Games for Rohingya Adolescents and Youth

Games for Rohingya Adolescents and Youth is the first gaming project for Rohingya teenagers. It’s a group of seven games that were developed by Riseup Labs for BBC Media Action. The games are based on adolescents' sexual and reproductive health issues.


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Summary of Games for Rohingya Adolescents and Youth


❏ Publisher Name:UNFPA
❏ Developer Name:Riseup Labs
❏ Application Type:Mobile and PC
❏ Game Type:Edutainment Game
❏ Platform Type:Android, Windows, Mac
❏ Client Name::BBC Media Action
❏ Release Date:30th March 2022
❏ Product Working Type:Completed
❏ Device Type:Mobile, Tab, Laptop, Desktop
❏ Product Type:Video Game
❏ Category:Education
❏ Initial Development Period:Jan 1, 2022 - Mar 30, 2022
❏ Service Type:Game Development
❏ Service Provider Company:Riseup Labs
❏ Game Development Experience:12 years + (More than a decade)
❏ Total Published Game:50+
❏ Total Game Downloads:30000000+ (30 million+)
❏ Experience you can trust:Meet The Core Team →
❏ Track Record (Portfolio):Beyond the Limits of Visualization →

BBC Media Action

BBC Media Action Company Logo

Riseup Labs developed the Games for Rohingya Adolescents and Youth for BBC Media Action.

BBC Media Action is an international development charity of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). They use media and communications to promote human rights and reduce poverty in developing countries.

They work with local media, civil society, and other groups to develop multimedia projects that enlighten and engage audiences in important development issues while strengthening the media industry through capacity building.

Their work is focused on three major areas and is built on research insights and community engagement. They are governance and human rights, health and resilience.

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What is "Games for Rohingya Adolescents and Youth"?

Games for Rohingya Adolescents and Youth is the first game that was made for Rohingya teenagers. It's a series of 7 different games. These game objectives are Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) issues.

Adolescents. As soon as this word comes to mind, we see unkempt hair, an irritable mood, not wanting to talk to anyone, and even the conversation is not right. So no one likes them.

But why?
During this time, adolescents go through some stages. As a result, both their physical constitution and mentality change. But they do not understand that they are going through some change. And this is a normal thing.

Adolescents think that they have had a terrible illness. So they avoid the company of people. Does not share any issues with anyone. As a result, they become emotionally drained. The mood becomes irritable. Games for Rohingya Adolescents and Youth will help them overcome this hardship.

Teenagers will know unknown things through Games for Rohingya Adolescents and Youth. The game will refute common misconceptions about SRH issues like Girls' puberty, Boys' puberty, Wet dreams and male reproductive system, Female reproductive system and menstruation, STIs and HIV/AIDS, Child marriage and early pregnancy, and short-term family planning.

These games run on low-configuration computers, android phones and do not require an internet connection to play. The game's rules are very simple, with information-revealing quizzes. Here, quizzes dispel misconceptions about the physical and mental changes that adolescents make during their adolescence. In addition, it helps to make these changes easier and more natural for them.

At a Glance

At a Glance the game

These video games are developed for 14 to 19 year Rohingya adolescent girls and boys living in different camps in Cox's Bazar. They are playing as learning resources that address the following Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) issues:

  • Boys puberty
  • Girls puberty
  • STIs and HIV/AIDS
  • Short-term family planning methods
  • Early or child marriage and early pregnancy
  • Wet dreams and the male reproductive system
  • Female reproductive system and menstruation

The 7 Games of Games for Rohingya Adolescents and Youth

Solim's Journey
Growing up of Noor Kayeda
Zubaida's Jungle Adventure
Wheel of Life
Hamid's Spooky House
Knowing the Unknown
Adventures in the Maze

Solim's Journey

Solim's Journey developed based on Boy's puberty. This is the story of a Rohingya adolescent Solim. He is experiencing physical and mental changes. It is part of growing, and this is a normal thing. But adolescents like him don't understand because of the first experience. Everything seems very unusual to them. They think they have a serious illness. So, they want to hide from people. They get scared, feel ashamed, and get irritable also.

So, the player must convince Solim that the matter is normal through different levels of this game.

Moreover, during adolescence, the body needs a variety of nutritious foods. Solim also got an idea about him here.

Lead Charecter

There is only one role throughout the whole game. It is Solim. The player has to help Solim. But there are also some supporting characters in the game. They are his friends Joshim, Nur and Kefayetullah.

