Do you need a team that can operate until the project is finished? Then, Offshore IT staff augmentation is best for you. But how? This offshore IT staff augmentation guide will help you to know more about it. And also you will know how to do offshore IT team, resource, people, and group augmentation. 

In general, offshore IT staff augmentation getting popular due to its agile development methodologies. The methodologies are highly advantageous for IT companies

So, if you think about enhancing the number of employees then don’t need to hire extra people for that. Do offshore IT team augmentation.

No more waiting, let’s dive into the Offshore IT staff augmentation guide.

What is Offshore IT Staff Augmentation? 

Offshore IT staff augmentation means outsourcing certain functions or tasks to IT remote workers. Businesses want to take advantage of lower costs associated with labor from other parts of the world.

If you have small and midsize businesses, you must have many tasks while taking care of your business. You can outsource people remotely to take care of some specific responsibilities. Offshore IT resource augmentation may help you to find the right people for your IT project. Source: Wikipedia

Many companies are getting great success through offshore IT people augmentation. Therefore, offshore IT group augmentation is becoming popular. So, why don’t your company?

This offshore IT staff augmentation guide will a few benefits that companies can expect from this strategy.

Why Offshore IT Staff Augmentation is Important?

Offshore IT team augmentation is needed for gaining expert professionals.

Many companies are facing challenges in finding expert IT professionals. However, on the other side, some companies are getting benefited from offshore IT resource augmentation. So, it’s important to do offshore IT people augmentation. 

Let’s see some of the importance of offshore IT group augmentation:

  • Easy to Adopt New Technologies
  • Improve Project’s Scalability
  • Maximized Client Control
  • Get Skilled Top Engineers
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Scaled Operations

Easy to Adopt New Technologies

Nowadays, IT companies are working with advanced technology like AI, blockchain, and NFT. Generally, it takes more than just training. So, of course, it will take so much time to train your existing employees. 

However, augmented experts are already familiar with these next-generation technologies. Therefore, it makes more sense to do offshore IT team augmentation rather than train your existing employees.

Improve Project’s Scalability

One of the best importance of offshore IT resource augmentation is the ability to promptly grow engineering capabilities. 

Offshore IT people augmentation is generally needed for large enterprises when they need to set up various teams at once. It has the ability to find the necessary people in a short time. So, to improve your project’s scalability you need to do offshore IT group augmentation. 

Maximized Client Control

Offshore IT people augmentation will help you to keep control over the development process. It will also help you to optimize the project in the right direction. 

You can maximize client control over these development processes by offshore IT group augmentation. Moreover, it also allows clients to monitor and track IT people’s tasks. So that, you can ensure everything is executed as planned.

Get Skilled Top Engineers

You will not face the talent shortage issue anymore if you try offshore IT staff augmentation. When you look for software developers, you get access to extended talent pools. There are over 6M engineers in Europe and Asia and many of them work on outsourcing projects. For companies that need to grow their development capabilities fast, offshore IT team augmentation is the best hiring process.

Increased Flexibility

Tech markets are unpredictable. No one can give you a guarantee that what comes next. However, offshore IT resource augmentation allows clients to imply changes in the development process as per market trends. 

Scaled Operations

Offshore IT people augmentation allows easy scaling of teams and increases product development rate. Especially for startups, this might be useful as they need to scale their teams at a faster rate to produce products and gain traction in the market. 

In fact, it helps product development to achieve maximum speed.

Benefits of Offshore IT Staff Augmentation

Most startup companies have lackings understanding of the benefits of offshore IT group augmentation. So I am now discussing the benefits of it. Here are they:

  • You will be able to hire highly skilled workers who are well-trained and have the experience to execute tasks and projects successfully.
  • Offshore IT people augmentation providers rarely have such organizational issues and with the outsourced model swapping to another provider can be done quickly and cheaply if anything occurs.
  • People from other countries can have unique thoughts that contribute to the success of a project or connect with a given market.
  • The hiring process for offshore IT team augmentation is time-consuming.
  • You can also adjust your staffing levels to meet demand.
  • Offshore IT resource augmentation is cost-friendly.
  • There is a facility of having a broader talent pool.
  • You can easily deal with the deadlines of your project.
  • The company can easily manage them remotely.

Services of Offshore IT Staff Augmentation

You may hire IT people for so many services. Here I will discuss some common services of offshore IT group augmentation. From my point of view, there are 6 common services. They have given below:

  • Software Development Service
  • Project Management Services
  • System Upgrades Services
  • Machine Learning Services
  • UX/UI Design Services
  • QA Testing Services

Software Development Service

Many IT companies need IT resources for developing their software. Many companies delay reaching their target goals due to a lack of expert people. That’s why they do offshore IT people augmentation as their requirements meet. There are some common software development services most businesses have. They are:

  • Web Development
  • Mobile Application
  • E-commerce Development
  • Enterprise Application
  • Custom Development

Project Management Services

Most companies already have the right people whom they can assign to manage your team. But sometimes startups and small businesses don’t have the right people to manage the team and project. Through offshore IT staff augmentation, you can hire the best project manager from the big talent pool.

