a situation rapidly. And, the theory of social communication. Which is, the ability to interact with others properly. Simply put, it’s the ability to sympathize with others. And adjust one’s self in a social setting.

Technology with all its might helps humankind from the most basic things in life to the most critical ones. And, technology has a lot of potential in creating social awareness. Here are a few ways technology can help in creating social awareness.

Graphics Design for social awareness

Graphics design is a crucial part of digital marketing these days; it gives power to various movements, establishes brand identity, and gets people’s attention. A most recent example that comes to mind is the student protest. That happened for implementing more effective road safety. A lot of brilliant graphics designers came together and made posters which gave the movement a face. 

The average attention span for web users is 6.8 seconds. This is far too less for anyone to read a decent amount of text. That’s why, visual and creative graphics are natural fits in this scenario. And attractively offer small chunks of information. Naturally, this will be perfect for creating social awareness posters as well to share in various digital platforms.

In short, graphics help people to see the imaginations. This is the shortest possible path to the human brain. An idea created in pictures and colors is easily displayable. This creates an instant connection with the viewer’s emotions.

Content Creators

There’s a new wave of social media influencers these days. And many maintain an impressive number of fans who tend to follow whatever new trend they’re following. We as humans trust advice when it comes from a familiar face or when we feel positive about that person. This creates a big opportunity for influencers to create social awareness amongst their fans. And spread it around effectively as the fans already like them and are likely to follow their advice.

Today people shy away from cable TV more and more in the world. Even in Bangladesh, people consume more and more YouTube, Netflix, and other services. These services have amazing documentaries, short films. Or even skits related to a social awareness. Which is already helping to create social awareness. And as time goes, creators will certainly produce more content which will even create social awareness further.

Social influencers thus have a huge responsibility. They can pass out the right message. Above all, only this will help to meet the criteria. However, the wrong words of influencers can also change the scene. But, nothing from the internet gets lost. There’s a record of everything. And that’s why anyone saying anything chooses the right words. Otherwise, they have to pay for it, with controversies. A brand image is significant in social media.

Podcasts in Bangladesh and outside

Podcasts are still new in Bangladesh and the number of shows produced in Bangladesh is still less than 10. There may be a lack of creators as of right now but there are thousands of listeners here nevertheless. The podcast spark is just around the corner and there’ll be a boom in both listeners and creators in Bangladesh. 

There are lots of possibilities here. From inviting guests on popular shows who talk about social awareness. To even having dedicated podcast shows. Which is all about discussing social awareness, social norms, and things like that. There’s certainly a lot of space to get creative with this one.

However, a similar type of culture is already available in Bangladesh. People here love to watch Youtube videos. They have episodes in them as well. The main difference here is that they are mostly videos. But on the other hand, even audios are performing well on youtube. So, if podcasts arrive, it might work as a radio show.

But, podcasts will be superior because people can’t rewind and listen to a radio show anytime they want. They are somewhat like a TV show. Like TV doesn’t have a rewind or record button (mostly), it is falling behind Youtube. Similarly, podcasts will allow people to download episodes and listen to them whenever they want.

Newspapers & TV channels of Bangladesh

Big media like newspapers and TV channels still has millions of audiences on their platform.

Something as simple as a short article on social awareness. And common etiquettes in various social situations now and then will have great reach nationwide. And educate a lot of people on these things. 

With the rise of technology, people are switching from buying newspapers to reading news online instead. So an online article every week on various newspaper websites about these topics is the most effective way to go.

In fact, all newspapers have their websites and apps now. Anyone who wants to go through the news has the option now. Anytime, anywhere. They need a mobile phone with internet access, that’s all. This might stop the waste of paper and, thus, trees shortly. But for now, it is giving every type of knowledge to readers. In this way, more people are getting access to national and international news.

TV channels are no different. People with the internet on their mobile phones can learn about news anytime, anywhere. Since most people prefer videos, news channels already have an edge.

Email newsletter

An email newsletter is a niche. But, it is an effective marketing category which is not usually the first thing to come to a person’s mind. This is one of the only channels of marketing where the customer is asking to receive the promotions. In almost all other channels, customers get various ads. But, it’s not the same with email marketing as people usually fill up a sign-up form beforehand. 

Weekly newsletters are tremendously popular in many industries. And is a perfect place to preach about social awareness. As a large percentage of people tend to check their emails regularly. Like a part of everyday routine.

This thing quickly catches the attention of people. For instance, an email newsletter is something that a reader wants for himself. They are not forced. As a result, they like to receive things regularly from a company. Now, the company must customize the news in terms of social awareness. In this way, the reader will get to know about the value automatically. This is a win-win situation for both parties. The reader gets what he wants, and the company can convey their message. Both things at the same time.

Social Media

Some points talked about earlier like graphics design and influencers would be incomplete without the main piece of the puzzle. That is, social media. The way that social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram connect the world. And keeps everyone updated to the second is nothing short of a technological wonder. 

Actually, social media is a part of everyone’s lives today. It isn’t easy to find someone without any social media account. In this case, it is an opportunity to shine. People and companies who can create wonders in social media will stay ahead in the competition. That means, with videos, Live sessions, chats, they have the upper hand. They can convey the right type of message to their fans and followers.

In this way, social media is the central part of the puzzle. Sadly, not many people are feeling it. Because we see mostly negative things getting the attention. But, with time, people are getting to know about the right things. They are valuing what’s okay now, day by day. In the future, the condition of social media is expected to be more good.


There are many active communities in platforms. Like Facebook groups. Where people discuss relevant topics. And grow as a community. And that is the perfect setting for people to learn and preach about social awareness. The active community will make sure all the curious minds have answers to their questions. And just grow together in general regarding social awareness.

Today, Facebook groups are performing better than Facebook fan pages. The reason is simple. And that is unity. People love to stay with people who have similar interests. They love to hang out and talk to people with their comfort zone. Inside a group, most people share the same type of pulls. As a result, it is becoming easier to convey the right kind of message. Because people inside an active group already has energy. Also, they can add more people to the group. In this way, the community and bond grow and increase. This makes the message strong.

I’m sure there are hundreds of other ways to utilize technology and create social awareness. But the 7 points discussed above are the top methods of them all. Bangladesh certainly could use some publicity boost. Regarding how to be more socially aware and as discussed above. There are no methods more effective than the ones using technology. 


Technology helps to reach people in the shortest time possible. And is the right way to go when spreading social awareness.

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