Free Gift in HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds!

Free Gift in HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds!
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Free Gift – an amusing and fascinating word in our whole life. We all love to have gifts from someone favorite to us in different occasion. I think the best joyful time in our life happens when we get gifts from others, isn’t it? Similarly, that’s why we are giving you gifts inside our app!

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HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds is an attractive app where you will get different types & categories of wallpapers. After that, inside the app you will find there about 250+ wallpaper categories systematize in different groups. For instance, again, you can find any wallpaper from Google or Flickr.

Above all, the main interesting & fun thing inside this app is Free Gift. In other words, in our app you will see many categories are locked and you need to unlock them via points. So how would you unlock those categories if you you don’t have points?

That’s the fun thing we added in our app. You will see there Options on the top of the home page bar. Inside that, from Rules you will see how to earn points.

If you stay for 5 min you will achieve 20 points, for 10 min – 50 points & for 30 min 100 points. If you share an image or complete a game you will get 10 points. And that Free Gift option in the bottom of the home page bar will take you to the page where you can get free points.

Inside that Free Gift page you will find 3 or 4 options of achieving free points – Rate us, Watch Videos, Offers & Redeem Code.

If you watch a video that will give 100 points. Inside Offers you will get different offers, if you do any of it fully what it requires for you will get that announced bonus points. And the Redeem Code – we will give you different codes with different amount of points in every 15 days. After that it will expired. We will let you know that code from our app or you can check it from our Facebook page.

Download HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds, get Free Gift & Enjoy!

Screenshot From HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds App

HD Wallpapers and Backgrounds: Maple leaf, Point rules
HD Wallpapers and Backgrounds: Maple leaf, Point rules
HD Wallpapers and Backgrounds: Get free points and Earn points
HD Wallpapers and Backgrounds: Get free points and Earn points

In conclusion, get More Wallpaper Apps for iPhone, iPod and iPad. To learn more, visit Riseup Labs. For instance, they have a huge collection of apps.

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