Riseup Labs is going to the upcoming Digital World 2015

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As a part of Digital Bangladesh by 2021 vision, this year Bangladesh Government is going to organize the Digital World 2015 with BASIS from 9th to 12th February, 2015 at BICC. And most importantly we Riseup Labs, are going up there for our 1st time.

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Details on Digital World 2015

In this event, we will officially release our new action ninja fighting game “Rooftop Frenzy“. In this game, gamer will definitely find the ultimate fun of karate fighting. The realistic sound effects, stunning background, different epic enemy take down moves & the fast paced side-scrolling style of this game will undoubtedly grab the gamers attraction to play this game.

Download Rooftop Frenzy from here.

Besides this game, we will also exhibit some of their popular games in Digital World 2015. Tap Tap Ants is one of those games which is coming soon on Google Play & Amazon Store. Our visitors can be able to play that world’s best tapping game in our booth in Digital World 2015!

So, keep looking forward & visit Riseup Labs’s booth (27) in Digital World 2015.

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Riseup Labs is an IT company that has always believed in the invention. However, along with that, it had something in it to create something new. Something which people of all type will understand.

For instance, their projects for clients are much different. They believe that to create something; reliability is a must. That is, a person should understand what he is involved in. They are known for game development. So, their team specializes in understanding a gamer. With time, this is only getting better. As a result, they are coming close to a gamer. They know that people love something which they know. People will make a game hit if, and only if they are doing well in it. In conclusion, most of their games are already doing well and getting downloads. So, for more details on game development, you can contact them

Tap tap ants battlefield details.

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