The World’s Fastest Drummer game has been released on the google play store and iOS app store. It is the rise of the World’s Fastest Drummer game – SpeedE. It’s another creation of Riseup Labs that attracted a lot of attention before the official launch.

Riseup Labs and WFD have already released an early free test version of the World’s Fastest Drummer Mobile Game featuring SpeedE. It was to test the early feedback from gamers before the official game launch.

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Summary of the WFD Game

The World’s Fastest Drummer game is a game for the fastest drummers. But a non-professional player also can play the game. The development of the WFD game has already been completed. It will be officially released on 30th November.

Background of the WFD Game

Boo McAfee, the creator of WFD, said-

When I was just 19 years old in the late 1970s, a debate between two great drummers over who was the quickest drummer in the world came as my inspiration. The first drummer said he was the quickest, and the great Buddy Rich followed suit by saying, “Oh huh, what machine did you use that tells you this?” We finally created the Drumometer after 24 years of trying to develop such a device.

Shortly after, we started marketing the Drumometer, and with the primal human instinct to hit things fast and get a quick reward, an extreme sport called WFD for World’s Fastest Drummer broke out. As WFD grew, it became a natural progression to move into the gaming realm.

How can You Play the Game?

It’s not a big problem that how can you play the World’s Fastest Drummer game? The gameplay of this game is very simple. Even non-professional drummers and non-drummers also can play the game. Just use your two hands while playing the game. You can show your best performance by only tapping on the screen to achieve the best score.

However, WFD Gaming is for everyone, not just the drummers. WFD gaming is about social interaction, competitive speed-testing among friends, family, and coworkers, and breaking your best score. 

How did the Partnership begin?

The partnership between Riseup Labs and McAfee Enterprises Inc. begins as Mr. Boo McAfee contacts the RUL. He says-

It made perfect sense to collaborate with Riseup Labs rather than trying to create the wheel. After researching the game development companies, I found that Riseup Labs already had the technology in a game called “Speed Tapping.”

Boo McAfee

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