Out of School Children in BD is a Real-Time Monitoring (RTM) system application. It can track a child’s learning and progress in the Let Us Learn Project. Riseup Labs has developed the app for UNICEF Bangladesh.

Project Signing for Extended Feature Development

UNICEF Bangladesh has signed a new contract with Riseup Labs to extend the features of the Out of School Children in BD app. The new features that have been added to the app are:

  • Centre Management Committee (CMC) Member Report Functionality 
  • Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Evaluation Chart & Comparison
  • Integration of Comparison & Progression Analytics
  • Admin Monitoring System on M&E Fillup
  • Add Organization
  • Map Integration 

What is Out of School Children in BD App?

The Out of School Children in BD app allows the Let Us Learn Project of UNICEF to analyze the data more efficiently. It can react without delay and track individual children to prevent problems before they happen. Riseup Labs created a detailed database of learners and a dashboard in this app for monitoring regular progression even after mainstreaming to the formal school.

Challenges of UNICEF Bangladesh for the App

UNICEF Bangladesh needed to develop a Real-time Monitoring System Application to monitor the ‘Let Us Learn’ Project. They can analyze the data of the ‘Let Us Learn’ project more efficiently with the Out of School Children in BD app.

So, UNICEF Bangladesh gave the task to Riseup Labs to develop the app, which will solve their challenges. The challenges of UNICEF Bangladesh for the app were:

  • Top-quality data privacy
  • Individual children’s learning track
  • Real-time data collection from both mobile and web
  • Supervision and monitoring compliance and findings
  • Live and dynamic real-time dashboard of the information
  • Detail database of the children focusing on an individual child
  • Offline-online synchronization, data archiving, and data security
  • Analysis of the data and information and generate dynamic report

App Development Challenges Faced by Riseup Labs

There were some challenges that the developers of Riseup Labs faced during the development of the Out of School Children in BD app, including data monitoring, tracking, and converting data. The details of the Challenges are here:

  • Real-time data monitoring
  • Student’s Learning Tracking
  • Center’s Progression Tracking
  • Converting Multi-level Multi-grade (MGML) education system into a digital format

Solutions for UNICEF Bangladesh

Team Riseup Labs properly analyzed the method to solve the challenges of developing the Out of School Children in BD app. Here are the solutions that they found:

  • Attendance Option and Student Result Comparison System
  • Admin panel to monitor the data
  • Monitoring Feature
  • Report Section

Key Benefits for the User

The ‘Out of School Children in BD’ app has several benefits for the user. It provides results, performance, monitoring, alerts, and many more benefits to the supporting organizations. Here are the key benefits of the app:

  • Real-Time Performance Monitoring
  • Automatic Alerts and Notifications
  • Enhancing Forensic Analysis
  • Automated Monitoring
  • Real-Time Feedback
  • Alert Users On Time
  • Immediate Results

Features of the Out of School Children in BD app

UNICEF Bangladesh wanted to develop the Out of School Children in BD for its learning centers so that the teachers and employees can manage the learning centers easily. So, Riseup Labs added some features to this app. They are:

  • Learner Assessment Overview
  • Academic Calendar
  • Student Details
  • Training Details
  • Class Routine
  • Complain
  • Staff List
  • Survey
  • Notice
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The Out of School Children in BD app was launched on 23rd August 2022. Riseup Labs started developing the app in December 2021. After launching the app, the project has been extended twice for three more years.

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