The expertise of Riseup Labs‘ software quality assurance (SQA) engineers monitors every stage of the development process of clients’ requirements. They make sure the software and design meet company standards.

Releases must follow budgets and target deadlines since software delays cost the company time and money. And helps meet deadlines by breaking up the development process into attainable testing goals and relaying any issues to the development and product teams or leaders.

Software quality assurance engineers must see that the final product meets company guidelines and reaches a consumer at the time appointed by the company. Delays can be very costly for the company, so a company needs software quality assurance engineers to work with all departments to ensure the software project is on time and on budget.

– QA Manager, Safe-Guard Products Team, Riseup Labs

Riseup Labs’ QA engineers have hands-on, supervisory and managerial experience in various departments of software organizations. They have worked on various platforms and operating systems, including macOS, Windows 10 -11 and different flavors of Linux such as Ubuntu, Suse, RHEL, etc.

What Riseup Labs Do to Provide QA to Clients

QA develops and implements practice guidelines for building or producing dependable goods. A quality assurance system improves work processes, client confidence, and corporate credibility, allowing a company to compete more successfully with other companies. Given this, it requires appropriate problem-solving techniques.

This is the procedure Riseup Labs uses to provide QA service for Clients.

  • Discussing with the Client to find pain points
  • QA team brings the solution to the Client
  • Implementing the proper solution

Experiences of Riseup Labs’ QA engineers

Riseup Labs’ SQA engineers are in charge of detecting and resolving bugs before releasing it to the public

Defect prevention is the main duty of the SQA Engineers of Riseup Labs. They are also in charge of finding and fixing any bugs in the code before releasing it to the public. Insufficient data input or an improperly designed interface component may cause such issues.

As an SQA engineer of Riseup Labs,’ they have experience in the:

  • Debugging skills
  • Test automation tools and libraries such as:
    • Selenium
    • TestNG
    • Jasmine/Cucumber
    • Jest, etc.
  • Secure API testing with Postman, Swagger
  • Architectures, Data structures, and Languages such as SQL
  • Mobile platform testing with Appium, Katalon Studio
  • Agile and Scrum methodology
  • Bug and issue tracking solutions like JIRA
  • Understanding of the CI/CD process and tools (Bitbucket, Jenkins, Git)
  • Understanding of Git Flow development techniques:
    • Pull requests
    • Branching, etc.
  • Understanding of modern Web protocols (REST, HTTP)
  • Expertise in functional and non-functional testing
  • Blazemeter/JMeter/load testing and performance testing tools
  • Excellent communication, documentation, and analytical skills

What Languages an SQA Engineer Uses for QA

While working as a test engineer, software quality assurance (SQA) engineer had to learn programming languages such as:

  • Java
  • Python
  • Dart
  • Swift etc. 

Other Expertise of Riseup Labs’ QA engineers

As a QA engineer, Riseup Labs’ software quality assurance engineer has experience in many more specialties. They Are:


Before a product launch, Experts of Riseup Labs design tests to find software flaws. These tests contain additional duties, including creating and executing fresh tests and communicating the findings to stakeholders. So that they may work together to resolve any defects or issues with the application.

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