The lead character is Solim

Game Scene

The Games for Rohingya Adolescents and Youth scene is full of creative and attractive artwork. Game developers of Riseup Labs made it charming for teenage Rohingya boys. So that they can know about boys' puberty through an enjoyable game.

There is the main scene that you can see after opening the game. Where Solim appears with a treasure box. Then the scene changes to his introductory scene. Then screens start changing one after another on every level throughout the whole game. Solim will appear on each level.

There will be a text description for the player. The descriptions are different terms for puberty. Sometimes the prevailing superstitions about adolescence will be exposed. And that will be explained by logic. The correct information will be shared again through Solim's friends.

Game scene of solims journey


  • The player must complete the level to move on to the next level. On each level, there will be riddles. For example, you must help Solim find all the stars in his camp.
  • You will get 0 stars from this game if your answer is incorrect.
  • In some phases, riddles or puzzles appear without any pre-information.
  • If the player collects more than 50 percent, they will be instructed to play the game again.
  • If the player collects less than 50 percent, they must play again.
Challenges of solims journey


  • If your answer is incorrect, that's not a problem. Try again! Or move on to the next part of the game.
  • It's a test for your common information. If you are wrong and move on to the next phase, you will be given the right information.
Solutions of solims journey


The biggest benefit is that Rohingya teenagers learn about boys' puberty playing the game. They feel shy about telling others about their changes. So they need to figure out what to do. The benefits of the games are:

  • They will know it's normal to have the changes
  • The family will acknowledge the children's hard times
  • The game will help to overcome the hardship they face
  • The Rohingya teenagers will know the conventional superstitions about puberty
Benefits of solims journey

Levels of Solim's Journey

Solim's Journey has six different levels. Where six difficulties of Boys' puberty will be the issue. The player has to solve them to learn about them.

Crop Field

  • There are pieces of a picture here. You have to solve a puzzle of Solim's picture with the pieces. You will win a star if you can solve this level.
  • Three flowers talk about different changes during adolescence. One of the flowers has the right information. The player has to choose the flower which has the right information.
  • There will be a list of feelings adolescents have during their puberty. Then, you have to match the pictures with the feelings. If you are clever, you'll win 8 stars.
Crop field

Football Ground

  • In the first round, Solim's friends are playing football. But he isn't. So, you have to cheer him up by clicking on the microphone in 60 seconds.
  • When Solim talks or shouts, sometimes his voice sounds deep. There will be a quiz on why this is happening. You have to choose the right answer between them.
  • Suddenly, he has become taller. Whether it is normal or not, you must give the correct answer to satisfy his curiosity.
Football ground

Hilly Jungle

  • Recently, some hair has been growing on Solim's body where there was none before. You have to click and show where it might be growing.
  • Some monkeys are talking about body hair growth during puberty. Some of them are wrong, and some of them are correct. You have to help Solim to find the true and false statements.
Hilly jungle


  • Recently, Solim found some pimples and marks on his face. A few frogs there want to test you and Solim on your knowledge. So, they will ask questions. But, of course, you have to give the right answer.
  • A few more frogs are sitting on the leaves and have lots of advice. But they need to be corrected. So you must drag the frogs telling the truth towards the bank.

Learning Centre

Solim and his friends Joshim, Nur and Kefaetullah study in the learning center. Different opinions come from his friends. You have to tell which is true.

Learning center


Solim must buy food for the entire month on a monthly shopping day. There are many healthy foods here. But in camps, some unhealthy foods are available too. So the player must help Solim choose food to help him be active and healthy.

Food shop

Features of Solim's Journey

features of solim's journey

Solim's Journey of Games for Rohingya Adolescents and Youth has very nice features throughout the game. They are made attractive and enjoyable for Rohingya teenagers. So that they can learn about Boys' puberty with fun. The features are:

  • Bell
  • Guide
  • Melody
  • Game Map
  • Voice guide
  • Drag object
  • Scoreboard
  • Play button
  • Next button
  • Rewind button
  • Voice command
  • Decorated popups

Why Should You Play Solim's Journey?

Why should you play Solim's journey

Solim's Journey is an Education based game. A teenage boy faces some difficulties through his puberty. But because he couldn't share this with anyone, he couldn't even learn about Boys' puberty. So the teenage player will learn these things while he plays this game.

