Amazon product photography is essential: Why?

Amazon has revolutionized the ecommerce business. Previously people had only the idea of offline shopping but the current scenario is something else due to people’s active participation in social media platforms. Now a lot of people spend their time online, and people’s purchasing behavior has also shifted. Nowadays, people tend to go for online shopping rather than the offline counterpart. And for that, amazon has a lot of credits to take. Previously If you sell your items only for the local market, you can only reach the area that you are situated. Now, after the eCommerce (online shopping and selling website) revolution, you can sell your products not only for the entire country but in the whole world with help from companies like Amazon. Amazon is a place to establish your company as a global brand and its products an icon. But things are not that simple anymore, there are more than 2 million active sellers on Amazon, and if you want to stand out, you have to set your unique strategies to stand out from the competition. One way to make yourself unique from others is to put extra effort into product photography, especially product photo editing. 

Why Images are essential to generate more sales

Although people are now buying the products from online mediums, the offline experience is something else for the buyers; when people go offline, they can touch and feel the effect. That is the first step to make a relation between the product and the buyer. On the other hand, when people buy online, these in hand feelings can not be made. But one thing that can help buyers is the details of the product. If a person is online to buy a product and finds excellent information about the product from the product image, he will guess about its quality and the brand as a whole. So for that reason product photography and the photo editing part is very crucial.

Another essential thing to give the customer is the store experience. If a person is buying from an online store, how can this give him an in-store experience? The answer to the question is that if there are multiple images for one product and the buyer can see every product angle. Each detail is very visual; then, the customer can certainly get the concept of viewing the product from multiple angles, giving the store experience.

The competition between the brands is at an all-time high right now. Now for one type of product category, hundreds of companies are available. If you want to stand out from the other competitions, you have to distinguish your product from the competition. The best way to do so is to capture, edit, and showcase your product in such a way that people easily recognize your products from the millions of other examples.

One image can say more than the multiple texts

A single image can express multiple things. For example, a person is holding a bottle of water. Without saying a word, it is visible how big the bottle is compared to the person, which demographics of people will like the product. The holding style of the person will give an idea of how heavy or light the product is. All this can easily express by just showing an image and not writing all this information.

On the other hand, multiple researchers’ studies showed that people tend to give more attention to an image than writing. A study by the researchers in 1986 showed that the human brain could process the information from an image 60000 times faster than a text. As a result, if a company wants to grab people’s attention, they have to give attention to the product photography section rather than just the product description. 

How to Edit the Images for amazon

Products listed for amazon have to be in a pure white background, and that background cannot contain any logo, text, or anything. First, as a seller, you have to ensure that the images you are putting on the amazon site are in a pure white background. So to ensure that you should do a clipping path background removal and give the scene a full white look

When it is the question of lifestyle-related products, the images should feature a real-life model. People love to see this kind of product in real-life action, for example, Gym instruments, exercise materials, etc. Because people can easily fit the images with their lifestyle and they can understand how the products are going to hold them. If the products are for formal event wear and the models are wearing those products, and if the photographer shoots them in a traditional setting. Then the people who view the products can relate themselves with those items and guess that they are going to look like that in that kind of situation. 

Another vital element is that your photos need to communicate with your audience what kind of benefits it will offer to the customers; you have to tell the photographer to take the image to relate with the core benefits of the product. For example, you are a manufacturer of winter jackets, so your pictures have to tell that the jackets you are making are well enough to cover the cold, harsh winter. The photographer has to shoot the images in the snow. The model is very comfortable wearing the jacket, and he can move quickly by wearing that, so that is the core benefit that has to be addressed by the photos you give to the customers. And it is beneficial to add infographics in the picture that also suggest the benefits and the core use of the products.

Now there are multiple images that you have to upload to the Amazon site, so which image will communicate with what? That is the question to answer, but I can give you some ideas about that from my experience.

1st, There will be the primary image, which will be on a white background.

2nd, Infographics will show the product dimension and crucial information.

3rd, Real-life photos with models will show the core benefits of the product.

4th, With a white background, the audience will show the backside of the product. 

5th, Infographics which will tell the less essential benefits of the product.

6th, Real-life model using the secondary benefits of the product.

7th, Last image that will contain the warranty and any offers associated with the product.

If the images maintain this order, the overall chance to convert audiences into buyers will significantly increase. As a result, revenue will increase. So, the primary purpose of doing marketing for promotional activities will have generous support from the brand itself. But one final thing is necessary: the review of critics before the final images are unleashed to the audience. You have to make a list of some people who will review your pictures and give you their opinion regarding the photos. Suppose you get an overall positive review that suggests that the general people will also like the image. So, that is the idea of making an excellent image for Amazon and becoming a global brand. If a company spends its time and effort into product photography and its editing, the chance of that product be liked by the buyers will increase a lot. Sellers should spend their time and effort on product photography to get their desired Amazon success.

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