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How IT-enabled services can build you a new business and job now in Bangladesh?

In today’s world, companies with information technology have the upper hand and clear vision. Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are such examples. Moreover, their culture, policies, environment, and economy are nearly perfect. The reason is ITES.

What is ‘IT-enabled services’? Is it the secret?

The trump card of all these companies is their IT-enabled services. Above all, their improvement in technology made them. As a result, they are now the leading organizations today.

IT-enabled services (ITES) cover the entire operation of any organization. However, it mainly includes services that use information technology (IT). To improve the efficiency of an organization. Therefore, you will see such types and forms of ITES in this article.

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Bangladesh is also in the race. It is also using all its potential. Similarly, the good news is, many people have already worked for it. Still, many companies are working to provide different types of IT-enabled services.

Freelancers are also aware of it. They are working for it everyday. They are self-employed. But thet understand that earning is important. In other words, they are contributing to the economy as well.

The need

Every sector of our country needs IT heads and manpower. A company can’t handle these alone. They need to consider one at a time, usually. Even if it is an established firm, there are multiple tasks involved. It is difficult for a company to create so many teams for so many issues.

In this age of work from home, tech is our best friend. The world is getting fast day by day. Thanks to technology. In earlier days, companies would get closed in a lock-down. But today, everything is running. Future tech will show new inventions for sure.

As a result, companies take help from IT companies. Because, technology is a must. No business can avoid it. And stay in the competition at the same time. To improve a business, IT-enabled services are must.

There are many types of ITES. Due to the internet, people have many options to choose from, today. The growth rate of such platforms in increasing. Bangladesh has been using all types of IT-enabled services. Above all, they are making wonders for our country. Government level projects are special mentions.

How are these IT enabled services essential?

Bangladesh is also in the race. The processes are improving day by day. The following ones are the best in today’s age.

1. Web System Development

What guarantees the vision for an ideal business website is a simple plan and appearance. The first impression is the last impression. Speed is also a factor.

Firstly, Bangladesh programmers and developers are familiar with excellent skill sets in programming. As a result, in the engineering field, they are shining.

Many technology solutions and service provider companies in Bangladesh, for example, Riseup Labs can help businesses to grow. In building user-friendly and appealing websites. Above all, the website gives the public presence to a brand. In other words, engineers can help reach target customers for a brand. Through these websites.

The website is the identity of a business. In addition, people get to know about an organization through a website. It builds trust and value. The customers and client get an assurance. It comes under IT-enabled services too.

IT-enabled services include the digital platform, Web portals, e-commerce solutions, e-Learning platforms for software companies.

In other words, IT is everywhere. Our lives are becoming easier only for IT services. After that, it is expected to be more fruitful in the future.

laptop books and desk with codes which is a part of ITES
Behind the scenes of Web Development

2. Mobile app development

Who doesn’t wish for actual engineers. Everyone loves an expert for their jobs. To design the thoughts and shape them into the real world? Above all, IT-enabled services offer front line views, user interface and design in websites, and mobile apps basing on brand requirements.

Technology solution and service provider companies can offer IT-enabled services based on client’s demands. With top-notch skills in mobile app development. An app that connects with clients and meets business objectives, which is the trend today.

In other words, they can draw out a good client experience for end-clients.

Mobile apps are the mini version of websites now. A business with an app will always be ahead. It is handy and easily usable. People love apps because they can use it anytime. Sometimes, websites are not mobile-friendly. An app is made, especially for mobiles. As a result, when people go outside their homes, they can search for things online, on their mobiles. This helps a business to reach their potential customers easily.

Applications of Android, IOS, Facebook and Windows Mobile mostly come under this area.

3. Multimedia Content development

Software service providers are always there to inspire the business. By extending brands in various forms. They do it mainly through communication with customers and clients. Their expert graphic designers, artists and illustrators can make the brand’s substance introduction effectively justifiable for any client.

People love to see things they understand. They won’t spend their time on something they don’t understand easily. So, mixed media plays an important role.

Therefore, IT firms can offer talented representatives for IT-enabled services. To make intelligent movement and recordings that will separate your brand from others. This will help the business a lot. Because, in today’s world, branding is very important.

People are loving videos nowadays. So, promotional videos are a big part of branding now. The condition is simple. People must understand and connect to what they are watching. Videos are permanent content. If executed properly, they can be a great asset.

quote on animation about how things should be slow and steady to get the story right
The Animation theory

Original creative scripts, motion graphics, animations, and documentary videos are some of those. Without which today’s product promotions are incomplete.

This thing is both easy and tricky at the same time. Multimedia content creation costs a lot. But, if the sync is missing, the investment isn’t worth it.

For instance, if you spend too much money to create something. After that, if it is a fail, you cannot re-do it. You have to start again. So, this whole process should follow a system. Specially if the creation is a video.