  • Why body hair grows
  • Cause of height change
  • Cause of change of voice
  • Emotions during puberty
  • Misconception about pimples
  • Not to worry about looking good
  • Cause of body changing
  • Importance of nutrition
  • Sensitivity during puberty

How to Play Solim's Journey?

This game is very easy to play. The more riddles you solve, the more stars you will win. Here is a manual to play Solim's Journey.


  • Start the game by simply clicking the play button
  • Click the next button to go to the next phase
  • Have to complete a puzzle to go to the next level
  • Must complete a level to move on to the next level
  • Try again if the answer is not correct.
Manual of playing solims journey


  • 99 seconds to complete the 'Crop Field' puzzle.
  • Encourage Solim to play in 60 seconds in the second level
  • Have to play again If you can’t collect more than 50 percent

Games Playtime

There is no fixed timing for this game. You can play it at your convenience. In the 2 phases, there will be 90 seconds and 60 seconds of timing playtime. But the whole game has endless time to play.

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Growing up of Noor Kayeda

Growing up of Noor Kayeda is the female version of Solim's Journey in Games for Rohingya Adolescents and Youth. It's a game about a Rohingya adolescent girl named Noor Kayeda, who is physically and mentally altered.

She is unaware that these changes are typical of adolescence. Puberty is the period of development during which a girl transitions into a woman. So the player has to help her to know about her puberty.

Lead Character

The lead character of this game is Noor Kayeda.

Noor Kayeda


  • Pimples
  • Nutrition
  • Growth of body hair
  • Puberty and hormones
  • Attitude towards physical appearance/sexual attraction
  • Physical changes (sweat, changes to the breasts and hips, secretion from vagina and hymen)
Learning of growing up of Noor Kayeda

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Zubaida's Jungle Adventure

Are you anticipating reading Zubaida's Jungle Adventure already?

Yes, a teenage girl's first menstrual cycle is a true journey. The female reproductive system and menstruation served as the inspiration for this game.

Lead Character

The lead character of this game is Noor Kayeda Zubaida.



  • Menstrual cycle
  • Nutrients demand
  • Reproductive system
  • Hygiene during period
  • Problems and complications of periods
Learning of Jungle Adventure

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Wheel of Life

A young married couple named Kalam and Amina appears in the game Wheel of Life in Games for Rohingya Adolescents and Youth. Some couples get married and have young kids. But a girl's physical body is at serious risk when doing this. Therefore, playing this game will aid in learning about the dangers of early marriage and pregnancy.

Lead Character

  • Kalam
  • Amina
Kalam and Amina


  • Consents in Marriage
  • The legal age for marriage
  • Registration of the marriage
  • The ideal time to have children
  • What to do if a young marriage occurs
Learning of Wheel of Life

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Hamid's Spooky House

Hamid's Spooky House theme in Games for Rohingya Adolescents and Youth is boys' wet dreams. Boys frequently suffer anxiety when they have wet dreams. Hamid feels fear as well. You must explain to him that having wet dreams is normal and that it is not a disease. Although almost all boys have them, it's also perfectly normal not to have them.

Lead Character

The lead character of this game is Hamid.



  • Hygiene
  • Misconception
  • Nature of Wet dreams
Learning of Hamid's Spooky House

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Knowing the Unknown

A family planning game in Games for Rohingya Adolescents and Youth with informational elements is called Knowing the Unknown. This is because so many folks are careless or unaware that they can use birth control. There are three methods for birth control or pregnancy prevention. In this game, the player will pick up some pregnancy prevention tips.

Lead Character

  • Birth-control pill
  • Condom
  • Emergency birth-control pill
Birth-control pill


  • Ideas about condoms
  • Condom effectiveness
  • misconception about pill
  • Efficacy of birth control pills
  • Ideas about birth control pills
  • how to prevent unwanted pregnancy
Learning of Knowing the Unknown

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Adventures in the Maze

Adventures in the Maze. The name is telling the gamer they are lost in a maze. But it's a journey. When you are unaware of infectious diseases, you are in a maze that could possibly result in HIV AIDS. Infecting a pregnant lady with this could be harmful. There are further STIs. When you play, you'll discover more about them.

In this game, the main protagonists are imprisoned. You must first decide on the character you will play.

