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Let’s directly begin with work from home– with online technology

If logging hours in your home office aren’t already a part of your regular workweek, it is likely shifting now. Employers are starting to set examples all over the world. By moving a massive amount of their work, if not all, to remote work from home online software. However, it looks simple at first glance. But, shifting from a complete IT film office-based workflow to an in-house workflow is complicated due to many external factors. Although we have so much technology available at our fingertips

The first factor in this scenario is the internet connection, for sure! Not all localities have the same type of broadband internet service providers. In the case of mobile data, many limitations in the speed might come. These days of the crisis have made us realize one thing: technology is indeed our best friend. If we use it for our good, it can do wonders for us. Online businesses and streaming platforms are thus multiplying. E-commerce has registered a record number of online sales in most cases. 

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Work from home scene

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Addressing the need to survive, through online technology

Another positive aspect of this scenario is that less-skilled people in using technologies earlier are being device friendly. Irrespective of their age, their need to survive is getting the priority. 

The good side of the IT sector

The IT sector has found a new definition of teamwork. Because, most of the work of an IT firm operates through devices and online technologies. As a result, they have a good knowledge and scope of working from home. Given that they have a peaceful working environment at home.    

These days, most people tend to focus on helping their neighbors. Usually, by giving essential food supplies and protective gear to the poor. But, they forget entirely or ignores the fact that they need a complete revamp of their workflow. Gone are the days where an office day looked like a 9 to 5 job. With all employees working from one location. Now either you adapt early by being flexible and working from home, or you get left behind. If we have learned anything from history, change can be rather unforgiving if people don’t adapt quickly.

Is there a way to maintain the online environment of an IT firm? 

Riseup Labs, a software development company in Bangladesh, has over 100+ employees. Shifting a workforce of this size to operate from home entirely is far from a simple task. To ensure a smoother transition, they provide Wi-Fi devices, laptops, and other logistic supports. To employees who may not have any. While other employers have decided to introduce pay cuts or even terminate employees, Riseup Labs recognized the importance of mental health. During this crisis, they arranged various online programs and psychological training to combat the issue.

Most companies, including Riseup Labs, are focusing on their work even more at this stage now. The reason is simple, and that is, the times are hard and uncertain now for COVID19. The companies and organizations that survive this time will be able to compete in the future for bigger goals. For this, the employees of any company have to be understanding and give their 100% to achieve their goals for their personal and organizational benefit. They need to keep their work energy and productivity as high as possible.

The difficulties of work from home- 

People are already finding it a bit difficult to attend regular meetings in zoom and other meeting apps. Technology is a friend here. But, not everything will be easy for everyone. IT firm, Riseup Labs understand that. Also, they arrange an online adda (hangout) twice every month. They call it “Monthly Adda” (monthly hangout). Where all the employees come online in the same platform of zoom, but not for any meeting. They come to have some fun, talk to and about each other. This healthy practice keeps them mentally fit and gives them a chance to hear from others and their problems.

Not everyone’s endurance capability is the same. But, most people need assurance every time they do any work. They always feel the urge to see their teammates and other colleagues with and for whom he is working. If one can see and feel that the work is being processed productively, it gives them immense pleasure. It motivates them to perform more duties in the future, even if it is from home. 

How to maintain the work ethic along with the brand value?

Working from home is not the only initiative that they took, however. Riseup Labs already have an excellent catalog of games and apps under their belt. Still, it is some of their projects with UNICEF, which needs special mention here. Because of their sheer importance during these trying times. Meena Web game currently is playing a crucial role in educating children about internet safety. While the internet is the best resource for information, it can be a double-edged sword.

meena poster from the village inside a mobile game
Meena poster

Teaching kids how to browse the internet safely is vital from an early age. In this age of IT firms, it is becoming easier. This game has fun quizzes that educate children and reward them with a UNICEF certificate after completing the questions. Another project that needs special mention during these times is the ‘Digital Platform for Adolescent. It for UNICEF too.’ This is an app in the google play store that enables children to connect, share, and learn about social services available for them. 

A handy feature would be that this app has direct links with child helpline, women and child helpline. And the 999-emergency helpline for children to contact in case of an emergency. And lastly, Meena game is a for UNICEF. That is available for both IOS and Android users in their respective app stores. This game features 50 unique games and 14 levels, all educating children about child rights. 


These are just some ways in which an IT firm can make a difference. Riseup Labs provide software development services, software solutions to work from home solutions, amongst many other functions. Starting from one’s own company to impacting people around the nation, the only limitation here is imagination.

All a person needs to do is imagine. And, if you go through our website, you’ll know that we are good with our vision at our firm.

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