Riseup Labs has joined the Technology Media Guild Bangladesh (TMGB) Annual Picnic 2022. It was an annual family get-together event of the technology journalists association TMGB.

‘Technology Media Guild Bangladesh Annual Picnic 2022’ was held on Friday, 13th January of 2023 at La Riviera Resort in Purbachal, near Dhaka of Bangladesh. TMGB members, their families, and representatives of various Industry partners of TMGB including Riseup Labs participated in the event.

TMGB Annual Picnic Activities

There were many activities like the ‘Who wants to be Messi’ competition for children, Pillow passing and Ball hitting for female family members, and cricket and Saree-wearing competitions for male members arranged over the day-long program.

The winners of the various competitions received attractive prizes on the occasion. Besides, all the members of the organization and their family members are given great gifts. There were laptops, smartphones, air tickets, bicycles, smartwatches, health cards, internet discount cards, and many more prizes for the winners.

Golam Dastgir Tauhid, Publicity Secretary of TMGB and Convener of the ‘Technology Media Guild Bangladesh Annual Picnic 2022’ Committee said, ‘We always try to organize something different for the members and their families. This is the continuation of this annual family get-together. In the coming days, there will be efforts to do more new things for the member and their family.

Honoring the Industry Partners

The Trustees and Election commission members of TMGB also attended the TMGB Annual Picnic 2022. After the speeches and good wishes, they honored their Industry partners including Riseup Labs with crests.

TMGB President Mohammad Kawshar Uddin thanked the Industry Partners in his speech. He said I hope that these organizations will be with the Technology Media Guild Bangladesh in various events in the coming days.

TMGB general secretary Mursalin Haque Junaid said, “This is the first picnic organized by TMGB. It was an occasion to spend a day with family and relatives. Thank you to the sponsor organizations for coming forward to such an event.

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