Lead Character

  • Senoara
  • Kamal
Senoara and Kamal


  • STIs
  • Infectious diseases
  • Symptoms of STIs
  • How does an infectious disease spread
Learning of Adventures in the Maze

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Target Audience

Target audience of Games for Rohingya Adolescents and Youth

Games for Rohingya Adolescents and Youth project is for Rohingya teenage girls and boys. Who are 10 to 19 years old. They live in different camps in Cox'sBazar.

They are experiencing puberty, along with many other things. Going through various changes. But this time is very difficult because they can't share everything with everyone.

So they are not able to know about puberty properly. By playing these games, Rohingya adolescents can find out about it themselves. These games are played as learning resources for adolescents' sexual and reproductive health (SRH) issues.

They play Games for Rohingya Adolescents and Youth on mobile phones, tablets and laptops in their meeting places in camps such as learning centers and schools.

Price of The Game

Price of Games for Rohingya Adolescents and Youth

Games for Rohingya Adolescents and Youth are free and provided for Rohingya teenagers. BBC Media Action provides these games to help them. They can play these games on their low-configuration mobile or learning center computers.

Story Behind The Game

Story behind the Games for Rohingya Adolescents and Youth

It was a long journey to make Games for Rohingya Adolescents and Youth. The Product Manager, Game developers, Artists, Graphics Designers and everyone worked day and night to develop the game. But the development period was only for three months.

Games for Rohingya Adolescents and Youth is a project of the Expanding the Generation Breakthrough (GB) Programme for Rohingya Adolescents and Youth. It focused on changing Adolescent and Youth norms, values and behavior through effective SRHR and GBV information and awareness. This game contributes to reducing GBV, unwanted pregnancies, unsafe abortions, maternal mortality, and the spread of HIV and other STIs.

Under this work plan, BBC Media Action supported translating, contextualizing, and adapting seven-game software developed for Bangladeshi Adolescents and Youth in 2015-2016 so that Rohingya Adolescents and Youth could play it.


Configuration of the Games for Rohingya Adolescents and Youth

These games are made especially for Rohingya adolescents. Due to living in a remote area, their mobile phone configuration is very low. So the games are made to play in any way they can.

  • The Mobile version can be played on low-configuration android phones. The RAM and processor are 512 GB RAM and a one GHz single-core processor, the lowest allowed version of android by google and above.
  • The priority installation mode is sideloading, and the game doesn't even require any internet connection.
  • The games are playable on both low and high-configuration computers also. They can play on Pentium gold/Celeron processor, 2 GB RAM, and a built-in graphics card.
  • The games are compatible with both HD and full HD screens. They are developed for windows 10 and have backward compatibility with windows 7. 

After Service

Riseup Labs is providing BBC Media Action two years on-site warranty for fixing any reported software problems, and minor modification or enhancement of the application is required for Games for Rohingya Adolescents and Youth.

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Conclusion of the Games for Rohingya Adolescents and Youth

Games for Rohingya Adolescents and Youth isn't just a game. It is a series of games as learning resources for adolescents' sexual and reproductive health (SRH) issues. Rohingya teenagers are learning these issues with fun and enjoyment. They won't be afraid of puberty or menstruation as they have no fatal diseases. They will protest again early or child marriage. They can be cautious of early pregnancy.

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Games for Rohingya Adolescents and Youth FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Games for Rohingya Adolescents and Youth. We have noticed that most of our buyers seeking professional game development solutions have similar questions. To answer their questions, we have provided a list of frequently asked questions answered by our most experienced specialists. It will help you to get an instant answer. Contact us for more information.

Are they free games?

Yes, they are 100% free to play.

Adolescent sexual and reproductive health (SRH) issues like Boy's puberty, girl's puberty, female reproductive system and menstruation, wet dreams and male reproductive system, early/child marriage and early pregnancy, short-term family planning methods and STIs and HIV/AIDS.

From 10 years to 19 years, boys and girls can play these games.

Games for Rohingya Adolescents and Youth is designed and developed by Riseup Labs.

The Client is BBC Media Action, and the Publisher is UNFPA.

Unity game engine was used for `Games for Rohingya Adolescents and Youth'.

You can play both low and high-configuration Android, Tab, Windows, and Mac devices to play these games.

The local database of Rohingya camps in Cox's Bazar was for these games.

7 Games.

All of them were released.

Yes. BBC Media Action is in constant touch with the team Riseup Labs.

Yes. You can play these games offline.

Each game of Games for Rohingya Adolescents and Youth has different levels.