Quality assurance for the game! Are you wondering? Let me explain. Game QA explains the short form of game quality assurance that works for finding bugs, inconsistencies, or any glitches in a game. Quality assurance for the game is to find bugs, document them, reproduce and again review them. By doing this, game QA testers prepare a game application to launch. That is called game quality assurance. Read more about the game QA in the game quality assurance ultimate guide.

If you want to know more about quality assurance for the game, go through this game quality assurance ultimate guide. I will include all the necessary knowledge about the game and QA in my game quality assurance ultimate guide.

So, don’t go anywhere. Instead, stick to the guide and extent your knowledge about the game QA system.

What is Game QA?

In short, game quality assurance is the process where game QA testers work to make a game with a super-duper user experience. Besides, they confirm all the previous requirements have been met successfully.

Game quality assurance is a part of quality assurance. If you understand the QA process, you will also easily understand games’ quality assurance.

So, game QA explains to maintain the highest possible quality before launching it or presenting in front of the target audiences or clients.

Suppose, you are planning to develop a mobile game. In that case, you must prepare some requirements such as:

  • Audiences
  • Features
  • Quality
  • Type etc.

After developing your mobile game application, you must ensure all of these requirements have been fulfilled successfully. Further, there is an excellent user experience with no glitches.

In this case, what activities you are doing to meet these goals is a game quality assurance system.

Why is Game QA Important?

The importance of game quality assurance is equal to quality assurance in other applications. In a game, QA testers find out any loopholes and report them. The ultimate goal of the process is to leave the final product flawless to the audiences.

The primary importance of game QA are:

  • Finds Bugs
  • Reliability
  • Qualitative Feedback
  • Fulfilling Design Criteria
  • Developers won’t test as well as QA professionals
  • Player Testing is not as useful as it seems
  • Saves Money

Benefits of Game QA

There are a lot of benefits of game QA. So what are these benefits of game QA?

Read the game quality assurance ultimate guide for the benefits of it. These benefits are:

  • Easy to Navigate Interface
  • Superior Game Functionality
  • Complete Test Coverage Assurance
  • Ensures that the final product meets up to the expectations
  • Left no issues or bugs
  • Saves time and money
  • Identify, solve and report glitches

Types of Game QA

There are different types of quality assurance in-game applications. For example, mobile game QA is one kind of quality assurance. Moreover, there are other types belonging to mobile game QA, such as android game QA and iOS game QA.

Here I will present all of these game types where QA is mandatory in this game quality assurance ultimate guide.

So these various game QA types are:

  • Video Game QA
  • 3D Game QA
  • 2D Game QA
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Game QA
  • Augmented Reality (AR) Game QA
  • Mixed Reality Game QA
  • Real-time Multiplayer Game QA
  • Cross-Platform Game QA
  • iOS Game QA
  • Android Game QA
  • Windows Mobile Game QA
  • Facebook Game QA
  • PC Game QA
  • Mobile Game QA
  • Web Game QA
  • HTML5 Game QA
  • Console Game QA
  • Unity Game QA
  • Unreal Engine Game QA

History of Game QA

The fast-growing technology has an effect on the increasing amount of sophisticated games. That’s why quality assurance has become a mandatory process that encircles a broader range of tasks right now.

Previously, a game quality assurance system was a process to be done only after the development period of a game. Back then, the game QA testers set some parameters to find bugs and glitches in a game application and check the list while the product is completely ready. They were doing it by running some specific tests.

Moreover, it was surrounded by only some specific tasks. For example, testers did not work on the engagement of the audiences and whether it was accessible to the target users. But today, the game QA scenario has been changed totally. Now, the game quality assurance system works in every stage of the development process of a game, and it is mandatory.

What is the Future of Game QA

It may surprise you that the gaming industry is expected to reach $268.8 billion (Two Hundred and Sixty-Eight point Eight Billion USD)  by 2025. In 2021, it was only $178 billion (One Hundred and Seventy-Eight Billion USD).

You can assume the future of quality assurance in the game by the statistics. According to the research, it is predicted that the market will reach $435 billion (Four Hundred and Thirty-Five Billion USD) by 2028.

Game QA is familiar, as I have told you in history. However, there are emerging trends for game quality assurance too. So here I am adding the top trends of game QA in the current world in this game quality assurance ultimate guide.

So, these emerging trends are:

  • Perfect game functionality
  • Easy-to-navigate interface
  • Multiplayer Performance

Game QA Expertise

What is the expertise that you need for the quality assurance for game? Now, I will let you know the standard expertise mandatory in the game QA system.

These expertise are:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Knowledge of computer games and the industry
  • Understanding of the Quality Assurance process
  • Ability to work under pressure 
  • Strong attention
  • Patience for repetitive work
  • Analytical skills
  • Good memory
  • Effective communication

Game QA Tools

Game QA uses a lot of tools. For ensuring a game’s quality game, QA testers go through further testing. For this purpose, they use a variety of tools for individual testing.

In this game QA ultimate guide, I intend to categorize these tools according to some common tasks.

So, these game QA tools are:

  • Issue tracking tools
  • Cloud Services
  • FTP
  • VPN
  • Test case management tools
  • Analysis tools
  • Mobile application testing tools
  • API testing tools
  • Issue tracking platform

How to Perform Game QA?

Are you interested in understanding how QA testers perform QA for games? Let’s understand through the game quality assurance guide.

Quality assurance is a must-have process to be performed at every stage of the development process. For ensuring a game’s quality, game quality assurance testers follow the game QA system, where there are some steps by steps processes.

So what are these processes?

Game QA Step-by-Step Processes

Quality assurance for the game can be confirmed by these step-by-step processes:

  • Step 1 – Plan and design the test.
  • Step 2 – Prepare for testing.
  • Step 3 – Perform the test.
  • Step 4 – Report the results.
  • Step 5 – Repair the bug.
  • Step 6 – Return to step 1 and re-test.


I have explained all the necessary information about game quality assurance in this game QA ultimate guide. If you want to become a game QA tester, read my game testers ultimate guide. Or, if you are interested in the hiring process of game QA testers, go through the “how to hire game QA testers guide”. Do not forget to let me know your opinion in the comment section.

Game QA FAQs

People frequently want to know the answers to the following questions:

What does QA do in games?

Ensuring quality is mandatory for any kind of software, web, eCommerce, social media, or game application. It is an unavoidable process of development focusing on delivering error-free, glitch-free, and bug-free games for the target users.

Is Game QA testing a skill?

Of course, game QA testing is a skill. Since technology is emerging, the demand for the highest quality game among users is also expanding. A game QA tester works to understand human emotion and put it to the game’s missions so the users can be fully satisfied.

Is QA a game developer?

A game QA tester is basically a programmer who works to create and improve necessary tools and processes for ensuring the quality of a game. Game QA Engineers observe the entire project from the development period.

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