Can you think of a day without mobile apps?

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In 2014, a survey of mobile app behavior took place among smartphone users in France, Spain, UK and USA. Its’ been found that 84% of those surveyed can’t think of a single day, without using any of crucial mobile apps. You won’t believe what’s been revealed from the survey. The authority found 81% of them would give up drinking water rather than using mobile apps or deleting them. 760 smartphone users participated in this survey and the result shows the dependency of using mobile apps among normal people. So, tell me now, can you think of a day without mobile apps?

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Mobile Phones and apps

Apparently, it’s quite a time being since mobile phones became our incomparable companion. From the last 10 years, when we started to afford mobile phones, they became one of the most important assistants in our daily life. And then came the generation of smartphones and we’ve adapted it quite easily. Smartphones were built to provide users better experience with better UI. In 2007, Apple brought their very first iPhone and they put a multimedia music player and internet browser in it. It was the spark that pushed us to go for mobile apps. Since then, we can’t imagine our day and night without smartphone. However, the true reason of the revolution of mobile apps, is the corresponding app store. We get the third party apps from there like a piece of cake.

Well, some people may argue with the thought of “can you think of a day without mobile apps?” Actually, 92% of these people don’t own smartphone or tablets and most importantly, they live without using mobile apps. But people like us, who have experienced smart usage of mobile app, feel incomplete without them. Frankly, usually plan things with mobile apps. Apps lets us keep our life exciting and get in touched with our friends and family. As example, we use whatsApp to communicate with every people of our contact list. Whenever we step out for adventure or travel or go on a date, we put check in through Facebook. We can also follow our favorite celebrities through Instagram, Twitter.

Reason for apps

The reason we cannot think of a day without mobile apps, is the social networking. Whenever we get time, we take a glimpse at Facebook. Now we are connected to more people. And know about them better than ever. We can share our life style easily and also get ideas from others. We can now organize our every minute and seconds by mobile apps and enjoy every bit of them. If it’s raining or snowing outside and you are craving for a delicious dish from your most favorite resultant, what’s the solution then? You can order your food through corresponding app and enjoy the meal at your home. Moreover, you can do mobile banking through apps, which couldn’t be possible without being present at the bank.

It’s not that we or you are addicted to mobile apps. It’s the facilitation that encourages us to make sure the best use of those mobile apps. Not to mention, we always love to experience something new. If you have a smartphone and you feel bored, what you do first? You launch a gaming app. Only mobile apps can keep us energized all the time.


You see, every bit of our life is connected with mobile app. IT companies are always trying to make them better. And it’s pretty obvious we can’t think of a day without mobile apps. But remember everything has a limit and excessive usage of them will make you isolated from your friends and family. Be careful about that.

Therefore, that’s all for today. Stay put and enjoy.

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