How is Game Development as a Career?

How is Game Development as a Career
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Game development is challenging. Games take months to years to develop, so games, in reality, take thousands of individual work hours, not even combined development hours. That goes for the good as much as the bad ones. Somebody spent thousands of hours making the games you hate, and someone also spent as much if not more time making the games that you love as well.

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Game development as a career can be:


More people want to work in video game development than jobs available. You have to be a really capable candidate to get a good job.


The average game developer has four jobs in five years. Too frequently, companies go out of business, or teams are laid off as soon as their projects are completed.


There are deadlines to meet, and the more critical the deadline, the more likely problems preventing you from meeting it arise.


Sixty-five work-weeks are not uncommon in this field; as deadlines approach, the hours can be even longer and longer.


As in work-life balance, it’s getting better, but it still can be hard maintaining a family life.

Fairly-well paying

The average game developer’s salary in 2021 was $101,644/yr. Artists earned $$65,000/yr, designers $74,000/yr, audio professionals $$150,000K. That’s only when they were employed and earning a salary, of course.


But only if you have an extreme passion for game development, don’t expect to have creative control over your project, and equally enjoy working on your own and as part of a team.

Final Thought

Game developers’ careers can be very successful if you come up with awesome ideas that people immediately fall in love with, find addictive and relatable or fantasy.

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