4. Outsourcing and IT-enabled services (ITES)

Bangladeshi economy is changing. There’s a huge market for IT enabled services outsourcing. Bangladesh has become the 2nd largest in this case. This is as per the reports of Oxford Internet Institute.

The country has 500k freelancers presently active and workin. The total number is 650k, according to the reports. All these freelancers are creating 100 million dollars every year, as per the ICT Division of Bangladesh. This is a huge achievement. That clearly shows that our country is full of skilled people. They just need the proper training and facilities. IT is the solution.

outsourcing regions and continents around the world map
Outsourcing around the world

5. Automation and simulation- a game-changer among IT-enabled services

IT companies with expertise in AI and maximized ROI are coming.

A virtual reality simulator is a hardware. Used for people’s entertainment only. We know it well as virtual reality (VR) games.

This area is a bit different and challenging at the same time. But, it has the potential to go big. As already revealed, a lot of people from our country are already working hard. They need the proper route to success.

This department might be the reason of a revolution in the future.

There are plenty of IT jobs in this connected world that can offer freedom and fun. Read more about 8 Great IT Jobs that offer a better lifestyle.

So, what is the future of IT-enabled services in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is in the race of Digital Bangladesh already. For instance, with every day, a growing number of firms are coming forward. With their IT- enabled services to the neighborhood.

At present, the ICT divisions fall into four territories- IT-enabled services, hardware solutions, software development and networking.

In conclusion, Bangladesh is serving around 15% of the world’s total outsourced projects. Its position is second in the global market, which is just behind India. Similarly, the nation can achieve the first position quickly if the aim is high, and the skillset is systematic.

A company called Riseup Labs is such an IT firm. It inspired outsourcing a lot. In fact, all the services mentioned here are a part of their daily To-Do list.

They have their own team. Above all, with different skills, they make technology more manageable. In this time of work from home, they are still trying. As we have already seen, anything is possible with technology. With the right intention and team work, things can be easier. So, excuses are not an option today.

With IT, internet and tech, things are becoming easy now. In conclusion, it is up-to people if they want to create an opportunity for them. Nothing comes easy. Hard work is a must. The freelancers are examples of self employed people.

They didn’t ask for a job directly. They created their working opportunities. And gave themselves the chance. For this, they earned the right skills. After that, they thought about the market. What the clients want.

A big portion of the market demands IT-enabled services today. If an engineer understands this, nobody can stop him. It is a matter of great pride that Bangladesh is understanding this. So, as a country it is growing.

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Ahmed Jawad
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Jawad is aiming to create value in the content creation, PR & digital marketing sectors of Bangladesh. He has been a freelance content writer for the past five years, gaining research experiences from many different aspects in that regard. His interests lie in something as a source of satisfaction & skill development for thyself and people.

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  1. Hello Team Riseup Labs, Thank you again for this excellent breakdown of ITES in Bangladesh. Hopefully, it will encourage our young generation to be interested in ITES more and more! But the biggest drawback in this total process that I think we’re missing is “Proper Education”. I can’t say that there is no place in Bangladesh that our students can go and learn from the specialist. Well, there are but not for every kind of ITES. Most likely Multimedia Content, Automation and Simulation. These are the section that we lack so much in terms of involving more people and let them learn. So, my wish is that if we had any place or some kind of source to learn all these in a way that we can also be productive and join the race and take our country to the first place.

    I wish you all the best, team Riseup Labs. In this pandemic situation, you guys have taken your duty more seriously and working from home to bring us new and exciting content as well as giving the best service to make sure your clients are getting satisfied with the service your successfully providing for years.

    1. Hello Mr. Fahim Shariar,

      First of all, Thank you so much for your kind gesture and for taking the time to read the article. It is clearly seen that your knowledge in this sector is very much noble and we’re glad that a person like you appreciated this content. Your concern is quite generous. We believe that a time will come soon when the students and the young generation of Bangladesh will get to know and learn more about the technologies you already mentioned. It is our fortune that we can work on these as a team; even if it’s from a business point of view and trust us when e say this, people will love to work on this in the future. We hope that time comes very soon and we will be thrilled to be a part of it.

      Lastly, comments and feedback like yours are our strengths in this pandemic situation. Please stay connected with us, and we hope to come back with more articles and content with your wishes. Take care, and stay safe.

  2. First of all I would like to say wonderful blog! I had a quick
    question that I’d like to ask if you do not mind.

    I was curious to know how you center yourself and clear your thoughts
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    1. Hi Oliver,

      Thanks a lot for your beautiful support and curiosity.

      At first you should get clear thoughts and ideas regarding the topic you are writing. After the initial research, make a skeleton of the topics.

      Remember, you should take at least 70% to 80% of your time in research and planning, 20% to 30% will be starting and ending it with proper timings. Best of luck!

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