System Upgrades Services

If you need technical support on your system upgrades you can also do offshore IT group augmentation. You can hire expert people to customize the requirement. An offshore IT team augmentation provider can help you with the following services:

  • Process Update
  • Data Migration
  • Platform Upgrade
  • App Integration

Machine Learning Services

Suppose, you are dealing with overflowing tasks to accomplish your machine learning project. You can do offshore IT resource augmentation that specializes in machine learning. With advanced strategies, a team can deliver high-quality products that satisfy your requirements. 

UX/UI Design Services

Now, you can also hire a designer to handle these tasks. You can do offshore IT people augmentation for the user interface design and another for the user experience. There are also professionals with the skill set to handle both tasks at once. Just ensure to check qualifications when you hire expert designers.

QA Testing Services

QA testers use a combination of tech stacks and strategies to find errors in your software. They also help developers to adjust the code or any other technical aspects to meet the requirements.

Many businesses like startups, decide to skip testing due to budget constraints. It may cause effects later. However, you can also hire experts for QA testing services.

What is the Future of Offshore IT Staff Augmentation?

The current market conditions have been made easier after offshore IT group augmentation comes. Companies can easily find suitable software developers from all around the world. 

Offshore IT team augmentation offers you multiple options to tap the expertise and capability you need and reduce your costs in the process. Your chances of success increase when you work with an experienced IT professional. 

Whenever the world will face any kind of pandemic situation, software and IT companies will never go down with other companies. And the reason behind this is offshore IT resource augmentation. 

So it’s no wonder that offshore IT people augmentation is gaining momentum. It’s expected to deliver massive growth in global revenue over the next 5 years. From 2021 to 2025 it will grow profit by +$81.9 billion and 3.5% CAGR. Source: SpendEdge

Step-by-Step Process of Offshore IT Staff Augmentation

At this point, you may think about doing offshore IT group augmentation. However, it is an easy process but if you do any mistakes, you will not meet your goal. 

So, without doing any mistakes, let’s see the process of Offshore IT staff augmentation:

Step 1: Requirement Gathering

Before any work begins you need to sit with your team and understand the requirements. Then you need to find out the number of people you will hire. You also think about your budget at this stage. After sitting with your team you need to fix the job requirement and experiences.

Step 2: Planning

You need to identify exactly what you need to achieve your business outcomes. You also need to set the plan for your interview sections. Then you need to set up the communication process with your offshore team. In this stage, you need to set everything that you need while working with your offshore employees.

Step 3: Partner Selection and Interviewing

Based on your needs, you need to seek some offshore IT resource augmentation providers. Among them, you need to make a shortlist of whom are can meet your requirement. Then one by one, you need to take interview them.

Here, you can do as many interview sections as you need until you meet the right one. After taking the interviews you need to take the decisions that who will you take for your project.

Step 4: Onboarding

Your HR or manager will take care of this part. They will arrange an introduction session with the existing team members and the offshore team members. Therefore, they can communicate properly with each other. At this time, the existing team members will help them to understand the project. So that the newcomers can easily collaborate with them while doing the project.

Step 5: Operations

Once the work starts, it’s important to regularly access the progress of the work. Also need to check the performance of the offshore team members. Your managers will stay in touch with them and will give you a daily update.


Offshore IT people augmentation can solve a lot of challenges for your business. You can scale up, grow your development capabilities, and adopt innovations faster with this. However, to benefit from offshore IT group augmentation services and hire skilled software developers, you have to consider a number of factors.

It is also important to define the most suitable location for your outsourcing team. When you do offshore IT team augmentation, you make the most of this strategy. It won’t just benefit your development team, but your organization as a whole. Companies can’t jump right into offshore IT resource augmentation without some prep work.

Offshore IT Staff Augmentation FAQs

In this offshore IT staff augmentation guide, I am going to give you some common questions and answers that most people ask. If you need help with staff augmentation for your project, don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Here are some common questions that people normally ask:

What does mean offshore IT staff augmentation?

Offshore IT staff augmentation means a type of outsourcing model that uses temporary workers from all over the world to fill short-term job positions within your company.

When to do offshore IT people augmentation?

When you need to meet the demands of an organization in unique ways. Offshore IT group augmentation is best utilized in shorter-term projects, as opposed to long-term projects, which require months or years to complete.

Which one is best nearshore or offshore IT staff augmentation?

You cannot just identify which one is best for you. Based on your project you can understand which one is best for you.

What is the difference between offshore IT staff augmentation and outsourcing?

You can purchase engineering resources while maintaining direct control over your team with offshore IT staff augmentation. On the other hand, with outsourcing, you are paying for a specific, prearranged outcome, and sharing the burden of risk with the outsourcing vendors.

Why do you need offshore IT staff augmentation?

Offshore IT staff augmentation can help you simplify this process by outsourcing developers per your needs. Whether for one project or multiple ones, you can outsource the required talent to work on your requirements for as long as you need them.

Is offshore IT staff augmentation the best method for outsourcing talent?

While offshore IT resource augmentation is a highly preferred outsourcing model, it may not be the best pick always. Because outsourcing needs differ from one company to another. You may want to outsource software developers without supervising them, then a dedicated team would be the better choice.

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