Team Riseup Labs arranged the season’s first winter bbq party. The team members also enjoyed grilling on a chilly evening. The smell of grilled chicken was drifting in the wind. It made the team members jolly when they entered the Riseup Labs branch office rooftop. Members of each department participated in the barbeque as it was the first barbeque party of the season for Riseup Labs.

The news of the winter bbq party spread among the team members before it was held on the evening of Thursday, 24th November 2022. So the members from Quality Assurance, Game Development, Product Development, Business Development and other departments also arrived before the due time at the venue.

But other team members also wanted to enjoy the taste of grilling. So, they take part in being the in-charge of grilling.

Though it wasn’t an easy job to grill chickens. The smoke was disturbing my eyes. But I enjoyed it mostly because of the smoky smells.

Junior SQA Engineer, Team Riseup Labs

We always arrange some events to motivate and please our team members. So that they can work with a fresh mind. This barbeque party was also a part of it. It was the first winter barbeque party of the season. Hope to arrange it again very soon.

Ershadul Hoque, CEO, Riseup Labs

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