Riseup Labs shared their expertise and knowledge with students and faculty members of Daffodil International University (DIU). This practical training session allowed the DIU students to dive into the world of AR/VR and Game Development. It encouraged them to experiential learning and skill refinement also.

A2i and DIU’s AR/VR & Game Development Lab organized the ‘Training on Enhancing AR/VR & Game Development Skills’ on Saturday, August 23, 2023. DIU inaugurated its AR/VR & Game Development Lab later. It signified an essential step towards fostering innovation and collaboration in these emerging fields.

The event was attended by esteemed members of DIU’s Faculty of Science and Information Technology (FSIT), Dean Professor Dr. Syed Akhter Hossain, Associate Dean Dr. Bimal Chandra Das, Head of the CSE Department Professor Dr. Touhid Bhuiyan, and other faculty members.

Riseup Labs’ Head of Product Development, Mr. Md. Rafiquzzaman, a Product Manager and a Software Engineer, participated in the training session to provide valuable insights and practical implementations within the AR/VR and gaming industry.

Knowledge Sharing Session by Riseup Labs

During the training session, Mr. Md. Rafiquzzaman shared Riseup Labs’ expertise in AR/VR and Game Development. He shed light on essential skills, prerequisites, required knowledge, various game engines, and AR/VR development platforms. Mr. Rafiquzzaman’s comprehensive presentation gave the participants a profound understanding of these innovative technologies shaping the future. He said,

It was an honor to share our knowledge with the bright minds at Daffodil International University. We can contribute to the nation’s technological growth by equipping students with the skills and insights required in the AR/VR and gaming industry.

– Md. Rafiquzzaman, Head of Product Development, Riseup Labs

Purpose of AR/VR & Game Development Training

The purpose of this training session was to provide insights for DIU’s students and faculty. It was a platform for them to gain real-world insights into the AR/VR and gaming industry, aligning their education with industry demands.

Benefits of AR/VR & Game Development Training

This collaboration between Riseup Labs and DIU was expected to bridge the gap between academia and industry. It ensures that graduates are better prepared to excel in these burgeoning fields. The AR/VR & Game Development Lab will be a focal point for innovation and research.

The benefits of the training session were:

  • Strengthened collaboration between academia and industry
  • Knowledge sharing from industry experts
  • Hands-on training for students

Outcomes of AR/VR & Game Development Training

The training session and DIU Lab inauguration collectively set the stage for a more informed and skilled workforce in Bangladesh’s AR/VR and gaming sectors. Students and faculty left the event inspired and equipped with practical knowledge.


Riseup Labs’ visit to Daffodil International University marked a significant step towards empowering the next generation of AR/VR and gaming innovators. The event showcased the power of collaboration between industry leaders and educational institutions, ultimately contributing to the nation’s technological advancement.

AR/VR & Game Development Training FAQs

Here are the frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers about the AR/VR & Game Development Training Session of DIU that are commonly asked by people interested. If you have any additional questions on AR/VR & Game Development, contact Riseup Labs.

What was the purpose of Riseup Labs’ visit to DIU?

Riseup Labs visited DIU to share insights and knowledge about the AR/VR and gaming industry with students and faculty.

What did Riseup Labs share in the AR/VR & Game Development training session?

Riseup Labs shared insights on game development skills, prerequisites, knowledge requirements, game engines, and AR/VR development platforms at the AR/VR & Game Development training session.

What was the significance of DIU’s AR/VR & Game Development Lab opening?

DIU’s AR/VR & Game Development Lab’s opening marked a significant milestone for the students. It created a hub for innovation and collaboration in augmented and virtual reality and game development at DIU.

How did Riseup Labs’ visit benefit DIU students and faculty?

Riseup Labs’ visit provided DIU students with valuable insights into the AR/VR and gaming industry and hands-on training.

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