Birthday Celebration of Mr. Md Chhafrul

Team Riseup Labs Celebrated the Birthday of the Senior Marketing Manager Md Chhafrul Alam Khan. On Sunday, 20th November 2022, all of his colleagues came to visit and wished him the best of luck.

Mr. Md Chhafrul feels shy when CEO Mr. Ershadul Hoque offers him the birthday cake

They also wish him,

Birthday Celebration of Md Chhafrul Alam Khan
Birthday greeting card for Md Chhafrul Alam Khan from the Riseup Labs Family

For all the good work you have done, it’s not enough to say that you are just a good employee. It’s decided- you are a great person! May every day be filled with happiness, good health, and marvelous luck. Enjoy your birthday and a great year ahead. Happy Birthday!!

– from the Riseup Labs Family
Team members get excited to snatch the gifts!

While Team Riseup Labs was celebrating the birthday of the Senior Marketing Manager, other team members picked gifts for themselves. They become excited to snatch gifts from the gift hamper on the birthday celebration of Mr. Md Chhafrul.

CEO Ershadul Hoque also gets a gift for himself!

Even Mr. Ershadul Hoque, the CEO of Riseup Labs, picks one Cookie for himself. But after having fun snatching gifts, everyone shares their food with others.

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